Lighting at the Kelso Steps #dundeewestend

I recently wrote to the City Council’s Street Lighting Partnership Manager as follows :
“A resident has said he finds the lighting as he walks up the above steps is not adequate.      
The resident appreciates that even if it is agreed it needs improved, work like this will not be possible until we return to more normal times but I did promise to raise his query and would appreciate your feedback.”
I have had helpful feedback as follows :
“We’ve had a look at this and we agree that there needs to be a revision of the lighting provision at the steps here. 
I will add it to our (very) long list of works  … I give you my assurance that it will remain on the list until such times as it can be done and will not be forgotten about.”

Kelso Steps – a great result

Last December, I updated residents that the City Council had agreed to the request I had made on behalf of local residents and of visitors to Royal Victoria Hospital that the handrail at the Kelso Steps be extended up the brae north of the steps.  
The work has now been carried out (see finished result – right) and this will greatly help elderly people negotiate the brae, particularly in icy conditions in winter.

Kelso Steps – an update

Further to my article earlier today, I am pleased to have been given the following update from a City Council engineer at lunchtime to my request for an extended handrail to aid pedestrian safety:
“I refer to our site meeting at Kelso Street held yesterday on 10 December to discuss the request from the local residents for extending the section of handrail to the bottom of Kelso Street.
The gradient is in the order of 10% which is less than the required criteria of 12% for a handrail justification. However due to the location and general age of the users of this footway link there is some justification to extend the handrail. The handrail would require to be extended by 22m to the steps at the bottom of Kelso Street.
For this particular occasion I will arrange for a works order to be issued for this additional section of handrail.”
I am delighted at this outcome and grateful to the City Development Department for its sensible decision and to the residents who raised the issue with me in recent months.

Kelso Steps – site visit

Back in July, I reported that, although the City Council had agreed to my request made on behalf of residents to extent the handrail at the Kelso Steps (see right), the finished extension to the handrail was too short, leaving a long stretch of pathway on a gradient that is without a rail.
The steps and pathway to the north are used by many elderly residents and visitors to Royal Victoria Hospital and is treacherous in the wintry, icy weather.
Yesterday, along with seven local residents, I met on-site with two engineers from the City Council to discuss the situation.   We are now hoping there will be agreement to provide a further extension to the handrail provided, for pedestrian safety.

Getting things done – Kelso Street

Last week, following concerns raised with me from local residents about damage to the bollards at the south end of Kelso Street, I contacted the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership about this.    
The bollards had damage that had resulted in sharp edges that could cause injury so I was pleased that the council responded as follows and has already undertaken the work to remove the damaged bollards:
“The Road Maintenance Partnership inspector has raised an order for the replacement of the four bollards at the south end of Kelso Street leading to the steps to Blackness Road. 
The broken bollards will be made safe in the short term and will be replaced as soon as the replacement bollards have been received from the supplier.”

Getting things done – Kelso Steps

Back in February, I was pleased to be advised by Dundee City Council that it had agreed to my request made on behalf of local residents to provide an extension to the handrail at the Kelso Steps to assist residents and visitors to Royal Victoria Hospital – particularly the elderly – negotiate the steps in the wintry weather.

I am pleased to say that the extension is now in place – see right – although I do feel it could have extended further along the path at the top and have therefore asked if further improvements could be made there.

Getting things done … Kelso Steps handrail extension

The steps from Blackness Road to Kelso Street (see right) are not only very useful for residents and many Harris Academy pupils travelling to/from the school from the north of the catchment area, they are also well-used by visitors to Royal Victoria Hospital.

On behalf of residents and visitors, I recently raised with the City Council the need for an extension to the handrail on the steps.     I am grateful for the positive response from the council’s transportation division as follows :

“An engineer from my team met the blacksmiths on site and I am now awaiting a quotation for the handrail extension.  Depending on quotation received, work load and available budget this will be ordered or retained on file to be ordered in April when new funding is available.”

Getting things done … Kelso Steps

Towards the end of last week, I received residents’ complaints about the amount of rubbish lying about the Kelso Steps (see right) that run up from Blackness Road to Kelso Street and are well-used by local residents and visitors to Royal Victoria Hospital.

I contacted the City Council’s Environment Department asking for action and was impressed with the very swift response that saw the steps fully swept and tidied yesterday.

Kelso Street, Kelso Place, Jedburgh Road BBQ

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time yesterday at the community barbeque in Kelso Street and on the Elliot Road playing fields (with the council’s permission) organised by the residents of Kelso Street, Kelso Place and Jedburgh Road and was very grateful for the kind invitation.

It was a great example of community spirit and residents getting together so many thanks to Sarah and the other organisers!

Royal Wedding street party

Some weeks ago, a resident in the Kelso Street/Kelso Place area contacted me about how to go about getting the City Council to agree to a temporary road closure to allow the residents there to have a Royal Wedding street party.   City Council officers have kindly co-operated with this request.   Yesterday, the temporary traffic order was published by the City Council – its for a date shortly after the actual wedding date to ensure that it is on a day when as many local residents as possible can participate.


THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of a royal wedding street party being held HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Kelso Street/Kelso Place, Dundee.

This notice comes into effect on Saturday 7 May 2011 for 1 day.

Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.

No diversion routes are available and access to emergency vehicles will be maintained if necessary.

For further information contact (01382) 433168.

School Crossing Patroller on Blackness Road

Last month, I updated residents about my request that the school crossing patroller on Blackness Road at the Kelso Steps be replaced as soon as possible.

The Education Department has now updated me as follows :

“I am awaiting the disclosure check for the prospective employee who will be appointed once this is confirmed. He will be trained and appointed once this is received.”

I am anxious to see this matter resolved quickly as the crossing is a busy one for both Blackness Primary School and Harris Academy pupils, so it was good to hear of progress towards this.

School Crossing Patroller at Kelso Steps

Before the end of the school term, the school crossing patroller at the Kelso Steps on Blackness Road disappeared.   I immediately raised this with the City Council and have today been updated as follows :

“Five prospective employees were interviewed on Friday 1st October 2010. The standard was good and would expect to offer employment to all subject to disclosure and medical clearance being obtained.

The Kelso Steps crossing is a priority and will be manned asap providing the clearance is forthcoming.”

Hopes for new school crossing patroller in Blackness Road

Dundee City Council has advised me that it hopes to provide a new school crossing patrol on Blackness Road, following my raising residents’ requests for this safety measure. I am pleased about this, coming soon after resolution of the school crossing patroller problem at Hawkhill.

Blackness Road at the Kelso Street steps is a greatly used crossing point by both Blackness Primary and Harris Academy pupils on their way to school and up till now has had no ‘lollipop’ patroller. Some time ago, the road was slightly narrowed with ‘build outs’ to aid people crossing but parents rightly felt that a crossing patroller was necessary, particularly given the very busy nature of Blackness Road, a bus route and a road that sees many other vehicle movements along it, including HGVs.

I contacted the Education Department about the matter and was advised that a traffic survey would be carried out to see if a crossing patroller was possible in terms of the criteria used – which depends on there being sufficient pupils crossing to justify a patroller.   I have now been advised that “the crossing point did reach the criteria to support a SCP” and it is hoped to provide a crossing patroller once a recruitment process has taken place.

I am very pleased that the Education Department recognises the need for a patroller at this busy crossing, particularly given the large number of pupils who cross here to get too and from both Harris Academy and Blackness Primary School. The department tells me that it has been experiencing a short-term recruitment problem but it has advertised for new postholders and therefore hopes to have available staff once recruitment is complete and necessary disclosures are undertaken.

Litter tackled

Last week I had a number of litter complaints and I’m most grateful to the City Council’s Waste Management Department for its swift tackling of these, including:
* Around the Kelso Street steps from Blackness Road – already swept.
* At the far west end of Perth Road/Riverside Avenue – litter mainly in bushes and ground in Scottish Enterprise ownership.   Dundee Contract Services is in discussion with SE about taking over grounds maintenance here and I am pleased that the City Council Waste Management Department’s Rapid Response Team has kindly agreed to do a litter pick here this week to improve the situation.

Speeding issues and NCR latest

Firstly, my colleague Cllr Helen Dick & I are (along with elected representatives across the political spectrum) meeting Nicol Stephen MSP, the Enterprise Minister, on Monday about the NCR situation – read more by clicking the headline above.
I have today been advised about initial results with regard to the speed survey I had asked for on City Road (south of Cleghorn Street) following residents’ concerns about speeding vehicles. The results are not yet fully complete and the radar detection equipment is back on site so I hope to update residents on the full findings soon.
At the start of December, I raised with the Planning & Transportation Department the issue of the difficulties crossing Blackness Road near the Kelso Street steps (an area many Harris pupils cross the road at). I had asked that consideration again be given for a proper pedestrian crossing here. The Depatment require to speed survey the road here to see if a crossing can be provided and I have now had the following response – I will let residents know of progress as it happens:
“This survey has been identified and is on the list. In an effort to obtain a quicker result I will arrange a peak time manual count, say 8 -9am and 3.30 -4.30 pm, when staff resources are available, and I hope to get back to you soon.”