City Road Allotments Open Day

Later this morning, I attended the City Road Allotments Open Day and had the pleasure of officially opening the allotment’s refurbished trailer, which will be a boon for allotment members.     The acquisition of the trailer has been possible thanks to a real effort by the allotment community.
The Open Day was a really great and well-attended event and I was delighted to attend.  It is great to see our local allotments in such good heart!
A few photos from today :
The refurbished trailer – looking fab!
Official ribbon cutting ceremony!


Great stalls at the Open Day!
With Erika and her fabulous raspberry jam!

Dundee Garden and Allotment Competition 2015

Your chance to participate in the Annual Competition run by Dundee City Council!
Why Get Involved?
– To encourage the community, including schools, citizens and businesses to take pride and interest in the city. 
– To promote the involvement of allotment gardening and the benefits of growing vegetables, fruit and flowering plants. 
– To make attractive use of floral displays and creative imaginative landscapes. 
– To sustain the diversity of plants and wildlife. 
Who Can Enter?
– Open to all within the Dundee City boundary. 
How to Enter? 
You can download the full details and application form here.

Please help the City Road allotments!

From the City Road allotments :
“We have applied for an Aviva Community Fund award as we would like to upgrade our water facilities in the hut and toilet.    Our application was accepted and now we need votes.
I know that you have supported our Open Day before and I was wondering if you would be able to put the link to the voting page on your blog.     
This link will take you to our project but you can also search for Aviva Community Fund 2015 and then search for City Road. So far we have well over 400 votes but as many as we can rally from the local community would be amazing.”
You can access the link to help the City Road allotments here.

Allotments west of Magdalen Green

Tonight’s Evening Telegraph highlights the mindless vandalism that has caused substantial damage to sheds at the allotments west of Magdalen Green on Sunday that saw one shed destroyed by fire and another suffer major fire damage.

As reported in the Tele, I have been in contact with the City Council to see if additional security measures can be considered for the allotments.

It is disheartening for the allotment holders who work hard on their allotments to suffer vandalism and I am asking the Leisure & Communities Department who it can do to help prevent any further incidents.


I have had a fair bit of contact in recent months with some allotment holders in three allotments in or around the West End area over a number of issues, so I am pleased to see the launch of a new booklet aimed at helping allotment gardeners improve the mix of wildlife and plants in their plots.

Created by the Tayside Bio Diversity Partnership, the free publication will be distributed to every allotment holder in the city as well as all community garden committees.

You can read a PDF of it by clicking on the headline above.