Go Dundee! City of Culture Learning Journey

From the Go Dundee team:
To celebrate Dundee’s fully-deserved short listing for UK City of Culture 2017, Go Dundee has organised a special learning journey event. On Saturday 31st August the Dundee City of Culture learning journey (a walking tour) will contain an exciting range of cultural experiences including modern art, theatre, dance, print-making, artists’ studios and more.  This event is open to everyone.  Numbers are limited so please book early.
Date:  Saturday 31st August 2013 at 09.30-17.00
Cost:  £8 for lunch (the learning journey itself is free)
To book:  DCA box office on Dundee 909900 or in person
Venues and events included in the Dundee City of Culture learning journey are:
•   Dundee Rep
•   WASPS (Artists’ Studios) 
•   Dundee Contemporary Arts 
•   Creative Dundee / Fleet Collective
•   Roseangle Café Arts
•   The Big Print
•   Dundee Dance Day
•   Interactive session – your chance to suggest ideas for Dundee’s UK City of Culture 2017 events programme
Please note that, unlike previous learning journeys, this will be a walking tour in and around the city centre involving a total of around an hour of walking between the eight venues.  Please wear suitable footwear.  Umbrellas and/or raincoats might also be required!
Please also note that some parts of this learning journey may be unsuitable for younger children.  Contact comment@godundee.co.uk for further information.

Tuesday update …

Yesterday, I participated in a cross-party workshop with the City Council’s IT department at which a prototype in-house computer application to assist councillors with constituent casework and other enquiries was demonstrated and discussed.

In the afternoon, I was able to attend part of the latest Go Dundee Dundee Wave of Change planning meeting, introduced by Gerry Hassan. There was very interesting group discussion about possible community engagement events and you can read more about Go Dundee and the Wave of Change at http://www.godundee.co.uk/.

Last night’s “Evening Telegraph” has a great feature about the West End (although only in the actual newspaper – not in the online version) featuring three great West End community projects – WestFest 2010, the Student Allotments Project and West End Boys Amateur Boxing Club.

Lastly, the City Council’s Recycling Projects Officer has advised me that :

” … unfortunately at the weekend a paper bin within the Neighbourhood Recycling Point on Cleghorn Street has been burnt out for a third time.

… it is our standard internal policy to remove such a problematic unit from an NRP bank following this number of incidents. I’m sure you can appreciate that the cost of replacing these units is quite high (at £525 per unit), and it is highly likely that this paper bin would in future be targeted for further acts of dangerous vandalism.

We recognise that the residents of this area will be disappointed by the loss of this paper bin facility. We are though always on the lookout for appropriate sites for recycling points, and will continue to include this area within our search. Please note too, that the 3 glass bottle bins within this NRP unit will remain as they were. We will continue to monitor the site closely in the forthcoming period and hopefully there will be no further vandalism.”

I have suggested an alternative site in the area that could cause fewer problems (the department has promised to assess my alternative site proposal) and have also advised the Environmental Health & Trading Standards Department that a nearby dog bin has been damaged by fire.

Dundee Wave of Change event

With the permission of “Go Dundee”, I reproduce below some detail about their upcoming event on 3rd December :

Just imagine…

What will Dundee look like in 2020? What will it feel like to be in the City – in your part of the City?

Imagine that Dundee has continued to flourish, has become a fantastic place to live across all parts of the city. What has enabled this? What stories would you tell about how we achieved this together? What has your part been? And what have others contributed?

That’s what Dundee Wave of Change is all about. A two to three year project where people gather and creatively describe the story of Dundee’s success in 2020 – and we want to engage as many people as possible in imagining this potential, in telling their stories …

A Dundee Wave of Change – launch event Thursday 3rd December 3-5 pm

Go Dundee has been approached to gauge interest in a Dundee Wave of Change project. On 3rd December at 3-5 pm we will explore how to respond to this opportunity and begin the process of creative conversation. If you would like to take part and can spare a couple of hours on 3rd December, please send us an e-mail using the link below. We’ll get back to you with more information – including details of the location – once we have an indication of the number of people wishing to attend.

We would like the widest possible range of people to come along to the Launch event for Dundee Wave of Change. People from all parts of the City, from different organisations, from all age ranges and from all of the diverse communities in the City. Can you click on the ‘forward email’ link below to forward this email to people you think may be interested and who can help us spread the word and widen the invitation?


A Scottish Wave of Change follows on from the work of Scotland 2020 and Glasgow 2020 which Gerry Hassan led with the UK think tank Demos broke new ground in Scotland, the UK and internationally by developing innovative ways of imagining the future through stories and the concept of ‘mass imagination’. The projects produced two books, numerous resources, skills and tools, and even, for Glasgow 2020, a music album.

One of the primary strands of A Scottish Wave of Change is to develop a series of conversations, discussions and events in a number of places across the country over the course of the project. This will allow for long-term relationships to be built and different groups of people and ways of working to be developed.

Dundee Wave of Change would become a distinct strand of work as part of the wider Scottish Wave of Change with a variety of activities including story telling and imagining the future. It could create its own Dundee-specific resources and publications while also being part of a unique Scottish and international project.

For further information please take a look at the following web links: