Environmental improvements – Hawkhill area

A number of residents have contacted me concerned at what appears to be the removal of foliage on Hawkhill at the Bellfield Street junction (opposite the Whitehall Theatre) – see above.
The good news is that this older, tired shrubbery is being replaced with a new planting schedule that will have high quality environmental improvements from that junction down Hawkhill to the Hunter Street junction.     See below and a more detailed PDF of the planting being undertaken can be accessed here.

Temporary Traffic Order : Hunter Street

From the City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of carriageway patching works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Hunter Street (closed to southbound traffic at its junction with Hawkhill), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on Monday 10 August 2015 for 2 working days.
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes for vehicles are available via Hawkhill / Perth Road / Nethergate / South Tay Street.
For further information contact 433168.
Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

No improved parking facilities at Hunter Street anytime soon

Six years ago, the City Council approved a report to provide a replacement car park in Hunter Street at the edge of the university campus.  As the Planning and Transport Convener of the day, I welcomed this proposal.    
The advantages of improved parking facilities on the campus edge are obvious and the facility would also assist residents in the West Port and wider local area, where parking is difficult.   It would also relieve many West End streets from university-related on-street parking.
Back in 2012, I criticised the current SNP administration for quietly ditching the commitment to build the multi storey car park (MSCP) at Hunter Street, despite the fact it was a decision of the City Council to build it and the SNP group had welcomed the plans when first proposed.
I recently asked the council’s Director of City Development for an update on ‘progress’ and here is his response:
“The situation is unchanged from my previous response in October 2012.  While the Olympia MSCP is experiencing a monthly growth in patronage of 8%, currently there is no viable case for a further MSCP at Hunter Street.
I do not have a set timescale for reviewing this issue.  Basically we need to see how/if parking patronage bounces back as we come out of the recession, if it does and we have a resultant shortage of off-street parking, then we would see if a new MSCP was viable.”
I will be continuing to press for the long-promised improved parking facilities at Hunter Street, although it appears clear that there is currently a lack of momentum on this from the City Council and its SNP administration.

Hunter Street/Hawkhill roundabout

Some months ago, I reported the City Council’s intention to improve the untidy, litter-strewn and overgrown Hunter Street/Hawkhill roundabout.
On behalf of residents, I had raised this matter with the City Council’s Environment Department and I am pleased to advise that work to improve the roundabout has now been undertaken.   The shrubbery has been well thinned-out and the litter removed – see right.

West End Local Community Planning Partnership meeting

Last night, after my ward surgery at Blackness Primary School, I took part in the latest meeting of the  West End Local Community Planning Partnership (LCPP), which allows local councillors, council officers across various departments, police, fire & rescue, NHS and local community organisations to get together to discuss West End issues.   On this occasion, the City Council Chief Executive attended part of the meeting, which was a welcome development.
We were given an update about progress with the proposed new Dundee Local Development Plan from a senior officer from the council’s City Development Department.   I again highlighted the issues of derelict buildings and the need to support our district shopping centres.
The LCPP meeting also had a welcome update from the Environment Department about proposed improvements in parts of the West End that include:

  • Improvements to the pathway from Logie Street to the Tullideph sheltered housing.
  • New hedge planting to replace the “temporary” fence at the east end of Magdalen Green.   I requested the “temporary” fence on behalf of residents the best part of a decade ago, so some nicer hedging will be a welcome development.
  • Scott Street entrance to Balgay Park – I have complained about its state before and was pleased to hear it will be improved and brightened up.
  • Hunter Street – roundabout with Hawkhill by-pass – to be tidied, improved with new planting and birch trees.
  • The old toilet block at Lochee Park will be removed and replaced with new toilets at the Lochee Park changing rooms.