Getting things done … lighting in Elm Street

On behalf of residents, I have raised complaints about a street lighting fault in Elm Street – its been particularly between 16 to 22 Elm Street.
I raised this with the City Council’s Street Lighting Partnership who have responded as follows:
“I have checked out the maintenance works on the lighting column No. 4 Elm Street I see from our history that there has been several visits to this column it appears to be an intermittent fault. 
I have had the unit checked today and left on test to try and pinpoint the fault. If this fault occurs again I will have all of the electrics replaced.”

Getting things done – Elm Street

Some weeks ago, on behalf of residents who had complained to me that the white lines at the junction of Blackness Road and Elm Street were badly worn (see right), I received an assurance from the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership that the markings would be refreshed in the near future.

I was pleased to be advised recently that this work has now been carried out – see below:

Assurances on road safety markings

I have today welcomed assurances from the City Council that worn road junction markings coming out of the Logie Estate are to be refreshed in the near future.

Back in February, at the request of local residents, I raised with the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership the fact that the white lines at the exit of Elm Street to the very busy Blackness Road were worn to such an extent that they are no longer barely visible.   It is important in terms of road safety that junction lines are clear to drivers.    Given this is still outstanding, I asked the City Council for an assurance the work will be done soon.

The City Council has advised me:

“An order was raised some time ago to re-do the junction markings at the Elm Street/ Blackness Road junction however due to a backlog of lining work this has not yet been done. Tayside Contracts are currently working through the programmed list of lining work and this junction is included and will be done as part of this.”

Logie residents’ meeting

The Logie Estate
This afternoon, I had the pleasure of introducing the guest speaker – Jim Fenton, West District Housing Manager – to a packed meeting of residents of Logie that we had arranged.

Well over 30 residents attended and, in addition to Jim’s update on the role of the local housing manager in tackling local problems, there was a useful and robust questions and answer session when residents raised local issues, followed by tea and coffee.

It was also good to chat with local residents over coffee and thereafter I met with Elm Street residents to see several local problems first-hand.

Street sign vandalism reported

Thanks to those residents who have complained to me about graffiti vandalism of a number of local street signs at:

* Blackness Avenue (opposite Hillcrest Road)

* Elm Street (south junction with Logie Avenue)

* Logie Avenue (at south junction with Elm Street – see above right)

These signs can be repaired by cleaning rather than the need for a replacement and I have reported this to the City Council.