Getting things done – West End roads update #dundeewestend

Following my reporting residents’ complaints, I am pleased to advise that a series of potholes on Logie Avenue at its east end will be repaired this week.
I have also received from the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership the following feedback on complaints I raised about road surface deterioration in Marchfield Terrace and Hillcrest Road :
“The Road Maintenance Partnership inspector has raised an order for two thermal patches to be done in Hillcrest Road with a timescale for repair of approximately ninety days.    A pothole repair has also been raised for Marchfield Terrace with a timescale for completion of approximately thirty days.” 

Getting things done – Logie Avenue #dundeewestend

I recently received complaints from residents that a drain is flooding near to the lock-ups at the east end of Logie Avenue.
I took up this concern with the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership and have received the following feedback :
“The gully was cleaned and pipework jetted as far as possible on Thursday of last week.
The pipe is partly blocked due to roots which is causing the problem,  which we plan to tackle this week with the root cutter.”

Getting things done – Logie Avenue #dundeewestend

Residents in the Logie area have complained to me about the state of the council-owned ground on Logie Avenue next to the lock-ups at the east end of the street – see below :
I contacted the council’s environment team in Neighbourhood Services and have had the following positive feedback :
“Just to confirm I had this site looked into and the ground is Environment’s so will will have this area cleaned up. 
A site update will also be done to ensure its included in our cyclical work in future.”

Getting things done – Logie Avenue #dundeewestend

Residents recently brought to my attention two big potholes on the southern carriageway of Logie Avenue, near its junction with Glenagnes Road.
I brought this to the attention of the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership and have now been updated as follows :
“An order has been raised for the repair of this pothole on Logie Avenue with a timescale for completion of approximately one week.”

Getting things done – Logie Avenue #dundeewestend

Having had complaints that some trees along Logie Avenue are overgrown (one resident indicated they are “almost touching cars as they pass by”), I took this up with the City Council.
The council’s Assistant Forestry Officer has responded positively as follows :
“I have inspected the trees the length of Logie Ave as requested. 
A number of these mature trees do have low canopies obstructing headroom for pedestrians, vehicles, sight lines and grass cutting. 
In the coming months I will include the crown lifting and crown balancing of all the offending trees into our mid / late winter work programme.”

Getting things done : Logie improvements

Last year, I highlighted the poor condition of the east footway of Ashbank Road and had been promised reconstruction of the pavement would take place.
I am therefore pleased to see the necessary work started before Christmas :
I also asked for improvements to the north pavement of nearby Logie Avenue at the lock-ups and outside the lock-ups themselves and this work was also undertaken just before the festive season :

Speeding concerns – Logie Avenue

Several residents have recently expressed concern about the speed of a minority of drivers in the Logie area, particularly running through the main street – Logie Avenue.
There are concerns that some drivers from outwith the area are using Logie Avenue as a short cut and I asked the council’s Head of Transportation for a speed/safety survey to be carried out, which he has kindly agreed to.
Given the large number of elderly people in the area, particularly in the sheltered housing part of Logie, it is important that vehicle speeds are kept to a minimum.