History of the West End : 7

This photograph shows a section of Dundee’s Perth Road’s north side, looking to the west, with a no longer extant road at the righthand side.
The taller block is Hermonhill (numbered 21-27 Perth Road), the smaller one Hermonhill Terrace (1-6, disregarding continuous numbering of Perth Road). George H. Gibb, the town postmaster, lived at No. 21, Hermonhill House.
In 1895, the residents of the terrace included Mrs J. McCheyne (widow of the Rev. J. M. McCheyne, a [prominent Dundonian preacher), George A. Harris, an architect, and the undertaker William Scarlett, who had offices in Ann Street and Logie Street.

History of the West End : 6

This shows the north side of Dundee’s Perth Road, leading eastwards into town towards the right.
At the extreme right of the image is Mrs Robertson’s Coach Hiring Establishment, at Nos. 43-45 Perth Road. The painters and decorators at No. 47 were Thomas Brown & Son. Mrs C. Foote, a draper, is listed at No. 49, and baker William Coupar at No. 51.
To the left and west of Miller’s Wynd was the grocer and wine merchant James Aitken, an agent of Kawazwattee teas. He lived at No. 55 Perth Road. The business lasted well into the 20th century as a wine shop and delicatessen.

History of the West End : 5

Perth Road, Dundee, is such a long street that sections of it have acquired individual names, such as Windsor Terrace, an elegant Edwardian block to the west of Sinderins, and, as here, Invercauld Place, on the north side.
Alexander Fraser, the bootmaker, was at No. 145 Perth Road, with Mrs Mary Bell, ‘fruits and confectionery’ (she appears in the Dundee Directory as a confectioner) at No. 149. Mrs Adam Bell was another fruiterer with her shop at No. 153.
John Farquharson, ‘plumber, gasfitter, tinsmith & brassfounder’, had works at Nos. 33-35 Barrack Street; No. 151 Perth Road was a shop. An advertisement in the Dundee Directory says that the firm made candleabra, etc., as well as more practical fittings.

History of the West End : 4

This photograph shows the point where Perth Road meets Hawkhill, known locally as The Sinderins. Slightly to the east and left of the image, Blackness Avenue leads northwards towards Balgay Park.
The block of three-storey buildings is known as Manor Place. None of the businesses is easily identified. The West End Drapery Warehouse may have been Jessie Croll and John Pringle, listed as Nos. 217 and 219 Perth Road for over ten years.
Jessie Croll lived at No. 330 Hawkhill, and John Pringle at No. 3 St Johnswood Terrace. No information has been found about the confectionery actually at Sinderins. Outside that shop, a nanny is seen pushing an early ‘wicker basket’ child’s pram.

History of the West End : 3

This photograph shows the north side of the Hawkhill in Dundee at the junction with Bellfield Lane at the left (in the west).
Alexander Wilson’s Dining Rooms and Coffeehouse were at No. 167. One of the advertisements on the gable end are for the Dundee Select Choir’s performance of Handel’s oratorio “Samson” at the Kinnaird Hall.
The Dundee Directory lists the other shops as Mrs G. Harper, tobacconist, Mrs A. Boyack, draper, The Annandale Dairy Company, Isabella Miller, fruiterer, and Miss F. Sheriff, confectioner. Then comes Lowden’s Alley.

History of the West End : 2

This shows Dundee’s Perth Road, leading to the west, with the north side to the right hand side.
The church of Ryehill Church (designed by George Shaw Aitken in 1878) is in the distant left (west) and the foot of Springfield (a set of villas now largely in the ownership of Dundee University) at the right. No. 37 Perth Road was John Fisher.
Mrs W. Kinmond, the tobacconist, was at No. 41, with Robertson’s West End Livery Stables at Nos. 43 and 45. The Dundee Directory lists Mrs J. M. Robertson as ‘coach proprietor and hotelkeeper’, with stables at No. 32.5 King Street.
Alexander Wilson, who took this photograph, was a supervisor in a Dundee jute mill for over 20 years. He bequeathed much of his collection and £50, to cover the costs involved, to the Free Library Committee of Dundee in 1923.

History of the West End – a new series – 1

Photopolis is a major photographic resource in Dundee City Council’s ownership that I have, with the permission of the Leisure & Communities Department, featured photographs from in the past.   I’m now featuring some more West End historic photographs over the next few days:
This undated photograph shows the north side of Perth Road, Dundee, looking west and left from the south end of Springfield.
The hairdressing and shampooing rooms at No. 37 belonged to John Fisher & Son, listed as ‘hairdresser and perfumer’ specialising in ornamental hair. He lived at No. 56 Magdalen Yard Road. No. 41 was William Moffatt, bookseller, stationer and tobacconist.
Nos. 43 Perth Road was Mrs J. M. Robertson’s West End Livery Stables, listed in the Dundee Directory as Nos. 45 and 57 too. She lived at No. 1 Strawberrybank. The company stables were at No. 32.5 King Street. D. D. Robertson lived at No. 45 Perth Road.