Hird Bridge leaflet

Arising out of the recent reopening of the Hird Bridge, if you click on the headline above, you can download the commemorative leaflet. It talks about the Balgay Bridge and, as those of us who have always known it as the Hird Bridge, here’s the explanation from the City Council’s Leisure & Communities Department :

“At the time of the opening of the bridge it was referred to as the Balgay Bridge. Sometimes it was called Balgay Bridge, sometimes Balgay Hill Bridge.

At the time of its original opening, there was correspondence about who was responsible for the design of the Bridge, with George Hird, claiming credit.
In your email, you correctly stated that many people now refer to the bridge as the Hird bridge, but on checking with the City Archives, the view was that we should refer to it as the Balgay Bridge.”

Balgay Bridge, Hird Bridge or Balgay Hill Bridge – it is beautifully reconstructed and a credit to the City Council and all involved in its restoration.