Flooding issue


Having received concerns about flooding in the area around the west of Perth Road recently, I raised the concern with the City Engineer – who has responded earlier this week as follows :


A member of the Road Maintenance team has visited the site and inspected the gullies in the vicinity of Invergowrie Drive / Perth Road / River Crescent. At least 2 or 3 of the gully gratings are partly choked with leaves and other debris. As such, all of the gullies at this location are to be cleaned and jetted.

This should improve the drainage at this location but in times of very heavy deluges such we have been experiencing lately it may be that the capacity of the sewerage system has simply been exceeded.


Once the gullies have been cleaned I will arrange for the site to be re inspected during rainfall.”

I am pleased to advise that gullies have already been cleaned and jetted which will hopefully improve matters.

Invergowrie Drive – temporary road closure

I have received from the City Council the following temporary road closure notice.   Having spoken with the Planning & Transportation Department about it, I am assured that, although it is for a maximum of four days, it is hoped that, weather permitting, the works will be completed in a maximum of two days.   During the temporary closure, the 69 bus service will have to be re-routed via Glamis Road :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of tree felling works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Invergowrie Drive (between its junction with Perth Road and the South Side of its junction with Menzieshill Road), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on Tuesday 11 November 2008 for 4 working days.
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained on the west footway only of Invergowrie Drive at the area adjacent to the works.
Access to premises will be maintained where possible.
A diversion route is available via Perth Road/Glamis Road/Glamis Drive/Invergowrie Drive.
For further information contact (01382) 433168.

Latest updates …

Pleased to say that I have been advised that the potholes I had complained about on Perth Road at the Invergowrie Drive junction (following residents contacting me) were repaired last Friday.
I had a complaint that part of the tiling at the pedestrian crossing (Blackness Avenue junction crossing east to west near Perth Road) was damaged. Have had the following feedback from the City Council:
“The plates referred to by the member of the public are stick-down tactile paving tiles to indicate the presence the pedestrian crossing to those with visual impairment. We had checked out the displaced tile and did not consider it to be a safety concern. (This has been) taken this up with Tayside Contracts and the tiles are to be re-installed.”
Lastly, following my raising residents’ complaints with the City Council, Abbotsford Street is to be given a second ‘weeds spray’.

Newsletter delivering and leaves …

Well, it has been a lovely day for delivering my FOCUS newsletter. Although a bit windy, the weather held and I’d like to thank all of my team who delivered thousands of copies today.
Already feedback on a number of issues by e-mail and phone. One concerns a request to remove the dead rotting leaves that are lying on the pavement on Glamis Drive. The problem lies mainly between the top of Hazel Drive going west towards Invergowrie Drive. Leaves are lying in elongated piles and take up most of the pavement in places.
I’ve passed on this concern to the Head of Waste Management asking for the leaves to be removed ASAP.

Happy New Year everyone!

Firstly can I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2007!

And to start off 2007 a bit of good news from the City Council’s Planning & Transportation Department I received just before the New Year break. Residents in the Invergowrie Drive area have complained to me that when the footpaths were made up to adopted standard during 2006, the pavements in the cul-de-sacs were missed out. I contacted the department about this and am pleased to advise the response is as follows: “Will be considered for inclusion in the future as part of the unadopted footways programme.”