Getting things done – Blackness Library #dundeewestend

Residents will be aware that I have previously asked for the railings of Blackness Library to be repainted – this is badly needing done.
In principle, it was agreed the Community Payback Team would do this, and I recently asked for an update on timescale.
I have now received this helpful response from the Project Manager :
“Due to reduced staffing in my team, client numbers and the amount of work we have on our list (most of which are projects requiring several months’ work) we were unable to carry out any work to the railings.  We are now in a better position to commence the work. 
We’re looking at April until work can begin due to the weather but it is on my schedule for then. We’ll also be meeting on site to discuss the work.”
This response was received immediately prior to the COVID-19 health emergency and, clearly, the April timescale is now not possible.   However, it is good to know the work will be carried out in due course.

Christina – A New Folk Performance #dundeewestend

Fresh from the sell-out Edinburgh Fringe run of her acclaimed production “Roots”, Elisabeth Flett brings her one-woman show “Christina” to Blackness Library this Tuesday.    
It takes place at the library on Tuesday at 3pm.
The show, commissioned by the Friends of Wighton, is inspired by the 19th century manuscript book of Christina Gib of Maulesden House, Brechin. E
Elisabeth has researched the elusive Christina’s story to create a fascinating musical and historical journey.
It is a free event but please book here.

Getting things done – Blackness Library #dundeewestend

A resident recently suggested it might be helpful in advertising events within Blackness Library is there was a noticeboard outside advertising activities within the library.
I took this excellent idea up with the Head of Library and Information Services and she has responded positively as follows :
“We are in agreement that this is a great idea.  Budget and planning permission may be hurdles, but we will look into this and see what is achievable.”
I will keep residents updated with progress.

West End Reading Group meeting #dundeewestend

The West End Reading Group is a book club based at Blackness Library. 
This book club is set up to encourage all people to read and become more aware of the literature of authors of African, Caribbean and African American heritage. 
Meeting 5.30pm to 6.30pm on the second Monday of every month and the next meeting is tomorrow – Monday 10th June – when it will discuss “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, the first volume of autobiography written by Maya Angelou.
In this book, she describes her childhood in the American South in the 1930s. 
Maya Angelou won many awards including the National Medal of Arts, the Presidential Medal of freedom, the Lincoln Medal and the Norman Mailer Prize. 
The group looks forward to welcoming you tomorrow at 5.30pm.