Recycling improvements, Community Planning Evening, Dundee Schools Music Theatre

Last night saw the City Council running an excellent community planning event in the Marryat Hall. It featured the work amongst communities right across the City that has been achieved over the past five years and looked towards the next community planning consultation period. Pictured above right is part of the display from the South West Dundee area, the area that covers the West End.
Also attended the Blackness Area Residents’ Association (BARA) meeting last night. I raised the forthcoming multi-occupancy recycling project. This will see “mini” recycling units for (initially) paper and different glass in areas where there are flats and individual recycling wheelie bins are not practical.
Having met with Waste Management about the project, I am keen to see full consultation with communities on the siting of these recycling points and BARA is keen to participate in this. It is envisaged that there will be recycling facilities in Abbotsford Street, Abbotsford Place and Corso Street, in BARA’s area. In addition, a number of other West End sites are being considered and the West End Community Council will be consulted too.
Good to see more productions by the excellent Dundee Schools Music Theatre taking place this August. This time they are presenting ‘The Boy Friend’ and ‘The Pajama Game’ and you can read further details by clicking the headline above.