Labour and SNP voters in Dundee switching to the LibDems en masse

In an otherwise negative article about the LibDems in today’s Sunday Times, Jenny Hjul comes up with the following anecdote :

Unscientific evidence suggests that in the former Labour or Nationalist strongholds of Dundee, octogenarians charmed by the telegenic alternative to Brown and Cameron are switching en masse. This is very good news for Clegg and Co because the elderly are the demographic most likely actually to go out and vote on May 6.

I have news for Jenny. Those of us who have been chapping on the doors of Dundee households over the past few weeks know it is a wee bit wider than the elderly vote – voters of all ages in Dundee are switching to the LibDems, mainly at the expense of Labour & SNP – and the Tory vote has all but collapsed.

You have been warned …

 Today’s ‘Sunday Times’ (see :
“Alex Salmond: I’d back Tories at Westminster
Alex Salmond has been accused of betraying Scotland after revealing he is willing to support a Conservative government in the event of a hung parliament at Westminster.
The first minister said he would co-operate with a David Cameron-led administration on key legislation …
Last week, George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, announced £7 billion of annual savings, including a pay freeze at Whitehall departments and quangos. Holyrood would face a corresponding cut of up to £520m a year, or about £2 billion over four years.”