Bring on the clowns

The “Sunday Times” today -‘Bring on the clowns – Wendy Alexander’s referendum U-turn’ (click on headline above to view) – along with the other Sunday papers, sums up the depth of the disaster of Wendy Alexander’s week.

Nicol Stephen MSP, speaking at First Minister’s Questions on Thursday, said Alex Salmond could not believe his luck over Alexander’s ridiculous u-turn on the referendum issue.

Nicol said, “First he had the Tories cosying up to him on the budget, now we have the farcical floor show of the Labour Party offering him his lifetime’s ambition on a silver tray.”

Now it appears Wendy is under pressure to make a u-turn over the u-turn.
Scottish Labour has totally lost the plot.

You’d suggest they ditch Wendy, err … but exactly which towering giant from the Scottish Labour contingent in the Scottish Parliament would replace her? Ooops, sorry – there isn’t one!