Fuel Well Dundee

I am pleased to advise of a new programme that has been launched in the city for households facing fuel poverty as a result of the pandemic.

The Fuel Well Dundee Programme will support people on a low income whether they are in or out of work, on reduced incomes as a result of COVID-19, or are already experiencing fuel poverty. 

People may have heating systems or home insulation that is inadequate and causing high energy bills or are struggling with other financial or coronavirus related issues.

The scheme can help with top up payments of between £40 and £100 if certain criteria are met, as well as short, medium and longer-term support from fuel advisers and welfare rights advisers.

This can include other areas of financial inclusion including energy advice, a benefits check and debt advice; where appropriate, consideration of referral for Discretionary Hardship Payments or to the council’s Hardship fund; and crisis grants and community care grants advice.

Run by Dundee City Council and SCARF (Part of the Home Energy Scotland network) the Fuel Well Dundee Programme can be accessed directly here.

Business support in Dundee – an update

The Boxing Day shift from tier three to four, along with the move to lockdown last week, has changed the business situation and the need for support has never been greater. In particular, non-essential retail businesses and business premises delivering close contact services may now be eligible for support at level four.

A one-stop information guide for business with advice from Dundee City Council, support organisations, Scottish Government and other agencies can be found here

If you are already in receipt of grants from these funds you do not need to re-apply. The City Council will automatically alter grant payments to reflect the change of level. But if you have not previously applied, or applied but did not meet the criteria for level three support, and are now eligible under level four, you should make an application as soon as possible, so do please go to the link above.

Love Dundee Local!

Businesses in Dundee are being invited to join the new ‘Love Dundee Local’ service, which helps local companies to serve local people.

The service, website and mobile app have been developed by the Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, Dundee City Council and key private sector providers to support businesses across sectors.

Local businesses, including shops, pubs, restaurants, bars, and independent drinks merchants have played a key role in their communities throughout the pandemic by safely providing food and drink, gifts, household goods, and other products to families, people on the shielding list and others.

These businesses are now being given the opportunity to join the ‘Love Dundee Local’ service to offer food, drinks and other products for collection or delivery, in a new way.

This is an excellent initiative and you can find out more here.

Dundee City Council Tenants – Have Your Say – Rent Consultation 2020

From the City Council :

“Every year, the City Council Neighbourhood Services reviews the rent and other charges that we need to collect so that we can continue to deliver the services that you have told us you want. 

Neighbourhood Services aim to ensure that the highest quality of housing is provided for the people of Dundee in a safe and healthy environment. This can only be achieved through partnership working across all sectors. 

The council strives to provide a continually high standard of service by consulting and engaging with tenants on decisions which involve them. 

The current restrictions continue to make this a challenge, however, your opinion matters, so please take time some to be part in this year’s rent consultation before 23rd December 2020. 

Below are some examples of how you can Get Involved & Have Your Say :

• Information displayed on the Council, partner and Elected Member social media portals and websites.

• Taking the opportunity to complete the survey if asked to Get Involved by Council staff, either in person, or over the phone.

• Email us on rentconsultation@dundeecity.gov.uk

• Complete the survey by visiting https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MCRC-2021-22

• Text ‘RENT 1, 2 or 3’ to 0753 924 2303

• Scanning ‘QR’ Quick Response code on literature 

Following the consultation period, all feedback received on the proposed options will be reported to, and considered by, Committee in January 2021.”

You can read more at www.dundeecity.gov.uk/rent-consultation

Engage Dundee initiative


Residents across Dundee are being asked to fill out a new questionnaire to help key agencies learn how Coronavirus has impacted on all of Dundee’s communities.

Dundee City Council, Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action and NHS Tayside are working together through the ‘Engage Dundee’ initiative to collect information directly from citizens around Dundee.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to learn more about how individuals experienced services during the lockdown period, in addition to finding out the priorities of Dundee’s citizens going forward.

The feedback obtained through the survey process will inform future local community planning priorities across the city.

You can give your views at http://dee.communitychoices.scot/

Dundee’s virtual Flower and Food Show 2020

The 32nd Dundee Flower and Food Show will take place from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th September virtually, due to the COVID-19 health emergency.

The event, which is usually a popular gathering at Camperdown Country Park, attracting in the region of 18,000 visitors, will this year take place exclusively online.

Many of the Show’s traditional exhibitions will continue, including cut flowers, pot plants, fruit and vegetables, which will now be on display via photographs and videos.

Various other familiar sections will be present, as committee members, along with their societies, plant nurseries, chefs, and community groups will be involved.

In addition, there will be some unique inclusions for the festival’s first ever virtual occasion.

More information about this year’s Dundee Virtual Flower and Food Show is available at http://www.dundeeflowerandfoodfestival.com

Face covering exemption scheme

Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action is working in partnership with Dundee City Council to provide an exemption letter to people who have a health condition or disability who are unable to wear a face covering safely in order to support any difficulties they may be having. 

People may have an acceptable reason not to wear a face covering if:

• They have a health condition where a face covering would be inappropriate because it would cause pain, severe distress or anxiety

• They cannot apply a covering and wear it in the proper manner safely and consistently

• They need to take medication

• They need to communicate with another who relies on lip reading

• They need to eat or drink

• They are a child under the age of five

You can contact the council’s Customer Services on 433558 for more information or complete the online form at https://my.dundeecity.gov.uk/MyServices to request a letter.

Weeds at road edges in the West End – an update #dundeewestend


Numerous constituents have contacted me about the extent of weeds at road edges across the West End.    

Whilst appreciating that services have not been as normal through much of 2020 due to the health emergency, I was anxious to see this addressed and am therefore pleased to see this feedback from our local environment manager :

‘As part of our planned maintenance and recovery programme, the 2nd city wide street spraying and commenced from 17th August and should take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete.’

Consultation on school catchment areas to re-start

From the City Council’s Director of Children and Families Service to City Councillors :

“Now that schools will reopen in what would be regarded as normal school days from Monday 17th August, it would be our intention to continue the consultation process to its conclusion.

With this in mind we intend to run the consultation for an additional three weeks from 17th August to 4th September. 

This will provide some additional time for stakeholders to respond to the proposals set out in the consultations and it will also permit the completion of any remaining discussions with schools and staff which were postponed.

It would be important to note that prior to lockdown the vast bulk of the consultative meetings had taken place, including public meetings for each proposal where Education Scotland was present.   In fact, at the point of lockdown the consultation had only a few days to run.

Due to ongoing restrictions on large public gatherings, we intend to carry out any engagement in this additional 3 weeks extended period using a digital format.”

Letters were issued yesterday to parents of the affected schools.     The relevant one for the West End is as follows :


Dear Parent/Carer




You will be aware that the above consultations were due to run from 10th February to 27 March 2020.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus pandemic and unprecedented events resulting from COVID 19, all schools in Scotland closed on 20 March 2020 and we were unable to complete the consultation within the timescale originally envisaged.

Schools will not be open again for all pupils in what would be regarded as normal school days until Monday 17 August 2020.    With this in mind we intend to extend the consultation and conclude it on 4 September at 5pm.   This will provide some additional time for stakeholders to respond to the proposals set out in the consultations.

The bulk of the planned consultation activities had been carried out prior to the lockdown of schools on 20 March 2020, including public meetings on both proposals. However, there were two further planned public meetings (one on each proposal), that we could not take forward as a result of the lockdown.

Due to ongoing restrictions on large public gatherings, and in an attempt to best support the conclusion of the consultation process and make sure we obtain the most comprehensive views of the proposals, we intend to carry out these last two events using a digital format. The resources used to support the previous public consultation events will be made available via the consultation web pages to allow stakeholder access to any information or materials they would have received at a public meeting.

Over the three week period, stakeholders will be able to submit questions which will be answered on a weekly basis by senior council officers with both the questions and answers published on the webpage. Please use the following link to the consultation webpage where there are details of the engagement and how to respond. 

A link to the questions and answers section will also be found within this.


I hope this letter provides some clarity and a way forward during these challenging times. 

I look forward to continuing to receive your views on the proposals and your engagement in the digital events.

Yours sincerely


Executive Director of Children and Families Service

Biodiversity initiatives for the West End and across the city

Numerous constituents have contacted me and the City Council’s environment team in Neighbourhood Services about trying to keep biodiversity gains as the maintenance of parks and other open-spaces re-starts.   Residents will shortly notice the maintenance in parks and open space areas starts up again as there has been good progress with the re-start of ‘phase one’ of the resumption of services – for example in cemeteries and sheltered housing areas.
The Head of Environment has advised :
“… over the last 3 months, I have received substantial correspondence from residents requesting that the council actively considers not defaulting to previous grounds maintenance programmes, particularly in relation to reinstating grass cutting and herbicide usage. That, instead, the council takes this opportunity to consider a reset within our parks and green spaces which allows the further rapid development and expansion of bio-diverse and naturalised areas.
As the service emerges out of lockdown, in managing our environment there is also a requirement to balance active promotion of conservation practices and the desires of many within our communities with the need to maintain high environmental standards which also respects the wishes of our many other residents who wish to see a priority towards returning parks and green spaces to a high level of maintenance, preferably being restored at the earliest opportunity. 
Recently, residents within the city’s West End, through discussion with local members, their Community Council and the Friends of Magdalen Green, have been working with council officers to undertake a community consultation. This actively seeks the views of residents to determine the appetite for a number of naturalised zones to be created; and for their potential future development as biodiversity areas which actively promotes the preservation of species and development of wider ecosystems. 
Please see the link here.
It is hoped that the Magdalen Green consultation will provide a useful benchmark from which similar community initiatives, where required, can be replicated across the city to ensure that local spaces are managed to meet the aspirations of the wider communities, which they serve. 
In the meantime, however, there is a requirement, prior to commencing with the wider reinstatement of grass cutting operations,  to consider the immediate opportunity for additional locations throughout the city to be re-evaluated to support the wider introduction of biodiversity and naturalised areas at a quicker pace. This window is only available at this time due to the unique circumstances that have arisen over the last couple of months through routine maintenance having ceased, due to the pandemic. 
In preparation, officers have undertaken an extensive citywide survey which has initially identified over 700,000m2 of parks and green spaces (around 17.5% of the overall grass that is currently maintained within Dundee’s parks and green spaces), which can be immediately designated as provisional Biodiversity or Naturalised Zones. These areas have been carefully selected from within each ward in the city. 
The proposal initially is that as wider grounds maintenance activities resume citywide, these zones will be clearly defined and no further grass cutting or herbicide treatment will take place forthwith. It should also be noted that, through careful selection, these zones are being created within wider areas where a full range of grounds and parks maintenance activities will resume. It is therefore anticipated that these will not impact in any significant way to the overall appearance of the park or green space which they contribute towards. Indeed, it is likely in many cases, through the development of biodiversity zones and wildflower areas, these areas will actively enhance the beauty of our parks and green spaces.
It is also worth noting that careful attention has been taken, in identifying these proposed zones, that they will not impinge on existing pathways, sight lines, or within close proximity of residents homes. Similarly, care has been taken to ensure that the existing natural desire lines used by park users and particularly dog walkers will be unaffected by these proposals. There may also need for similar community engagement, to that currently underway at Magdalen Green, where required, however it is anticipated that there equally may be broad acceptance of these proposals, given the current collective support towards the protection and enhancement of our environment.
In summary, I believe that the above represents a significant and positive shift towards delivering upon actions that have been identified both within the city’s Biodiversity Plan and underlines a renewed focus towards our wider responsibility to the environment and reinvigorating our parks.”
In the West End, the actual proposals for naturalised areas are below.   They cover part of the area on Riverside Drive near the playing fields and sections of Lochee Park, Victoria Park and at Elliot Road.  There’s also Magdalen Green as the Head of Environment has alluded to above and you can see the areas consulted upon there at the link in his above comments.
I have spoken with the Head of Environment about this and given him some feedback.    For example, the Elliot Road proposals, in my view, have the potential to look untidy and some residents on Eton Street look right out onto this.   However, what is important is that, once open space and parks maintenance is fully back up to date, residents see what these actually look like, give their views and the council listens to any concerns and is responsive to them.




Minibeast Home Hunt

From Dundee Rangers Service :
What sort of buzzing and crawling things live in your garden or local green space? Join the Dundee Rangers Service online and share what you’ve found. 
We might not be able to get to you, but by the magic of modern communications you can share film/pictures of your discoveries with us and we can tell you about them. We’ll be online waiting for your queries and will do our best to answer them! 
Remember to be careful not to hurt yourselves or the animals you’re filming. Use gloves and small paintbrushes (to brush the creatures gently into something you can film them in like a jar or white tray). 
Stay safe and have fun!   More details are available at www.facebook.com/events/1119556745091476 – the event takes place tomorrow – Wednesday 13th May.

Council Advice Services during the COVID-19 health emergency

Council Advice Services and the Scottish Welfare Fund continue to provide essential services throughout the COVID – 19 crisis.
The service will provide advice and assistance with:
+ Money Advice
+ Debts
+ Benefits
+ Energy Advice and much more

Air quality improvements must not be lost across Dundee

I have called on Dundee City Council to ensure the significant improvements in air quality that have taken place during the COVID-19 lockdown and sharp reduction as vehicle usage is not lost when normality hopefully returns in the coming months.   
As residents know, I have long campaigned on air quality issues, particularly in relation to Lochee Road where, as recently as January 2020, I again highlighted my concern that, yet again, leading air quality campaigners Friends of the Earth had highlighted air quality concerns in Lochee Road in its Scotland’s most polluted streets survey, with Seagate in the city also highlighted in the January national air quality survey.   
The current health emergency is a very challenging time for everyone and will continue to be so for some time.     However, the air quality levels across Dundee with far less vehicle usage currently taking place has significantly improved.      All air quality monitoring sites show particulates and nitrogen dioxide levels are down to low.     Mean levels of nitrogen dioxide have reduced by some 68% in recent weeks on Lochee Road and nitric oxide by 55%.     Many constituents have commented on the welcome and obvious air quality improvement and that’s not just at the streets that have a known air quality concern normally.
Last week, the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air published research showing many likely long-term health benefits from the pollution reductions in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, including fewer children developing asthma, fewer preterm births and fewer deaths long-term from better air.  You can read the research at https://energyandcleanair.org/air-pollution-deaths-avoided-in-europe-as-coal-oil-plummet/ 
Of course vehicle traffic will increase as we hopefully get through the current COVID-19 health emergency and business, work and leisure traffic increases again, but I am adamant that the improvements in air quality must be maintained, particularly at the long-established areas of air quality concern in the city, including parts of Lochee Road in the West End.
I have written to senior council officers asking for detail of the particulates and nitrogen dioxide levels that have been monitored over the past six weeks and asked them to consider what steps are necessary to maintain the air quality improvements, particularly at what are normally the air quality hotspots in Dundee.
It is a very challenging time due to the COVID-19 emergency.     However, there is the possibility of one positive outcome from this challenging period as we hopefully come out of the emergency in the months ahead – cleaner air – and the council must act to ensure that cleaner air is a long-term benefit to everyone in the city.

Dundee Rainbows!

Rainbows have become a symbol of hope during this challenging time and Dundee City Council would love to share them!  
🌈   🌈

It is looking to update the side bar images you see on its website with lots and lots of pictures of your rainbows!

Please use the #DundeeRainbows hashtag on Facebook or Twitter with them!    🎨

54th Annual Photographic Competition and Exhibition

Entries to the city’s 54th Annual Photographic Competition are now welcome, with a closing date of 3rd February 2020
Open to all photographers living within the boundaries of Dundee, and to all members of Dundee Photographic Society, the competition is run every year in conjunction with Dundee City Council.
Full details are available here and if you have any queries, please contact Dundee City Council, Neighbourhood Services on 434781.

Temporary Traffic Order – Saturday 28th September 2019

From the City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of the Dundee Pensioners Forum Parade HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in:
1 Johnston’s Lane
2 West Port (Johnston’s Lane to South Tay Street)
3 South Tay Street
4 Nethergate (at DCA)
This notice comes into effect on Saturday 28 September 2019 from 12:00hrs to 12:30hrs.
Closures will be enforced by Police Scotland officers.
No diversion routes will be available.
For further information contact 433275.
Head of Roads & Transportation
Dundee City Council

Blackness General Economic Development Area – consultation event

Later this week, City Council planners will commence consulting on their proposed Design Framework for the future development of the Blackness General Economic Development Area (GEDA).
The proposed framework will be subject to a six week consultation, which will start with a drop-in event at Verdant Works.
The Blackness GEDA drop-in event will take place at Verdant Works this Thursday (29th August) from 12 noon to 7pm.
Planning officers will be on hand to outline the proposed Design Framework, discuss any issues and to gather any thoughts and ideas from those who attend.
Further information on the event is available here.

Swallow roundabout improvements – an update

Further to the concerns in yesterday’s “Courier” about safety at the Swallow roundabout that borders the West End Ward, Lochee Ward and the Perth and Kinross council boundary, I have had requests asking about progress with improvements to the road network here.
The council’s Head of Planning and Economic Development has advised me :
“The Swallow junction is on the A90 trunk road and is therefore the responsibility of Transport Scotland/BEAR.    The Council has been involved in the consideration of the proposals to upgrade it to accommodate the housing developments being built to the west of Dundee at Dykes of Gray Road.
As you will be aware, planning permission was granted for these developments subject to a condition requiring the upgrading of the Swallow junction.  Planning permission was subsequently applied for and granted for works to upgrade the existing roundabout to a signalised junction similar to that at Myrekirk.  The main developer (Springfield Properties) intend to carry out the improvement works themselves in conjunction with Transport Scotland/BEAR.
The developer had previously advised the Council of the intention to commence works to improve the junction in May of this year.  However, an issue over the ownership of a section of land has delayed progress.  The works will commence once this issue has been resolved.  If the land ownership issue cannot be resolved timeously, the developer has indicated that the proposals will be amended to allow them to carry out the required improvements to the junction.”

Voting – annual census canvass form

The City Council has reminded residents not to lose their democratic voice by making sure they complete and return the annual canvass form to their local Electoral Registration Office.
Forms, which ensure that anyone not on the Electoral Register can register to allow them to take part in future elections, were issued just over a week ago.
A spokesperson for the electoral registration office said :
“It is important that residents respond as soon as possible, so we can make sure we have the right details on the electoral register for every address in Dundee.
“Check the form when it arrives and respond as soon as you can, and that way you will be certain you’ll be able to have your say at elections.
“If you’re not registered at the moment, your name will not appear on the form. If you want to register, the easiest way is at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote, or we’ll send you information in the post explaining how to do it.    In any case, you will still need to complete the form and send it back to us.”
People who have changed address recently are particularly encouraged to keep an eye out for the form and check the details when it arrives.
Any residents who have any questions can contact the electoral registration team at on 434444.

Getting things done – road safety #dundeewestend

As residents are aware, I have long campaigned for further road safety improvements in the West End including “Twenty’s Plenty” in residential areas where there is local support for this and use of vehicle activated speed limit signs.     
There are currently two such signs in the West End on Blackness Road (east of Balgay Park) and Perth Road (near Clovis Duveau Drive) and I have campaigned for more of these at the request of residents – for example on City Road and Perth Road east of Harris Academy.
I highlighted at the council’s City Development Committee recently that the council does not actually have a policy for the use of vehicle activated speed limit signs – eg new sites, priority and rotation of signs.
The Head of Roads and Transportation thereafter updated me as follows :
“I have taken on board your comments below and the matters as raised at the City Development Committee and we will be developing a procedure for recording, prioritising and rotating the Vehicle Activated speed signage.  
Some of the older signs are fixed (owing to their design) however we will look at the type and provision and design of a rotational programme of sights around the city.  
There are obviously restricted financial budgets.  However there are opportunities through funding streams such as the Cycling, Walking and Safer Streets initiative and other competitive packages that I will encourage us to follow through.”