Wishbone Day – the Brittle Bone Society @BrittleBoneUK

Along with councillor colleagues and others who attended, I was pleased this lunchtime to attend a Civic Reception to mark Wishbone Day, the day that promotes awareness of the work to support people affected by the bone condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). 
The Dundee-based UK charity, the Brittle Bone Society, does great work in this field and, as part of Wishbone Day activities, yellow balloons were released in the City Square.  Here’s me (below) with Brittle Bone Society Chief Executive Patricia Osborne in the City Square earlier today:

Wishbone Day Event at the Brittle Bone Society

At lunchtime today, along with two of my ward colleagues and a group of enthusiastic supporters, volunteers and staff of the Brittle Bone Society, I took part in the society’s Wishbone Day awareness raising celebrations.
Despite the rather rainy weather, the event went really well and it was a good opportunity to highlight the good work of the society in helping people with Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
The photo (below) is of us at the event today.

Launch of the History Bones Project

Along with two of my ward colleagues and the Public Health Minister, I had great pleasure this morning in attending the launch of the Brittle Bone Society‘s History Bones Project.

The project, run in partnership with the University of Dundee’s Archive Services, will catalogue the 40+ years history of the society – documents, photographs and historic memorabilia. It is excellent that this precious archive material will be protected and catalogued.

The society has achieved much since it was created back in 1968, and continues to help and support people affected by the bone condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta. It is based in Guthrie Street in the West End Ward and is the only UK national charity with its headquarters in Dundee.