And then Saturday to Tuesday!

So, Leona won! But who on earth decided to use that dreadful “Sandals advert” song for the debut single?
Sunday was spent starting delivery of my Christmas edition of FOCUS to my own constituents together with my traditional Christmas Card. You can see the Christmas Card by clicking on the headline above and the story about the FOCUS newsletter (together with download links) is available at :
Yesterday, apart from Council meetings, we had the West End Christmas Week debrief meeting which was very positive and productive – good ideas flowing for Christmas Week 2007 already! The shoppers’ prize draw winners’ list is now on the Community Council website (see The Christmas Week website (see has now had over 21 000 hits! Some of the 2006 photos are now on it too.
I also launched my December 2006 update to the City Centre & Harbour Community Council yesterday – see
Today, attended the Christmas Lunch for retired employees of Dovetail Enterprises (I’m on the Board by virtue of being the City Council’s Finance Convener) – a most enjoyable afternoon was had by all. Attended a Neighbourhood Partnership Network meeting for the West End area in the morning where many local issues were discussed including refuse collections, recycling, housing, parking and pavements, amongst others. Also had a useful meeting about Magdalen Green (mainly the parking aspects) with Leisure & Communities and Planning & Transportation staff, in advance of the next residents’ meeting about Magdalen Green in the early New Year.
Lastly, had complaints about the lack of gritting on Taylor’s Lane today – have taken up with the Planning & Transportation Department.