Many thanks from Dundee Liberal Democrats

John Barnett, Liberal Democrat candidate for Dundee West, and Dr Clive Sneddon, Liberal Democrat candidate for Dundee East would like to thank the 8518 voters who backed the Liberal Democrats across the two constituencies yesterday.

Despite the potential for squeeze in both seats, the Liberal Democrat vote held up well and in Dundee West, the LibDems outpolled the Conservatives.

Clive and John said, “We are very grateful to everyone who supported the Liberal Democrats yesterday – it is greatly appreciated.”

More at the hustings!

John Barnett, Liberal Democrat candidate for Dundee West, today addressed a hustings meeting sponsored by the University of Dundee and the College Union.  It speaks volumes that the SNP candidate did not even bother to turn up.

John is pictured at the university earlier today.

Ming Campbell in Dundee

Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, was in Dundee today (30th April) to visit the headquarters of Alliance Trust in the city and to also support the candidacy of John Barnett, Liberal Democrat candidate for Dundee West.

Pictured above are Ming and John with me at the Alliance Trust Headquarters.

Sir Menzies undertook a tour of the company’s impressive headquarters building in the city’s Marketgait and met Mr Douglas Connon, Alliance Trust’s Managing Director – Corporate Affairs

Thereafter Sir Menzies undertook a walkabout in Dundee City Centre to meet Dundee voters.

John Barnett, Liberal Democrat candidate for Dundee West, said, “I am delighted that Sir Menzies came to the city to support my candidacy and visit the Alliance Trust offices. The Liberal Democrats have fought our most vigorous campaign in many years and it is clear that support is growing both in Dundee and right across the UK .”

John Barnett at Dundee West Hustings

John Barnett, Liberal Democrat candidate for Dundee West, today took part in two hustings meetings – one, tonight, at St Peter’s Free Church and the other, this afternoon, at Dundee High School.

The audience at Dundee High School voted after the debate and John was the run-away winner with 54.7% of the poll.

John said tonight, “The latest opinion polls in Scotland show the Liberal Democrats second to Labour with the SNP third and Tories last. If you want real change in Dundee West, vote Liberal Democrat next Thursday.”

John is pictured (above) at St Peter’s Free Church before tonight’s debate.

John Barnett helps the Dunfermline effort!

Today John Barnett, Liberal Democrat candidate for Dundee West, joined St Andrews Liberal Democrat Councillor Robin Waterston on a day trip to Dunfermline to support the campaign of Willie Rennie, winner of a spectacular by-election in 2006, in Gordon Brown’s home constituency.

Speaking to Liberal Democrat activists later, John said:

“There is no seat in which the Liberal Democrats are not able to mount a serious challenge, especially Labour-held seats where the voters have been taken too much for granted. A vote for the Liberal Democrats in Dundee West is a vote for fairness in politics.”