Getting things done – Annfield Street

Residents have expressed concern to me that the temporary barriers round Scottish Water’s contractor’s works in Annfield Street have fallen over, partially blocking the road – see below :
I have drawn this to the attention of Scottish Water and requested these be reinstated and properly secured as soon as possible.

Dropped kerbing – good news

Back in May, I raised the need for dropped kerbing in the Peddie Street area.
I was concerned to learn recently from an elderly resident in the area that she had a fall from her motorised scooter at the Annfield Street/Peddie Street junction, where there is currently no dropped kerbing.

The City Council has now informed me :

“This area around Peddie Street and Annfield Street has been included in the area already identified and a works order has been issued to Tayside Contracts undertake dropped kerb work here. We have strived to provide access at most important junctions in this area.”

Annfield Street

The following was recently brought to my attention :

“On the north kerb at Annfield Street , about half way between Peddie Street and Blackness Street there are two large holes. One is surrounded by a metal cage. It looks like someone has once done work on the gas supply but never refilled in the hole. Next to it is a 1/2 metre square hole in the tarmac about 8 inches deep. I can’t tell why it has been dug out or by who. I placed a bin over it to stop people falling down the hole.”

I contacted Dundee City Council and have been given the following feedback :

“This excavation was not carried out by a utility but by a local company under a road opening permit.

Their agent has been contacted and they will ensure the company reinstates this timeously.

I visisted site and there is adaquate protection around the excavation so there is no danger to the public.

Also two furter bore-holes were taken at the locus within the last fortnight or so and these will also be properly reinstated.”