Getting things done – Hazel Drive #dundeewestend

Residents have contacted me about the extent of the leaves on the public path at the south end of Hazel Drive that leads to Perth Road – see right.
As a result, the path is slippy so I have asked the council’s Neighbourhood Services to have it swept as soon as possible.

Unadopted pavements : Hazel Drive

As part of the unadopted footways programme, the east side of Hazel Drive is due to be upgraded and adopted this financial year.
As the financial year is drawing to a close, I was asked by local residents to ascertain when the upgrade would take place.
I am pleased to advise that the City Engineer has updated me as follows :
“These works are programmed to start on 2nd March.”

Many thanks Ronnie Clark!

Trudy McLeay, myself and Ronnie this afternoon

For the past 15 years, Ronnie Clark has been postman in Hazel Drive, Glamis Terrace, Glamis Drive, Dunmore Drive and surrounding areas.

Ronnie’s been a super, efficient and caring postman – a real part of the community.   Ronnie would get the mail delivered rain, shine or snow and would keep an eye out to see that older residents were doing ok in the winter months.

This afternoon, I was delighted to be invited to a large gathering of local residents at a party in honour of Ronnie, to thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the local area, as he moves to a new role at Royal Mail.

Ronnie was really touched by the party in his honour and it was a really kind gesture of the whole local community to recognise their “best loved postman” – as so many residents described him this afternoon.

So … many thanks to Trudy and her neighbours for arranging such a lovely party for Ronnie – and wishing all the best to Ronnie in his new role at Royal Mail.

Road safety improvement – Perth Road

Last month, following a site-visit with a constituent, I wrote to the City Council asking for a safety improvement for pedestrians crossing Perth Road west of the Riverside Drive junction (near the south end of Hazel Drive).

I have now received the following helpful reply from the City Council :

“We have investigated this matter and produced a small scheme to highlight and sign the crossing making the location more visible to the motorist. This improvement can be implemented when approved, hopefully later this year.”

Latest West End Updates …

* Following residents’ complaints about potholes at the junction of Riverside Place and Perth Road, I reported this to the City Council. I have now had feedback as follows :

“An order has been raised by the area inspector for the filling of a number of potholes at the Riverside Place/Perth Road junction and this will be done within the next 28 days.”

* A resident pointed out to me that there is inadequate street signage for Hazel Avenue – signs are missing at the junction with Hazel Drive and there is only one, poor conditioned, one at the junction with Perth Road. I reported this to the City Development Department and have received the following response :

“The street name plates at Hazel Avenue referred to in your email below will be checked within the next two weeks.

It is unlikely that any replacement signs will be erected by the end of the financial year however those required will be attended to as soon as possible thereafter.”

* I also received complaints about overgrown shrubbery protruding onto the pavement on the north side of Perth Road at its very western end, near to West Loan. The shrubbery is in the ownership of the land-owners, a manufacturing company, and the City Council will request that the foliage be trimmed.