Getting things done – Forest Park Road #dundeewestend

I have had further complaints about recurring litter strewn right along the west side of Forest Park Road.
I have asked the local environment manager if the litter here can be tidied up.
As this is not the first time I have raised this problem in Forest Park Road, I have also asked that more attention is given to the state of the street here.

Getting things done – Forest Park Road and Rosefield Street #dundeewestend

I have received a number of further complaints about the amount of litter regularly in both Forest Park Road (pictured below) and Rosefield Street :
I have therefore raised this with the environment manager for the area regarding the need for more regular street sweeping in both streets.

Getting things done – Edward Street/Forest Park Road

I have recently had complaints from residents in Forest Park Road whose flats back onto the Royal Mail’s Central Sorting Office and Depot in Edward Street about the very overgrown foliage from the depot protruding into their back garden area.
I contacted Royal Mail and have had the following positive response :
“I have checked with the manager who had put a request in with our facilities helpdesk to get this work done and is chasing this up as a matter of urgency.”

Waste collection arrangements in Blackness area

Numerous residents in Rosefield Street, Forest Park Road and Forest Park Place have been in contact with me recently regarding the City Council’s recent proposal to introduce a wheelie bin collection in parts of these streets.

Although some residents have welcomed the move away from the old ‘traditional’ polybin collection as it had its problems, many residents are concerned that in some parts of the area, there may be problems with wheelie bins being left out on the street permanently – an on-going issue in streets like Peddie Street, Blackness Street, Hawkhill and parts of Blackness Road, for example.

Both I and the chair of the local community group – Community Spirit – have raised these concerns with the City Council and a representative of the Waste Management Department will be attending the next meeting of Community Spirit to discuss the issue.   It is good to see the department engaging with local residents to discuss the matter.

The Waste Management Department has also advised me :

“We will be monitoring the situation once wheelie bins are introduced. We will allocate one wheelie bin per property and label the bin which will enable us to identify the household should there be an issue regarding bins being left kerbside, outwith collection day. In this instance we can letter households, reminding them of their responsibilites within the scheme. The Environmental Health and Trading Standards Department will be responsible for non-compliance in relation to back areas.

We are consulting with City Development looking at introducing eurobins into Peddie Street. If this goes ahead and proves successsful, we may review the arrangements in Rosefield Street and Forest Park Road should the wheelie bins prove problematic.”

Given the concerns that a wheelie bin fire caused in Peddie Street last September, moves to look at alternative collection arrangements here will be welcomed by residents.

Car vandalism in Forest Park Road

Following the graffiti vandalism to around 20 cars in the Forest Park Road area on Monday night, I was in touch yesterday with Tayside Police about the matter.

Residents are naturally outraged at this sort of mindless vandalism and I would urge anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area late Monday night or in the early hours of Tuesday morning to contact the Police.

I have raised with our local police inspector the possible use of mobile CCTV in the area.

Improving parking in the West End

I have been in touch recently with Home Scotland, one of the major housing association landlords in the West End, about complaints from residents that the car parks designed for them as Home Scotland tenants were being used by non-residents, simply parking there to avoid parking charges in the City Centre.

The main complaints in the past have come to me from people in Seafield Lane, Thomson Street and in Brown Street – and in the latter Home Scotland development, the housing association has piloted a residents’ parking scheme that is properly policed to ensure that only those entitled to park there – local residents – do so.

Following further complaints from Home Scotland tenants in other streets, I asked for an update on the pilot’s success and tackling the problem elsewhere and I have today received the following feedback from the Home Scotland Housing Services Manager :

“I am glad at last to be able to advise that we are now in a position to progress the roll out of the parking to other areas. Letters are being issued over the next week to our tenants at the following addresses to seek their agreement to the parking scheme in their area. (We require the agreement of the majority of the residents). This includes:

Thomson Street
Seafield Lane
Forest Park Road
Forest Park Place
Pleasance Court

I would therefore anticipate the scheme being in place within the next month.

I realise that this has taken a long time to be implemented, but following the success of the pilot in Brown Street , I hope that our tenants see the benefits of the scheme.”

I am very pleased to see progress with this – all credit to Home Scotland for taking a proactive approach to help West End residents.

On the wider issue of parking problems for residents in the West End on-street and in council-owned car parks, since the SNP took over council control last March, there has been inaction on moving forward the recommendations from consultants the council brought in to look at the issue and come forward with proposals to improve matters for residents.

I recently met the City Council’s new Chief Executive and the Director of City Development to voice my concerns at the delay in progressing parking improvements for local residents and I have been given assurances that the matter will be progressed in the near future. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this!