Kelso Steps – an update

Further to my article earlier today, I am pleased to have been given the following update from a City Council engineer at lunchtime to my request for an extended handrail to aid pedestrian safety:
“I refer to our site meeting at Kelso Street held yesterday on 10 December to discuss the request from the local residents for extending the section of handrail to the bottom of Kelso Street.
The gradient is in the order of 10% which is less than the required criteria of 12% for a handrail justification. However due to the location and general age of the users of this footway link there is some justification to extend the handrail. The handrail would require to be extended by 22m to the steps at the bottom of Kelso Street.
For this particular occasion I will arrange for a works order to be issued for this additional section of handrail.”
I am delighted at this outcome and grateful to the City Development Department for its sensible decision and to the residents who raised the issue with me in recent months.