Getting things done – Blackness Avenue, Hyndford Street and Seymour Street

Residents have brought to my attention that fact that some of the gullies at road edges in Blackness Avenue, Hyndford Street and Seymour Street are full and blocked.   I reported this to the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership who have advised:
“Gullies are cleaned on cyclic maintenance with a frequency of approximately twice per eighteen months with particular attention given to gullies at low points. The gullies in the area will be checked by the Road Maintenance Partnership inspector who will arrange for an additional emptying if required. This will be done as soon as resources are available.”

Good news for Hyndford Street

A couple of years ago, at the request of residents in Hyndford Street, I requested that the north end pavements in the street be included in the Unadopted Footways List for future upgrading and adoption by Dundee City Council.
The City Engineer kindly agreed to do so and its now good to see that these pavements are now being upgraded – see right – and will thereafter be adopted by the local authority.

Getting things done … Hyndford Street

Residents have recently complained to me about the poor state of the road in Hyndford Street at its junction with Speed Street.
I raised the matter with the Roads Maintenance Partnership who have responded as follows:
“An order has been raised by the Road Maintenance Partnership inspector to repair a dip in the carriageway opposite the junction with Speed Street with a timescale for repair of twenty eight days or sooner.”

North end of Hyndford Street

Following requests from residents that the very top part of Hyndford Street be added to the list of streets for future pavement upgrade under the Unadopted Footways Programme, the City Engineer has advised me :

“I can confirm that the section of Hyndford Street north of Blackness Avenue will be assessed in 2012/13 and added to the Unadopted Footway priority list after assessment.”

Many thanks to Scottish Water

Towards the end of last week, I received the following concern from a local resident :

“Corner Speed St/Hyndford Street – Water is gushing from main valve in middle of the road. Given the current weather conditions and forecast for frost, there is imminent danger of the whole road icing up – all the way down to Perth Road in the worst case.”

I contacted Scottish Water regarding this and am very grateful to them for the very prompt overnight response.

Hyndford Street

I am delighted that the pavement in Hyndford Street has now been brought up to standard and adopted by the local authority.    (See earlier story
Residents are naturally pleased at the improvement, summed up by the following e-mail to me last week:
“I am sure you will know that Hyndford Street has just been upgraded to an adopted standard.
Thank you for your involvement over the past years !  It has been appreciated.
No more old folk, prams, wheelchairs etc taking risks by preferring to walk on the road.”

Variation of Waiting Restrictions

Below is the Notice of Proposal relating to a Traffic Order – the full schedule for the whole of the City will appear in tonight’s Evening Telegraph, but I have indicated those parts of the schedule that cover proposals in respect of streets in the West End Ward :


Dundee City Council propose to make an Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose of varying the provisions of several Waiting Restriction Orders affecting the City. The effect of the Order is set out in the Schedule below.

Full details of the proposals are contained in the draft Order which together with plans showing the lengths of road affected and a Statement of the Council’s reasons for proposing to make the Order may be examined during normal office hours and without payment of fee during a period of 21 days from 22 February 2008 at the following addresses: –

1. Dundee City Council Offices, 4th Floor Reception, 21 City Square, Dundee.
2. Broughty Ferry Neighbourhood Library, Queen Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

Any person may within 21 days from 22 February 2008 object to the proposed Order by notice in writing to the Depute Chief Executive (Support Services), Dundee City Council, 21 City Square, Dundee. Objections should state the name and address of objector, the matters to which they relate and the grounds on which they are made.

Depute Chief Executive (Support Services)
Dundee City Council

SCHEDULE (insofar as it covers West End Ward)

1. To improve sightlines at junctions and accesses in Hyndford Street/Speed Street, Ninewells Avenue, Perth Road, Shaftesbury Road.
2. To relieve congestion in Perth Road, Shepherd’s Loan.
3. To relieve congestion and obstruction or damage to verges in Magdalen Yard Road/Richmond Terrace.
4. To adjust waiting restrictions to suit new developments or road layouts in Long Wynd, Brown Street.
5. To adjust restrictions to accommodate a taxi rank in South Tay Street.
6. To relax unnecessarily severe restrictions in Brewery Lane.
7. To allow patient transfer vehicles to use James Black Place.