Grosvenor Road – new pavements

Residents have commented to me how pleased they are at the improvements to the Grosvenor Road pavements that have recently been upgraded and adopted by the City Council – see right.
Back in 2007, I proposed to the council that it increase its funding to tackle unadopted pavements by two and a half fold to £500 000 each year, something that was unanimously agreed and has been continued every since and we are now seeing the number of bad, unadopted, pavements in the West End and elsewhere in the city being tackled at a much better rate.

Proposed West End pavement improvements in coming year

I have welcomed news that, as part of the Unadopted Footways Upgrade Programme, a number of streets in the West End area will be brought up to good standard and adopted by the City Council over the next year.
These include Arnhall Drive, Ancrum Place, Grosvenor Road and Magdalen Place and one new upgraded pavement will also be provided for Whitefauld Road and Middlebank Crescent.   
These improvements are to be welcomed and will see more of the very poor pavements in the West End finally brought up to standard.   Back in 2007, I asked the council to improve funding to tackle this problem of really poor unadopted pavements and this was agreed – an increase from £200 000 per annum to £500 000 per annum.   This has made a huge difference in terms of tackling the issue.
However, there are a number of important omissions in the West End in the 2013/14 list and I have queried this with the City Engineer.

A busy Monday …

A busy Monday started with raising constituent concerns about street lighting failing in Grosvenor Road.   The City Council’s Street Lighting Partnership has responded as follows:

I have checked the fault with the lights in Grosvenor Road. our stand-by electrician was out over the weekend at the fault which appears to be an underground cable fault. In the short term I will have this repaired tomorrow and in the longer term replace the columns and lanterns in that area.

Later this morning, I was interviewed by both Wave 102 and Radio Tay News regarding my continuing concerns about the effect of the delay in completion of the new Olympia – as covered by today’s Courier.   The Radio Tay News interview can be heard by clicking ‘play’ below:
Later today, I had a very useful and productive meeting with the new Police Inspector for the West End and Lochee, followed by an equally useful meeting with a local representative of Living Streets on the issue of 20mph zones in residential areas.
After my weekly ward surgeries at the Mitchell Street Centre and at Harris Academy, I took part in tonight’s City Council Development Management Committee.   
I was pleased that the committee supported my motion to refuse planning permission for an advertising sign outside the newly improved frontage of the Duncan of Jordanstone building in Perth Road.    Committee voted 20-2 in support of my motion to refuse this advertising sign on the grounds that it fails to preserve or enhance the character of the surrounding Conservation Area.