Busy Tuesday …

A busy day today on local issues, including :
* A morning site visit to speak with residents in Mitchell Street/Polepark Road/Benvie Road about the recent external cyclical works to their properties.   Council officers from housing and architects also attended.
* A meeting with the Pennycook and Sinderins Courts’ Residents Association, at which we discussed a number of local issues.
* A meeting of the Jericho House Support Group.  The support group is a regular meeting at which a number of us discuss fundraising and other projects to support this important facility in the West End Ward, that assists those recovering from alcoholism.   We had a good discussion about funding initiatives to support the House, participation in Doors Open Day 2014 and the new production of a play that the House service users and staff will be participating in.
* Tonight at the West End Community Council, there was a lengthy presentation on bin collection and recycling proposed changes and we also discussed the roads proposals relative to Riverside Drive.

Getting things done … Saggar Street, Benvie Road, City Road and Logie Street

I have had complaints from residents about very worn white junction and other road lining in Logie Street, City Road, the bottom of Benvie Road and at the bottom of Saggar Street – the latter situation is pictured – right.
I have asked that the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership repaints these.

Benvie Road : fire concern

In the past, I have highlighted residents’ concerns about the former garage site in Benvie Road, where, a couple of years ago, the owner finally demolished most of the derelict building that had been a target for vandalism and fires.

Some of the structure, however, remained, and, after a further fire earlier this week, I wrote to the City Council’s Director of City Development asking that the owner is contacted urging him to take immediate steps to clear the site and secure its boundary and if he fails to do so, that enforcement action be taken.    I took the photo (above right) here last night and it was easily possible to gain access to the site as the boundary fencing is not secure.

The Director has sent me a prompt response saying :

“My Building Standards Team are contacting the owner again urging him to take immediate steps to clear the site and secure its boundary.  The owner will be advised that failure to carry-out the above may result in the Council instructing the necessary safety measures.”

Getting things done … Benvie Steps

Residents have contacted me regarding the damaged fencing art the Benvie Steps that lead from Lochee Road to Benvie Road – see right.    Residents are concerned about the access to the former garage site and also to an adjacent tenement’s back garden

I contacted the City Council about this and the City Engineer has advised :

“An order has been raised for the repair of two linear metres of fence on the east side at the top of the Benvie Road steps. 

The work has yet to be programmed but the Road Maintenance Partnership will update you once this information becomes available.”

Getting things done … Benvie Road steps

I recently received a concern from a West End resident about the state of the Benvie Road steps down to Lochee Road.

I raised his concern with the City Engineer, who has responded as follows :

“Benvie Road steps are part of the Council’s adopted road network and as such are inspected regularly.   Following your enquiry, the Road Maintenance Partnership inspector for the area inspected the steps and has raised an order to re-set two slabs on the top step. No other actionable defects were identified during his inspection.”

Benvie Road former garage – latest

Back in June, I reported on progress regarding the removal by the owner of the fire damaged and dangerous former garage at the top end of Benvie Road.

I’m pleased to say that the fire damaged part of the building has now been largely removed but part of the structure remains as does a lot of rubbish – eg a pile of old tyres – see above – and I have contacted the City Development Department to ensure that the owner finishes the job and removes what may remain of any potential fire hazard.