Sound Advice event

Sound Advice is a free event and the first of its kind for 13 – 17 year olds considering a career in the dance music or events industry
Held on Saturday 5th May at the University of Dundee, Sound Advice features presentations and workshops from dance music industry professionals.  Your pupils will receive advice on the key disciplines of what is now a multi-billion dollar, global industry; from record producers and DJs; venue managers and festival organisers; to graphic designers and lighting engineers.  In addition, there will be a Q&A discussing how women can succeed in what is still a male dominated industry.
Later that evening there will be an opportunity for some pupils to spend an hour behind the scenes at the DDE Under 18’s Dance Party.
This is a free event, with everyone giving their time for free in order to celebrate 2018 Year of Young People.
For more information and for pupils to register for their free tickets go to
Please note attendance is limited to 120 and the free tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Be a Good Neighbour Campaign

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a “Be a Good Neighbour Campaign” event at Dundee University Students’ Association.
DUSA invited relevant organisations to come along to the event to give information and advice in order to encourage a better community spirit between residents and students.   Those invited included Dundee City Council (including Environment, Landlord Registration and Anti-Social Behaviour teams) as well as Shelter Scotland and others.
It was a great, well-attended event and here’s a photo from it below :

Meeting with Dundee University Students’ Association

Yesterday, I had a very useful meeting with the Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) President, Deputy President and Vice President (Representation).
We discussed a number of DUSA initiatives including its involvement in various community initiatives in the local area and also discussed the parking problems in the West End and possible ways of improving matters.
Its good to see such a committed and enthusiastic DUSA Executive and its activity in the community is welcome, particularly its landlord accreditation scheme.

New Enquiry Centre at the University of Dundee

Earlier today, University of Dundee Rector Brian Cox officially opened a new advice centre for students on campus – see right.    
Situated at DUSA, adjacent to Campus Green and the Union shop at the foot of Balfour Street, the new Enquiry Centre will henceforth be home to the university’s Student Services team and relocated to the new premises at DUSA from today.
The University has updated me as follows :
“The prominent facility at the heart of campus will act as a first-stop drop-in centre for students requiring assistance but unsure where, what or who to ask for help.   The team can help with all types of enquiries including travel, accommodation, finances, study support, health and careers advice. If they are unable to help they will put the student in touch with the appropriate service.
Enquiry Centre Manager Margaret Wyllie said, “We are delighted to be making this move to premises fitted out precisely for our purposes and excited to be able to improve the service we offer students.
“Having such a prominent presence at the heart of the University means all students will know where to find help if they need it.    The new Centre will also mean we can enhance the range of activities on offer and, with the assistance of Student Services colleagues, we will arrange workshops, events and activities aimed at helping students develop the personal skills required throughout their academic career and after they graduate.”
The Enquiry Centre will also maintain a regular presence at the Ninewells and Fife campuses and make information leaflets available at strategic points throughout the entire University estate.    If required, Citizen Advice Bureau appointments can also be arranged on main campus each Tuesday afternoon during the academic year.”

West End Events : Dundee University Students’ Association Wednesday Cleanups

DUSA is having a further Wednesday Cleanup this Wednesday to pick up litter from campus.   Volunteers are gathering at the Campus Green area in front of the Union.
There is free soup provided for the people participating in the litter picking up.   Prizes for the most collected litter and the most unusual object which is found during the day.    Litter bags are provided.   Just turn up if you can help.   
The prizes of these cleanup are provided by DUSA and Estates and Buildings. They include tickets to The Union on the Saturday of the week.
If you wish, you can sign up in advance on the event’s Facebook page here.

Last couple of days …

Over the past couple of days I have had a number of useful meetings regarding West End issues, including speaking with constituents on a number of local matters.
On Tuesday morning, I had a very useful discussion on local policing matters with Inspector Alistair Black of Police Scotland, our local police inspector.   I also met with Iain MacKinnon, the new President of Dundee University Students’ Association and thereafter, along with Angela Mehlert, the Chair of the Friends of Magdalen Green, I met with Dr David Rodley of the University of Dundee’s School of Engineering, Physics and Maths, together with four students.   The purpose of the latter meeting was to discuss progress with the renewable energy lighting project at Magdalen Green, and it was good to learn about progress towards this being installed, hopefully towards the end of 2013/early 2014.
The Friends’ Committee met later on Tuesday and Angela and I were able to update the committee on the lighting project progress.    In a very positive committee meeting, we discussed progress with the Roseangle Playpark Campaign, including the upcoming orienteering event and the photographic competition.   We also agreed that the Friends of Magdalen Green event as part of West End Christmas Fortnight will be a Soup and Pudding Lunch at Dundee West Church on Saturday 7th December.  More details to follow!
Yesterday, I had a very worthwhile meeting with a constituent and her family members along with Valerie Busher, Community Fundraising Development Manager at Maggie’s Centre.   The issue is the access to Maggie’s Centre from Ninewells Hospital for those travelling on foot, particularly for patients and those with mobility difficulties and we discussed matters like improved signage and promotion of the hospital’s mini-bus service.   I’m very grateful to Valerie for the time she spent with us yesterday and she is kindly progressing the issues with NHS Tayside.
Last night, I attended the Harris Academy Parent Council Annual General Meeting, the first meeting the Parent Council has held in the Lawton Road site.   It was an extremely well-attended AGM at which Mandy Trickett was elected the new Chair and Lesley Teviotdale was elected the new Vice Chair.   Graham McKay, the retiring Chair was thanked for all his work as Chair.    Harris Academy opens this morning for the first time at its decant site in Lawton Road and I was able to update parents on the bus transport situation.    We had a tour of the school after the meeting and thanks go to all the staff who have put in a huge effort to get the building ready for the 1000+ pupils who will return to school today.

From Dundee University Students’ Association …

Dear friends,
This year’s Raising and Giving initiative, organised by Dundee University Students’ Association in partnership with Cash for Kids to the benefit of the Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia Lodge charity, has launched a custom made line of Christmas cards (see designs below!)
The cards can be bought in shops on campus, ordered online at the price of £4 per pack of 6 cards. Bulk orders over 5 packs can be made by emailing, and we will ensure their delivery to your location.   Birthday cards are also available for purchase at £6 per pack of 10 or at £1 per individual cards. For your convenience, the designs have been attached to this letter. You can also buy the cards on campus at the Premier shop or the Library Café.
Leading on from last year’s campaign, DUSA plans to run a series of events to raise money for the Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia Lodge Charity for their project to construct a fully equipped holiday home for children suffering from cancer or leukaemia and their families to enjoy in between treatments.  TCCL is a children’s cancer and leukaemia charity, who work closely with the oncology staff at Ward 29 in Ninewells Hospital. TCCL has been serving the Tayside and North East Fife community since 1994.
DUSA’s partner in fundraising for TCCL Lodge is another well established and recognisable Tayside charity, Tay FM’s Cash for Kids.   Cash for Kids will be working along DUSA and TCCL Lodge to popularize the cause of TCCL Lodge.    In addition to that, Cash for Kids will be a platform for fundraising for TCCL Lodge with 100% of the funds raised going directly towards the Lodge project.
For more information, visit our website.   We would greatly appreciate if you share that message with your students and colleagues and thus help us spread the word as this is a unique community effort!
You can engage with the event further, by
–    Being a volunteer
–   If you are an artist, donate a piece of your creativity to be auctioned off at   the final Gala night that will conclude RAG week
–   If you are also an entrepreneur or participate in a business, to donate prizes or vouchers for services towards our bank of raffle prizes and auction items.
We are grateful for your time and consideration in advance!
Kind regards,
Anna Dimitrova
VP Student Activities and RAG Week Project Coordinator
…and the DUSA Executive Team 

Surgeries – and litter!

A useful time at lunchtime yesterday with a joint surgery with Alison McInnes MSP at Dundee University Students’ Association – good in particular to speak with two of the DUSA office bearers about issues affecting the student community and, in particular, how the City Council can assist.

This morning participated in a West End Community Council organised litter pick in the West End – mainly covering Perth Road, Hawkhill and the lanes in between. As you can see from the photos below, it was extremely productive!