Consultation on Not Just A Roof – A Housing Options and Homelessness Strategic Plan 2016 -2021

Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership are seeking your views about Not Just A Roof – A Housing Options and Homelessness Strategic Plan 2016-2021.
The Strategic Plan has been developed around outcomes which people who have experienced homelessness have identified as important.   It aims to enable citizens of Dundee to be able to live a fulfilled life in their own home or homely setting.     If people do become homeless, they will be able to access quality information, advice and support which will enable them to live a fulfilled life and gain and maintain their own home. 
The Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership wants to hear your views to help us ensure our plan is fit for purpose as it moves forward. 
What matters to you is important to us and this is your opportunity to influence the way supports to prevent and respond to homelessness are delivered.

You can provide your views by completing a survey here by 30th January 2017.

Services for private tenants

I had a very useful discussion yesterday with Lynn Wadland, the council’s technical Energy Adviser, who has been assisting private tenants who have no central heating or ineffective heating.
There is assistance available for qualifying private tenants (elderly tenants, those who are vulnerable and those with dependant children) on low incomes to get central heating – help with improved glazing and insulation may also be available.
For households who do not qualify, help via the Warm Home Discount may be available as an alternative.
Lynn can be contacted as follows – 
office phone – 433189
mobile – 07985 872725

Mutual repairs – council housing and sold properties

Dundee City Council has an obligation to undertake mutual repairs (things like stairwell paintwork, guttering repairs and roof repairs) to maintain its own stock – and owners in blocks where there are a mix of tenants and owners are obliged to pay a share of the mutual element of this work.
There are often queries from both owners and tenants when this sort of work (known as External Cyclical Maintenance) is undertaken – last year, for example, I had a number of queries from residents in the Corso Street/Abbotsford area and also Fyffe Street/Benvie Road/Mitchell Street area.
The council has now published useful guides that you can download below :

Tenant Participation Strategy Review

Dundee City Council is reviewing its Tenant Participation Strategy.
This strategy sets out how the council will support tenants and their representatives to influence the delivery of housing services.    A draft strategy has been written after having some initial discussions with tenants – we now want to consult more widely to make sure that the strategy covers all of the most important actions.
The council is consulting on the draft strategy until the end of January 2016.    Dundee’s tenants are asked to help by reading the draft strategy you can download here and give the council feedback using the online consultation questionnaire you can access here.
If you have any questions about the review, please contact John Wolstencroft of the City Council on Dundee 307369.

HOPE – Helping Older People Engage

This new project is being introduced in this month.
It aims to assist elderly residents in the community that have no support in place or just have a community alarm.  
The residents may be socially isolated and might be interested in joining some of the activities at sheltered complexes near to where they live.    There may be a small charge to pay for activities depending what it is but that’s only where the sheltered tenants would have a charge too.   
There is however no cost for the support service.
It is a partnership between the following Housing Associations – Caledonia, Home Scotland, Abertay and Sanctuary.   They have received Integrated Care Funding for about 18 hours a week each for four support workers for their respective areas. 
The West End is the area where Home Scotland is taking the lead (Sanctuary will cover the Lochee/Downfield area, Abertay will cover Fintry to Dura Street and Caledonia the Broughty Ferry area) – hopefully this way all areas of the city will have coverage.
It is an excellent initiative and I am very pleased it is being launched as it has the potential to help many elderly folk in Dundee – please see poster for further details :

Amenity housing issues

Last Friday, along with other Dundee City Councillors, I took part in a briefing on the subject of amenity housing, organised by the council’s Housing Department.    Amenity Housing is being considered for a relatively small number of sheltered housing that the department is finding hard to let and is offered (without warden services) to persons over the age of 50.
This proved to be a useful briefing and exchange of views.    Last month, I expressed concerns about the decision to decommission two sheltered properties at the Morven Terrace/Ancrum Place sheltered housing without advising the sheltered tenants or local councillors.   Following a meeting I organised with the tenants at which senior housing department attended, I have sought reassurances on behalf of tenants about the situation.
These concern the need to exhaust all possibilities to get new sheltered tenants before any conversion to amenity housing, clarity on the right of existing sheltered tenants aged under 75 to their sheltered TV licence, the position re council house sales and amenity housing and the possible viability of providing external lifts to the first floor properties at the Morven Terrace/Ancrum Place sheltered housing.
I have now written to all tenants at the Morven Terrace/Ancrum Place sheltered housing updating them on these issues.
It is vitally important that sheltered tenants are reassured on this matter and that any questions or concerns they have are addressed.   I am pleased that the housing department has held a briefing for councillors across the city as it allowed for all the issues and questions we have to be discussed.