Getting things done – Logie Cemetery #dundeewestend

Several constituents have recently contacted me regarding the condition of Logie Cemetery on Lochee Road north of Balgay Parish Church.   As residents know, the cemetery is very old and long closed to new interments.
At my request, an inspection of the cemetery was undertaken last Friday and the environment manager for the west of the city advised me after this  … “all memorials are in a safe condition either dug in or lying flat.  The ones that remain upright have been found to be stable.”
The Service Manager – Environment – at the City Council has also advised me :
“In an effort to reduce soil erosion which contributes to memorials stabilisation problems we have reduced grass cutting to twice per season and do not apply pesticide around the memorials. 
In ref to the memorial checks, this cemetery along with other non operational cemeteries are on our schedule for safety inspections.  
Due to the historical nature of the site there are limitations what works we can undertake but we shall ensure any headstones which present a risk to the public are addressed.” 

West End Wednesday!

Yesterday, I participated in a meeting with the Western Cemetery Association and the City Council’s Environment Department to finalise the project to create a new cremated remains section in Western Cemetery – see right.  
There was agreement on the way forward and costings will be progressed prior to Christmas to enable the new remains section to become reality in the near future.
Last night, I attended the latest meeting of Community Spirit Action Groupthe community group for the “north” part of West End Ward, covering Pentland, Tullideph, Ancrum and the Cleghorn area.   
There was an excellent presentation by City Archivist Iain Flett on the Logie Burial Ground, World War II factories in the west of the city and the history of Irish in Dundee.   Iain is not only very knowledgeable, his talks are also highly entertaining and he gave a well-received talk to Community Spirit members.
I was also able to update Community Spirit Action Group on parking issues in Ancrum Drive and the latest news about West End Christmas Fortnight.

Friday update …

Friday Update!

* This morning I attended a photocall with the Community Spirit group at Logie Cemetery in Lochee Road to recognise the new cemetery plaque that Community Spirit has sponsored, with the support of the City Council. The cemetery has a fascinating history stretching back to 1243. See more at

* A meeting between opposition group leaders and the City Council’s Chief Executive and Depute Chief Executive about the council budget meeting fiasco took place later in the morning. I am extremely concerned about the SNP administration’s gagging of any opposition – and an updated report of the matter was given in tonight’s “Evening Telegraph.”


* This afternoon, I met with Lawrence Davie, Managing Director of National Express Dundee, along with West End Community Council, about improving West End Bus Services. It was a productive and useful exchange of views. The bus company will announce changes to services from June and I am anxious to see improvements for the West End.