Meerkat Polka Band Play Corrie Theme Tune #meerkatband

Ladies and Gentlekats, it fill me with great pleasures to introduce the Meerkat Band! After many days of practice we make musical debut as we perform theme tune from telebox show known as ‘The Corrie Street’:

Coronation Street Blog

I was delighted to have recently been invited by Glenda Young, editor of the fabulous Coronation Street Blog ( to do a guest entry!

Now live on the Coronation Street Blog – you can read it by following this link –
I’d also like to thank Glenda for the donation to the charity of my choice, the MS Society.

Coronation Street Update!

A couple of years ago, I mentioned on the blog that Glenda (aka Flaming Nora) editor of Corrieblog had sent me a nice e-mail following a blog entry I had made about Coronation Street, my favourite TV programme.    See
Anyway, I heard from Glenda again today :
From: Glenda Young
Sent: 25 January 2009 14:38
Subject: Coronation Street

Dear Cllr Macpherson

Just to let you know I’ve moved from Corrieblog and am now blogging about Coronation Street at

If you can link your work with Corrie at all, do let me know and I’ll give you a link and a blog post!

All the best

Glenda Young (aka Flaming Nora)

Was really good to hear from Glenda and I’m pleased to add a link to – a great way to keep up with the news from the Street!

Wednesday …


Apart from a whole load of ‘day job’ activities today, I had the pleasure of attending the fascinating guided walk at Western Cemetery, ably led by Ann Prescott of the Western Cemetery Association and Iain Flett, Dundee City Council Archivist. An excellent turnout – here’s a couple of photos (above).

Later I attended the City Council Housing Working Group, of which I am a member. Good presentations and discussion on tenant participation and housing investment.

Tonight, I attended the Harris Academy Parent Council – both interesting and informative.

And … now home to recordings of ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘The Restaurant’!