Getting things done … Improving Riverside Drive

At the end of last month, I again highlighted concerns about the deteriorating road condition of Riverside Drive – see right.
The City Engineer has since advised me:
“The Roads Duty Inspector inspected the road as noted below and arranged for a number of actionable defects to be repaired at that time.
The road will continue to be inspected regularly and any actionable defects that may arise will be repaired as appropriate.”
I have also been advised by roads engineers that:
“There are actually two significant potholes.   The first one is approximately 100m east of the rail bridge;   the second approximately 100m further on – both eastbound, in the nearside lane.”
I previously asked the City Engineer to consider resurfacing the bad parts of the Riverside Drive road surface – this really needs attention.    He has responded:
“We are currently in the process of considering the road maintenance schemes to be carried out in 2013/14.
Once that has been completed I will be able to advise you on the position with Riverside Drive.”
Let’s hope this results in real improvements in the road condition of Riverside Drive.  It is a major route to the city centre and badly needs improvement.