Harry Leadbitter and Frankie Falconer

Two well-known and well-respected West End residents recently passed away, Dr Harry Leadbitter and Frankie Falconer.

Harry and Sheena Leadbitter were neighbours of ours when we lived at Vernonholme, near the Botanic Garden.   Dr Leadbitter (right) had a distinguished medical career, but also did a huge amount in the community, through the Children’s Panel, Dundee Rotary Club and Dundee United Football Club.   

Sheena takes a real interest in the local community and is always a pleasure to speak with.   My thoughts are with her and her family at this sad time.   There was a very fitting tribute to Dr Leadbitter in the Courier.

Frankie Falconer died at the tragically young age of 48, following a heart attack.   Frankie was a well kent face on the Dundee music scene, but I knew him as a constituent who took a close interest in local issues affecting his area of the West End Ward around Palais Court, West Port and South Tay Street.   He would be regularly in touch about local issues and concerns.  The area – and the music scene – will be so much less without him.