Getting things done – Blackness Road #dundeewestend

A resident recently contacted me about the bus stop in Blackness Road near the Ashbank Road junction, indicating :
“As an elderly resident of Ashbank Road I suffered heavy rain and very cold wind for nearly ten minutes waiting for a no. 22 bus. 
As there are bus shelters at the next couple of stops is it not possible for one to erected at Ashbank Road?”
This is a good point and I have asked Dundee City Council if it can consider a bus shelter at this location.

Getting things done : Logie improvements

Last year, I highlighted the poor condition of the east footway of Ashbank Road and had been promised reconstruction of the pavement would take place.
I am therefore pleased to see the necessary work started before Christmas :
I also asked for improvements to the north pavement of nearby Logie Avenue at the lock-ups and outside the lock-ups themselves and this work was also undertaken just before the festive season :

Ashbank Road – east pavement – an update

Back in March, I highlighted the poor condition of the east footway of Ashbank Road (south of the Logie Avenue junction) – see right :


The Roads Maintenance Partnership has now updated me regarding the repairs required as follows :
“The vehicle damage is extensive to the footway and therefore the footway requires reconstruction.  
The works required are more significant than can be accommodated with routine maintenance budgets and therefore these works have been included for within this year’s adopted footway programme and are programmed currently for late October.   
Therefore we will monitor and maintain the barriers until this time.”

Sunken pavement – Ashbank Road

I recently received concerns from residents about the state of the pavement in Ashbank Road on its east side near to the junction with Logie Avenue at the south side of the estate – see photo below :
It is badly sunken and, in the view of residents and myself, not safe to walk along.
I immediately contacted the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership who have put barriers in place – see below.
I have been advised by the Roads Maintenance Partnership :
“I am unable to advise of likely timescale for repair at present due to budget constraints.”
This is rather concerning and exactly what I warned about at the council’s budget meeting last month, where my alternative budget, had it been adopted, would have reduced the scale of cuts in roads and pavements maintenance.     
The scale of cuts in roads and pavements budgets are significant and will bite over the next year.
I will continue to campaign for proper reinstatement of the pavement in this part of Ashbank Road.

Blackness Road/Ashbank Road – council commits to investigate safety concerns

Following recent safety concerns highlighted by residents of the Logie Estate and the Blackness Road area about the crossing of Blackness Road at the Ashbank Road junction, I have obtained an assurance from the City Council’s Head of Transportation that council traffic engineers will assess the area to see what pedestrian crossing improvements can be provided to improve the situation.
This is a long-standing issue that many residents rightly want addressed.   
The City Council’s Head of Transportation has advised me :
“We have undertaken pedestrian surveys at this location previously and the volume of pedestrians was significantly below the threshold that would trigger the provision of a traffic signal controlled crossing.      This is the case along much of the length of Blackness Road where we receive requests for assessment for provision of such facilities.  
However there are very few attractors or desire lines that cause there to be a concentration of demand.  
The traffic engineers are aware of this follow up request … and I have asked them to assess the vicinity to see if additional crossing facilities (non traffic signal) can be considered.”
It is important that pedestrian crossing safety is improved at this busy junction.    Personally, I think there is merit in investigating the viability of a lights-crossed facility but I welcome the assurance I have been given that traffic engineers will fully assess the area to see what improvements can be introduced.

Mess left in Logie Avenue : action taken

Following the recent housing improvement works in Logie Estate, residents have complained to me that there’s a fair old mess been left on the grass area in Logie Avenue (for example – near Ashbank Road) where the storage containers were – deep ruts in the grass, some debris and the grass area has been left very muddy.

I have therefore asked for remedial action to be undertaken by the Housing Department.

Beautiful morning in the West End … and an update on Blackness Road

I was out and about visiting constituents this morning and as this view from the WL Gore site in Perth Road shows, it is a thoroughly beautiful morning!

With regard to last night’s update about the traffic lights on Blackness Road, I spoke to the City Council first thing this morning and got assurances about getting the bus stop near Ashbank Road back in action this morning. Here’s my subsequent exchange with Scottish Water today :


“I have had a lot of complaints that the lights removal should have coincided with the end of the works and although its good they have now gone, its perhaps something that can be better co-ordinated in the future as constituents were complaining about being kept at a red light for up to 4 minutes for no good reason. Also when the lights were removed, no-one thought about ensuring that the black bag over the bus stop (north side next to Morning Noon & Night) be removed to let the bus stop become operational again & buses were flying past it after the lights had gone. I asked DCC City Development to send someone out this morning to get that sorted so it should hopefully be OK by today but again it really should have been thought about when the works ended. Thanks again.”
“Thank you for your comments. I appreciate how simple things can cause a great inconvenience to the local community. I have passed your comments to my colleague who will also discuss this with our contractor.”

The ‘pointless’ traffic lights have gone – but the bus stop needs attention!

The ‘pointless’ traffic lights in Blackness Road were finally removed today but well after the roadworks caused by work to repair a burst water main had been completed on the road.I contacted Scottish Water’s Regional Community Manager first thing this morning and was promised the traffic lights removal was in hand and I made a visit to the road in the afternoon to check that the lights had been removed and indeed they finally were gone.

However, the much-used bus stop into town near the junction with Ashbank Road was still out of service and I have asked the City Council to ensure it is back in operation as soon as possible.

Whilst I am pleased the traffic lights are now gone and the road has returned to normal, it is disappointing that removing the traffic lights was not properly co-ordinated with the end of the water main works.

Following Scottish Water failing to remove them as promised by 5pm yesterday, I received complaints from residents last night about the situation – as the traffic lights remained there for no reason whatsoever.

West End Community Council : December 2007 Update

I have today launched my December 2007 Update to West End Community Council.
Issues covered include road safety (including Westfield Place and Logie Avenue/Ashbank Road), the western end of Seabraes and the Homebase site.
The Community Council meets this forthcoming Tuesday (11th December) at Logie St John’s (Cross) Church Hall at 7pm.
You can download a copy of the update by clicking on the rather lengthly link below!

Logie Ave/Ashbank Road junction

At next Monday’s Planning and Transport Committee of the City Council (of which I am Convener) there’s a report for councillors to consider on identified sites for road safety improvements in the forthcoming year. I am pleased to advise that the Logie Ave/Ashbank Road junction in Logie is recommended for improvement. Photo from Logie (but not the junction!) pictured right.

The City Council has given me the following feedback on the Logie Ave/Ashbank Road junction :

“There have been 3 slight injury accidents recorded for the period 2004 to 2006 incl. These have occurred at the junction of the southern carriageway of Logie Avenue and the southern section of Ashbank Road.

Although the accident number and severity is relatively minor in relation to some other sites, this location has been included in the list of identified sites for road safety measures as there is a dominant factor which low cost engineering measures can target. All accidents relate to failure of north -bound vehicles on Ashbank Road to give way to Logie Avenue traffic at the junction, (albeit one accident was due to icy roads).

It is proposed to emphasise the junction priority by providing give- way triangle road markings on the minor road (north, south, and the central crossing at Logie Avenue), and locally provide centre line road markings on Logie Avenue. Vegetation will be cut back at the junction to improve visibility.

Works are designed and ready to order. Should be completed by mid December.”