Glamis Drive resurfacing works – a further update

Further to my recent post with the good news that the roadway of Glamis Drive is to be resurfaced next week, the city Council has updated adjacent residents as follows :

“Glamis Drive/Invergowrie Drive (60 Invergowrie Drive to Glamis Road) – Carriageway Resurfacing

I wish to notify you that work is programmed to commence at the above location on Monday 9 November 2020,lasting for approximately 8 days.   The main contractor for the works is Tayside Contracts.

The works will be carried out in 2 phases to minimise disruption and maintain safe vehicular access where possible.

In the interests of public safety, road closures will be implemented, with traffic restrictions as follows :

• during Phase 1 Glamis Drive will be closed from 60 Invergowrie Drive to Hillside Road; and

• during Phase 2 Glamis Drive will be closed from Hillside Road to Glamis Road.

Traffic will be diverted via Glamis Road, Perth Road, Invergowrie Drive and reverse for the full duration of the works, while no on-street parking will be allowed on the section of carriageway being worked on.

Access for residents will be maintained where possible, although we ask for vehicular traffic movements to be kept to a minimum. Vehicular access will be maintained to the residents of Glamis Drive from Glamis Road during Phase 1 and from Invergowrie Drive during Phase 2 of the works.

During Phase 1 some residents from Glamis Drive, Invergowrie Drive and Glamis Gardens may experience some unavoidable delays.

Please accept my apologies for any disruption these essential works may cause. I am sure that you will understand that major road maintenance work is unavoidable and necessitates a degree of inconvenience to road users.”

Getting things done – Glamis Drive #dundeewestend

As residents are aware, I have been in touch with the Roads Maintenance Partnership on numerous occasions about the need to resurface the roadway of Glamis Drive as it is in poor condition.

I am pleased to advise that I have been informed that the road will be resurfaced from 9th November, which is good news.

It will be undertaken in two phases over up to ten days :

Phase 1 : from Invergowrie Drive to Hillside Road 

Phase 2 : from Hillside Road to Glamis Road

This way access is maintained to the area throughout.

Scotland’s Garden Scheme – visit this weekend! #dundeewestend

Just a reminder that this weekend sees Frances and John Dent in Glamis Drive open their lovely garden to residents as part of Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, with new arrangements to comply with coronavirus routemap rules.

Not only is a visit to the garden a pleasure – it also helps raise funds for charity.

You can get full details of when the garden is open today and tomorrow here.

Getting things done – Blackness Road, Glamis Road, Glamis Drive #dundeewestend


Residents recently contacted about an advertising hoarding on the Blackness Road, Glamis Road, Glamis Drive roundabout.

As one resident put it :

“I was very upset this morning at the sight of a bright pink advertising hoarding facing my garden from the Glamis Rd/Blackness Rd Circle.   This erection went up overnight with no notification that it was going to be erected and no opportunity to discuss the issues.   The circle has recently been improved visually with a tree and plants and it is now totally spoilt by the use of the circle for adverts.”

I am all for the council seeking advertising revenue from roundabout sponsorship at locations like the city centre/shopping and business areas but not where it is immediately adjacent to residential housing and asked the City Council’s Head of Planning and Economic Development is this could be removed.

I am pleased to say he has responded positively as follows :

“I can confirm that the signs on the Blackness Road/Glamis Road roundabout will be removed.  I anticipate that the works will be undertaken over the next two weeks.”

Temporary Traffic Order – Glamis Drive

From the City Council :
Dundee City Council proposes to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose of facilitating footway resurfacing works.  The Order is expected to be in force for two weeks from 15 April 2019.  Its maximum duration in terms of the Act is eighteen months.
The effect of the Order is to prohibit temporarily all vehicular traffic in Glamis Drive from Invergowrie Drive to Hillside Road (Phase 1) and from Hillside Road to Glamis Road (Phase 2).
Only one phase of the works will be in operation at any time.
An alternative route will be available via Glamis Road, Perth Road, Invergowrie Drive and in reverse.  Pedestrians will have an alternative walkway on the road to safely pass the works.
If you have any queries, please contact the Network Management Team, City Development Department, Dundee House, 50 North Lindsay Street, Dundee, DD1 1LS – 433168.

Temporary Traffic Order – Glamis Drive #dundeewestend

From the City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of Scottish water manhole repair works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Glamis Drive (from Hazel Drive to Hillside Road), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on Monday 6 August 2018 for 1 day.
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes for vehicles are available via Hazel Drive / Glamis Terrace / Glamis Road.
For further information contact 433082.
Executive Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

Blackness Road area – roadworks clarification

Residents will have noted that the temporary traffic lights on Blackness Road at the Glamis Road/Glamis Drive roundabout (see right) have disappeared.     However, this is unfortunately not because the works by Scotland Gas Networks (SGN) are completed.
I have been updated by Scotland Gas Networks’ Team Manager as follows :
“Unfortunately our work at the Glamis Road roundabout is well behind schedule due to the ground conditions we are encountering.   However, as Scottish Water (SW) is programmed to start in Blackness Road shortly which would conflict with our work, we are lifting the traffic management at the roundabout before they start and will return to complete our work here after SW have finished.  
In the meantime we will be continuing on Glamis Road itself as this won’t disrupt traffic, and will also be returning to Perth Road to complete the service works and mains abandonment which we had to abort previously.
Scottish Water is starting Blackness Road 20th February for approximately 2 weeks so we’ll be back at the roundabout probably mid March for about 2 weeks.”
The Scottish Water work is further east on Blackness Road.   The City Council has further updated me as follows : 
“The SW work will start 20 February at Glenagnes Road junction.    The second week they will move south to Rosefield Street for the second week.
Once SW is complete on their section of Blackness Road, SGN will return to Blackness Road Glamis with their original set up to complete works there. 
As SGN intimated, it will utilise the two weeks of 20/27 February, when SW are in Blackness Road, to complete the remaining services connections left behind in Perth Road at Arnhall Drive area.”

Glamis Road area – pedestrian safety

Back in 2014, at my request on behalf of constituents, the City Council provided a central refuge island on Glamis Road just north of the roundabout with Blackness Road/Glamis Drive to assist pedestrian safety.
Given the width of Glamis Road, I have since had requests for similar safety measures south of the roundabout and also towards the south end of the road, near its junction with Perth Road (see latter – right).
I raised this with the City Council and have been advised as follows :
“Glamis Road / Perth Road junction and Glamis Road / Blackness Road roundabout has been inspected and there is justification for central refuge traffic islands to be provided at these locations.
However due to the proposed budget cuts I am awaiting confirmation of the budgets for 2016/17 minor works.
With the likely budget cuts this scheme will have to compete with other minor works from the available budgets.
We will have to evaluate all schemes before confirming the works programme.”
I will continue to press for these to be provided as soon as funding is available.

Glamis Drive pavements

Glamis Drive
I have again raised with the City Council – at the request of constituents – the poor pavement condition in Glamis Drive between the junction with Hazel Drive and Glamis Road.   I specifically asked, given its deteriorated state, if it can be considered for a future year’s resurfacing programme.
I have received the following response from the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership :
“Glamis Drive footways are not included in the provisional three year footway resurfacing list .
However, they have been identified for inclusion in future programmes of work subject to funding and other priorities identified at that time. 
They will of course continue to be inspected on a regular basis and any actionable defects dealt with to ensure safety is maintained.”
I will continue to press for pavement improvements in Glamis Drive.

Area around Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout – south side

In August, I reported that the council had, following my request on behalf of residents, provided a central refuge island and drop kerbs to help folk get across the road in the area around the Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout.    See photo – right.
This was provided north of the roundabout and I have since had requests from residents for similar provision on the south part of Glamis Road – south of the roundabout – again a busy stretch of road.    I therefore raised this with Dundee City Council.
The City Council’s Network Management Team’s Team Leader has since advised me :
“I will arrange for the section south of the roundabout to be inspected for consideration within a future minor works programme.
The Minor Works budget which would provide funds for this type of works is committed for this year’s budget 2014/15 with the projected expenditure as per budget availability.”

Area around Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout : An Update

Back in February, I advised that several residents had contacted me about how difficult they find it to get across the road in the area around the Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout.  
Thereafter, the council agreed to my request for improvements, and, after a site visit to ascertain the viability of providing a central refuge island and drop kerbs, it was agreed these should be provided.
I am now pleased to report that the work to provide this has now commenced – see below:

Area around Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout – progress on pedestrian safety improvements

Back in February, I reported that a number of constituents have contacted me about how difficult they find it to get across the road in the area around the Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout.     The City Council’s Head of Transportation had responded positively to my request for improvements, stating that a site visit would be undertaken to ascertain the viability of providing a central refuge island and drop kerbs.
The good news is that the Team Leader in Network Management has now advised:
“The Engineers have now carried out a site survey for this location and have confirmed the carriageway is greater than 9m wide and therefore a central refuge island can be accommodated.The island design with drop kerb provision will be carried out for this scheme for inclusion within this year minor works and drop kerb programme.”

Area around Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout

A number of constituents have contacted me about how difficult they find it to get across the road in the area around Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout.    As one constituent put it:

“I am an elderly woman who frequently visits friends in Hillside Road off Glamis Drive and am finding it increasing difficult to safely cross the road at the Glamis Drive circle when coming to and from the bus stops in Blackness Road and I’m sure I am not the only one who finds this to be the case. The traffic can come very fast from different directions around the circle.”

She wondered about the viability of traffic islands in the middle of the wide Glamis Road to allow pedestrians to cross the road in two stages with a safe place to break their journey mid-way.
I raised this with the City Council’s Head of Transportation who has sent the following helpful update:
“I will arrange for an inspection and survey the width of Glamis Road to the north and south of the roundabout with Glamis Drive and Blackness Road. To provide a central refuge island the carriageway should be sufficiently wide enough to provide a 2.0m wide island and provide a 0.5m wide safety zone for construction and future maintenance. In addition 3.25m desirable minimum or 3.0m absolute minimum should be provide in each direction to maintain two way flow. 
Therefore the required total width of carriageway required is 9m absolute minimum to avoid a lane closures for construction or future maintenance of the central refuge island. This will not cause any delays or disruption to the network. 
If the 9m wide carriageway is available I will consider provision of a central refuge island and drop kerbs for inclusion within the future minor works programme.”

Many thanks Ronnie Clark!

Trudy McLeay, myself and Ronnie this afternoon

For the past 15 years, Ronnie Clark has been postman in Hazel Drive, Glamis Terrace, Glamis Drive, Dunmore Drive and surrounding areas.

Ronnie’s been a super, efficient and caring postman – a real part of the community.   Ronnie would get the mail delivered rain, shine or snow and would keep an eye out to see that older residents were doing ok in the winter months.

This afternoon, I was delighted to be invited to a large gathering of local residents at a party in honour of Ronnie, to thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the local area, as he moves to a new role at Royal Mail.

Ronnie was really touched by the party in his honour and it was a really kind gesture of the whole local community to recognise their “best loved postman” – as so many residents described him this afternoon.

So … many thanks to Trudy and her neighbours for arranging such a lovely party for Ronnie – and wishing all the best to Ronnie in his new role at Royal Mail.

Glamis Drive : temporary road closure

From the City Council :


THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of BT repair works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Glamis Drive (from Glamis Road to Hillside Road), Dundee.

This notice comes into effect on Monday 5 September 2011 for one day.

Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.

Alternative routes for vehicles are available via Glamis Road/Glamis Terrace/Hazel Drive/Glamis Drive.

For further information contact 433168.
Mike P Galloway
Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

Blot on the landscape …

Above :   I am pictured beside the box in question

A new large-style utility box in the West End installed by BT Openreach has rightly incurred the wrath of local residents because, not only is it large and unsightly, it did not require planning permission to be installed.

The box – on a prominent site at the roundabout at the west end of Blackness Road at the roundabout with Glamis Road and Glamis Drive – is much larger than adjacent utility boxes and has been installed as part of BT’s “super broadband” installations. It is used to convert signals from copper wire cabling to fibre optic cabling. Residents have said they have nothing against the principle of improving broadband but question why cabling could not have been put underground or in smaller box casings.

It is concerning that the box is being placed on a prominent site without any need for planning approval. Having checked with planning officers, I am advised that these boxes will start springing up right across the city but only those in Conservation Areas will require to go through the planning process.

BT Openreach’s representatives have been willing to discuss the concerns with me but the bottom line is that the box won’t be moved and I can fully understand residents’ complaints about this obtrusive box on such a prominent site.

I have asked of BT Openreach :

a) For an assurance that these boxes be painted with anti-graffiti paint,

b) and that it reaches agreement with the City Council to ensure proper arrangements are in place for graffiti removal – this already happens in the case of Virgin cable TV boxes across Dundee.


I have also asked of City Council planning officers :

a) That the West End proposed boxes in Conservation Areas that do require planning permission be referred to committee for a decision (and not delegated to officers).  Whilst each of these applications must be decided on their individual merits, it is important that they are democratically determined through the committee process.

b) That the council investigate ‘screening’ the box on the Blackness/Glamis roundabout by planting such as clematis or honeysuckle.   Anything that could be done to screen the box here on such a prominent site in a residential area should be considered.


I have recently had complaints about the conditions of a couple of roundabouts in the West End. Firstly – from a resident –
“With regard to the state of the roundabout at the junction of Blackness Road and Glamis Road, it was laid out as low maintenance but increasingly the small bushes are being dwarfed by tall weeds.”
I raised this with the City Council and have received the following positive response –
“The roundabout at the Glamis Road/Glamis Drive junction will be added to the list of cyclic maintenance carried out by DCS Land Services on behalf of Road Maintenance and will be programmed by them in due course.”
I have also raised the overgrown state of the Riverside Drive/Riverside Avenue junction near to the Riverside Inn (formerly Marmalade Pot) – see below –

Hillside Road area – road repairs

I am pleased to advise that, following my raising residents’ concerns about the road condition in the Hillside Road area, particularly near the junction with Glamis Drive, the City Engineer advised me:
“I can confirm that an order has been raised to patch the section of Hillside Road from Glamis Drive up to Hillside Terrace. This work has been programmed for mid to late August weather permitting.”
I have also raised the need for full road resurfacing in the area – the road is really in need of this – and was further advised:
“Resurfacing of Hillside Road is not included in the 2009/2010 programme however the patching works scheduled for mid to late August involve a substantial area of Hillside Road from Glamis Drive as far as house number 8 across the full width of the carriageway and will extend to a depth of 100mm. It does not involve just pothole filling.
“The remainder of Hillside Road will be included in the next annual review where carriageways are inspected/ranked and considered for possible inclusion in the following year’s programme of improvement works.”
I have asked the City Engineer to advise me of the outcome of the annual review process in due course.

Radio Tay, Surgeries and Development Quality Committee

A useful meeting with Radio Tay this morning regarding concerns Alison McInnes MSP and I have raised about evening output on Tay FM;  Bauer Radio has assured us the matter will be kept under review.    Thereafter three busy surgeries – Paton’s Lane Sheltered Lounge, Mitchell Street Centre and Harris Academy.
Tonight at the Development Quality Committee, I successfully moved refusal of the planning application at Wimberley Houses, on the following grounds:
Application 08/00540/COU – Wimberley Houses, Glamis Drive
Conversion of Student Accommodation to Private Housing
Reasons for Refusal
1)      The proposed development contravenes Policy 4 of the Dundee Local Plan Review 2005 by virtue of the failure of the applicants’ to provide the required level of private useable garden ground and off street car parking provision within the curtilage area of each new dwelling house proposed resulting in a standard of development that would not be commensurate with the quality of housing located in the surrounding area.
2)      The proposed development will result in a significant increase in demand for on-street car parking in the surrounding suburban streets to the detriment of the environmental qualities currently enjoyed by local residents and the road traffic and pedestrian safety of the area.

Hillside Road/Glamis Drive junction

In recent months, I have had a number of complaints from residents about the condition of the road at the junction of Hillside Road and Glamis Road.

As this junction is the only entrance to Hillside Road, Hillside Drive, Hillside Place and Hillside Terrace it gets a considerable amount of traffic, and I have therefore raised this concern with the City Council.

The City Engineer has now responded in the following terms :
“The Roads Maintenance Team is aware that the carriageway surface in Hillside Road and particularly the junction, is less than ideal.

“It has been assessed for possible inclusion in surfacing programmes along with others throughout the city. Unfortunately due to financial constraints and when considered against other streets it has not been possible to include Hillside Road to date.

“An annual review will be carried out again within the next few months and Hillside Road will again be considered for inclusion in a surfacing programme.

“In the meantime the area supervisor will continue to inspect the carriageway and make safe as required.

“Please note that I have been advised that unfortunately rapid rhino repairs to the junction would not work because the carriageway construction below the surface is a dry bound mix.

“Extensive standard patching could not be justified because of cost – it would be more cost effective to use surface treatment such as ralumac/nimactocote or possibly in situ retread for the whole street, however this street’s priority would need to be considered for such treatment against other similar streets throughout the city.”

I will be keeping a close eye on the situation and will discuss the matter further with the City Engineer when the Annual Review of roads maintenance projects is carried out later this year.

Roundabout improvement

At the time of the recent resurfacing of the roadway around the roundabout at the west end of Blackness Road (at Glamis Drive/Road), I asked the City Council if a small environmental improvement scheme could be undertaken to make the rather drab roundabout a bit brighter and more attractive.

The City Council kindly agreed to this and the roundabout work is now completed. As you can see above, it looks much improved and I have now written to the Council staff involved, thanking them.

West End Bus Matters …

There have been quite a few bus related queries this week.
Firstly, with regard to the roadworks at the roundabout at Blackness Road/Glamis Road/Glamis Drive (see right), residents had contacted me to complain that, although there was a temporary bus stop in location on the inbound route at the roadworks, no such facility exisited for outbound jorneys (ie to Ninewells Hospital, etc) leaving some residents a lengthy walk from either end of the roadworks after coming off the bus.

I am pleased to say that, following my contacting the Planning & Transportation Department about this, an outbound temporary stop has now been arranged.

The other issue raised by residents was the lack of diversionary signage marking clearly how to get to the Hillside area. I have now had the following feedback from the Director of Planning & Transportation :

“My staff in Road Maintenance and Road Network have reviewed the signage for the diversion to the Hillside area. Two extra temporary signs have been ordered and will be placed on Perth Road either side of Invergowrie Drive junction by this afternoon. The good news is that the works are due for completion by early Wednesday morning ahead of schedule.”

Nearby, in Ninewells Avenue – another issue. On 8th April, the bus routes for the 9X and 13 services changed slightly, meaning they now miss out this street. Residents in the area east of Ninewells Avenue have contacted me given the inconvenience of fewer services now serving the area and I have had the following feedback from the City Council :

“With regard to the Service 9x and Service 13 they have diverted onto Tom McDonald Avenue from Ninewells Avenue primarily to follow the most direct route to Ninewells Hospital and to provide additional drop off points within the Ninewells Hospital estate which offers a large number of work and health destinations. Ultimately these are commercial decisions made by the bus operators. At this moment the half hourly 42 and 96 will continue to serve Ninewells Avenue.”

The feedback has also gone to the bus companies, with whom I have also raised this concern. Meantime, if you look below, you can download the timetables for the 42 and 96 services, which still serve Ninewells Avenue.

And the next issue – residents have, in the past, raised with me the lack of bus services to Ninewells Hospital on a Sunday, for those living in Perth Road west of Blackness Avenue. Until recently, there was no Sunday service (except for services going via Blackness Avenue) but in the recent timetable changes Stagecoach Strathtay introduced a service via Ninewells Hospital several times on Sunday (approximately every two hours) serving the western part of Perth Road.

It is badged as the 16B service and you can obtain the full 16 service timetable from the Seagate Bus Station or by clicking on this link :

Lastly, I recorded an interview with Wave 102 earlier today regarding the impending roadworks on Perth Road that start on Monday. Part of this covered residents’ concerns over bus services and I paste below part of my most recent news release on the subject. I should add that clearly labelled notices should by now be placed on all affected bus stops on Perth Road, and you can see a copy of these by clicking on the headline above :

Following concerns expressed by constituents over the potential effect of impending gas main replacement works in Dundee’s Perth Road, West End Councillor Fraser Macpherson today advised that he has sought assurances regarding residents’ concerns about the need to keep local bus services as accessible as possible.

The roadworks – starting Monday (21st April) – will see no through traffic along Perth Road east of Sinderins, resulting in bus diversions.

Councillor Macpherson said, “During the period of no through traffic getting right along Perth Road, I have been advised that the main bus services will be re-routed via Hawkhill. I have spoken with transportation staff in the City Council about ensuring there is good information posted on bus stops along the affected route, clearly advising of alternative arrangements. There are also bus timetables affixed to bus stops on the diversion stops on Hawkhill, to aid public information.

“Many residents have also asked about the 72 local bus service as it runs south of Perth Road on Roseangle and Magdalen Yard Road.

“I have been assured that it will be able to cover most of its route one way or another for all of the roads disruption period. This is particularly important as many elderly people can’t manage the full uphill walk to Hawkhill. At a meeting earlier this week with Scotland Gas Networks, I was also advised that access to the sheltered housing complexes for the Friendly Bus Shopping Service would also be maintained.”

Glamis Drive

Back in February a proposed one day closure of the road in Glamis Drive (click on headline to view) did not end up taking place due to a problem for the company undertaking the works (BT – it is duct repairs works that are being proposed).
This work will now take place on Monday (7th April) and traffic between the junction with Hillside Road and the junction with Hazel Drive will be prohibited for one day only. Pedestrian thoroughfare is unaffected.
Anyone requiring further information can contact the City Council on Dundee 433168.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Yesterday’s Courier followed up on Monday’s story about my concerns (and those of many local residents) about some HGVs ignoring the 3 tonne weight limit on the bridge at Riverside Drive south of the Botanic Gardens. I also spoke on Radio Tay and Wave 102 news about the concerns and action taken by the City Council and Tayside Police. The issue was also covered in the Press & Journal today.

Yesterday was a really busy day with Mike Galloway (City Council Director of Planning & Transportation) and myself (in my role as Planning & Transport Convener) selecting the winner of this year’s Dundee Civic Award – the award is awarded annually by the City Council to the best project and presentation from third year students of town and regional planning at Duncan of Jordanstone, University of Dundee. The three shortlisted entries were extremely strong (making choosing the winner a difficult task) but congratulations go to Garrie Watson, this year’s winner. You can read more about this from last night’s Evening Telegraph by clicking on the headline above.

Later in the day, I attended meetings of the Balgay Stakeholders’ Group, then a committee meeting of Logie Residents’ Association (who have had a very good response to their recent residents’ survey on local issues) and lastly a committee meeting of Friends of Magdalen Green. The Friends of Magdalen Green, whose first AGM was only last May, has gone from strength to strength, with an ever increasing membership. One thing you can say about the West End of Dundee is that it has a variety of excellent local groups, undertaking very good work for our community.
A number of residents have pointed out that the proposed one day closure of Glamis Drive on Monday (I highlighted in the blog the previous Friday) did not appear to take place. The City Council’s Planning & Transportation Department has since advised me that:
“The closure did not take place. The contractor had a problem with his civils squad. The work will be rearranged for a later date.”
I will, of course, let residents know of the amended date when I am advised of this.
Most of today spent in Falkirk with my employer’s Scottish Association AGM, which was very well attended and informative.
Lastly, further to my blog entry last Sunday about Edison Lighthouse … I was speaking with a local reporter on the Riverside Drive bridge problem on Monday and he did point out that Edison Lighthouse does appear in the video to be on the steps of the Caird Hall! Very close inspection tells otherwise but there must be another building out there with steps like the Caird Hall’s.

Glamis Drive

The City Council has informed me that Glamis Drive will be closed to traffic between the junction with Hillside Road and the junction with Hazel Drive on Monday (18th February).
This is due to BT duct repair works and will affect the road for one day only. Pedestrian thoroughfare is unaffected.
Anyone requiring further information can contact the City Council on Dundee 433168.

Latest West End Updates

Firstly, following a call from a concerned resident today to the effect that the “infra red” detector on the traffic lights at the top of Shepherd’s Loan have stopped operating (meaning that your car can sit there forever waiting on the green light), I spoke with the Planning & Transportation Department & the matter will be immediately investigated.
I recently raised the condition of the roadway at the Glamis Road/Drive/Blackness Road roundabout and received the following feedback from the City Council this afternoon:
“Over the winter, the roundabout at Glamis Road / Glamis Drive did receive temporary treatment for pothole defects. The area road inspector has confirmed that these have now been permanently patched with hot material and this work was carried out during the week beginning 02/04/2007.”
The Evening Telegraph tonight featured an article about the graffiti issue I mentioned yesterday (click on headline above to view the story) and the paper called me today about the matter I spoke about at the Community Council meeting last night regarding residents’ concerns about helicopter noise around the Dundee Airport vicinity. I have been in touch with the Airport Manager about these concerns.

Latest West End Issues …

Yesterday, met with a local resident and Waste Management/Environmental Health & Trading Standards Department staff about a refuse problem in the Seafield Road area; both departments have been really helpful in attempting to resolve the issues.
Today, a deluge of complaints from residents in Roseangle and Bellefield Avenue about the extent of noise coming from the rail yards/rail bridge area – as one resident put it – “The noise – a dull ringing sound and ongoing vibration – is incredibly irritating for those of us who work from home. “
I have spoken today to the Rail Bridge Manager and he has promised swift and effective action.
Pleased to say that the promised handrail at Pennycook Lane should now be provided before this winter is over; this will be a boon for residents walking down the slope next to Pennycook Court just north of Perth Road.
Residents have complained about missing street signs at Almond Place and Glamis Drive – I have brought this to the attention of the Planning & Transportation Department.
A grid on the footway on Perth Road (near Ryehill Lane) is missing, a resident advised me. The City Council has promptly confirmed that a temporary repair has been undertaken and an Order has been made for a new grid. Nearby, the Waste Management Department has promised to progress my complaint that the litter bin at the Ryehill Lane/Perth Road corner is missing.
Many thanks to everyone who has contacted me following the delivery of the latest West End FOCUS; I’m grateful for all feedback. Many residents have commented about the operation of the “revised road arrangements” at the Riverside Drive/Perth Road junction (just up from the Botanic Gardens). I have been in correspondence with the City Council about this issue.

Planning, Pinegrove, Hyndford Street, Glamis Drive and more …

Today started with chairing the City Council’s Audit & Risk Management Sub-Committee, followed by a meeting with the Council Leader. After dictating a lot of letters, I had my weekly surgery at Blackness Primary School.

At tonight’s Development Quality Committee, I moved refusal of a planning application at Richmond Terrace that had been subject to objections from local residents and the West End Community Council. With the support of Bailie Neil Powrie (who seconded me) we won 13-11.

You can read the report by clicking on the headline above.

Other matters today:

* Fast feedback from the City Council about the flooding issues at Pinegrove and West Port/Temple Lane – as follows – “It looks like we will have to carry out a dig up of the polychanel at Pinegrove – I will raise an order today and ask Tayside Contracts to give it priority. There is already an order in the pipeline for Temple Lane – I will chase it up.” I have also raised the issue of flooding on part of Riverside Drive.

* A missing footway grid on Perth Road at Ryehill Lane has been temporarily repaired pending replacement.

* The leaves I reported in Glamis Drive have been swept up.

* I have raised – with the Planning & Transportation Department – the footway condition in part of Hyndford Street.

And, lastly, following the photograph in the Evening Telegraph last week at the Roseangle Recycling Launch, here’s a couple of more informal ones (with thanks to Ann!) – I think you can tell it was a wee bit cold!