Meeting with Royal Mail

Yesterday, along with five fellow councillors representing wards in other parts of Dundee and the City Council’s Chief Executive, I met with two senior representatives of Royal Mail to discuss postal issues in the city.

The meeting was primarily as a result of the concerns from councillors who serve communities covered by the Dundee East Sorting Office and therefore much of the discussion surrounded the issues about the mail service in the east of the city.

However, I look the opportunity to raise two issues affecting the West End :

* The Royal Mail intends to roll-out the revised mail deliver system to both the Central and West Sorting offices in due course (the so-called “Way Forward”).    I was advised that Royal Mail has the introduction of the revised arrangements now planned for January 2012 for the West Sorting Office and for June 2012 for the Central Delivery Office.    I made the point that, given the very significant problems introducing the “Way Forward” in the east of Dundee, introducing the new system in much of the west area in the depths of winter was not a good idea.   The Royal Mail representatives said they were ‘sensitive’ to my point so I am hoping that a rethink on a January 2012 start date will be considered.

* I raised the need to retain a City Centre Parcel Collection facility.   Royal Mail has extended their lease at Crichton Street for 6 months but I am anxious to ensure that a facility in the City Centre is retained given its good public transport links and the much poorer public transport links at ‘alternative’ sites such as Baird Avenue.   The Royal Mail representatives committed to informal discussions with the City Council over the future parcel collection facility and I welcome their willingness to have what I hope will be a constructive dialogue with City Councillors over this important facility.