Parking in the West End … and similar problems elsewhere

As readers of my blog and the West End FOCUS newsletter will be well aware, I have been actively discussing with the Planning & Transportation Department ways in which the problems many West End residents face getting parked can be tackled.

The City Council has set up a “Focus Group” to look at the issues, starting with the City Centre, but also to tackle the problems in the areas immediately peripheral to the City Centre including the West End. The intention is to consult residents on alterantives (eg residents’ priority schemes) later in the Spring.
Recently, many residents in City Quay have contacted the Dundee LibDems about the increasingly difficult parking situation there (see above right); City Quay is to the east of my ward and its very clear that it too has the same sort of parking issues as parts of the West End (commuters trying to avoid parking charges by parking just outside the metered zone being one obvious problem).
I’ll keep residents updated on the parking issue, but I’d welcome any views – e-mail me at – many thanks!