Getting things done : Logie improvements

Last year, I highlighted the poor condition of the east footway of Ashbank Road and had been promised reconstruction of the pavement would take place.
I am therefore pleased to see the necessary work started before Christmas :
I also asked for improvements to the north pavement of nearby Logie Avenue at the lock-ups and outside the lock-ups themselves and this work was also undertaken just before the festive season :

Speeding concerns – Logie Avenue

Several residents have recently expressed concern about the speed of a minority of drivers in the Logie area, particularly running through the main street – Logie Avenue.
There are concerns that some drivers from outwith the area are using Logie Avenue as a short cut and I asked the council’s Head of Transportation for a speed/safety survey to be carried out, which he has kindly agreed to.
Given the large number of elderly people in the area, particularly in the sheltered housing part of Logie, it is important that vehicle speeds are kept to a minimum.

Extensive graffiti vandalism in Victoria Park and adjacent streets

I have slammed the mindless vandals responsible for extensive graffiti vandalism in Victoria Park and in nearby streets (Scott Street and viewing area of Logie Avenue).   It is thought the vandalism occurred overnight Friday/Saturday.
Over the weekend, I reported the extensive vandalism to the police and also to the City Council’s Rapid Response Team to get the graffiti cleaned up.   See examples of the graffiti below:
After months of very little of a graffiti issue, it is thoroughly disappointing to see this sort of mindless activity take place at the weekend.     Some of the graffiti is offensive so I hope the council can clean it off as soon as possible but I am concerned about how viable it will be to try to remove the mess on the trees in Victoria Park.   A resident has also advised me that a van was also graffitied.   It is utterly stupid, mindless and criminal activity.
I have asked the police to consider deploying mobile CCTV and would ask if any resident saw any suspicious activity at the park or in surrounding streets, it would be greatly appreciated if they could speak with the local police.

Action on slippy leaves …

Last week, following concerns from sheltered tenants, I asked the City Council Environment Department to clean up wet, slippy leaves at the Blackness Avenue end of Abbotsford Place and – with thanks – the department attended to this extremely efficiently.
On Sunday, an elderly lady slipped on leaves on Logie Avenue at the junction with Birchwood Place – see photo of the area – right.
Thankfully the lady managed to steady herself and was not injured, but I have asked the council to clean up the leaves here.
The City Council advises me that an instruction has gone out to all street sweepers to tackle leaves on pavements and this is to be welcomed.

Latest West End issues

* Following concerns from residents about flooding at the Seymour Street/Perth Road junction, I reported this to both Scottish Water and the City Council. The City Council has responded as follows :

“The area inspector for Seymour Street has checked the complaint about the flow of water at the Perth Road/Seymour Street junction and has been unable to ascertain the cause of the water overflowing the footway. Scottish Water is to be notified of the problem as the source may be from their apparatus.”

* I recently reported the damaged street sign at Hillside Place. I have received the following feedback from the council :

“I will check this street name plate during this week and include any replacement in the next street name plate order. As yet I don’t have a timescale for completion of this but will aim to update you when this information is available.”

* I also raised the mess of the grass in Logie Avenue. The Housing Department has responded – the area has been raked and will be re-seeded soon.

Mess left in Logie Avenue : action taken

Following the recent housing improvement works in Logie Estate, residents have complained to me that there’s a fair old mess been left on the grass area in Logie Avenue (for example – near Ashbank Road) where the storage containers were – deep ruts in the grass, some debris and the grass area has been left very muddy.

I have therefore asked for remedial action to be undertaken by the Housing Department.