Marchfield Road – decent pavements at last!

Last month, I was pleased to confirm that,  in adon to the upgrading and adoption of the Marchfield Crescent pavements recently, Marchfield Road’s footpath would be similarly upgraded – and I am pleased to see this has now commenced – see above.   I am  also pleased that the nearby Marchfield Terrace will have its pavements improved in the 2012/13 financial year.
It was through my insistence that the City Council increased its funding on unadopted pavements two and a half fold to £500 000 a year.   It is making a real difference to poorly conditioned pavements in the West End and I will continue to campaign for improved pavements across the West End.

Getting things done … More progress on unadopted pavements

Last month, I welcomed the news that the the unadopted pavements in Marchfield Crescent were being upgraded to a good standard.   The City Engineer has confirmed to me that similar improvements for Marchfield Road are imminent (has similar priority in the Unadopted Footways Programme).

I also recently asked about the situation in nearby Marchfield Terrace on behalf of residents and am pleased to say that the City Council has advised:

“Marchfield Terrace has been reassessed at 21 points which is likely to mean it will have enough points to be included in the 2012/13 upgrade and adoption programme once the annual list review is completed in the coming weeks.”

Back in 2007, I insisted that the City Council increase its funding on unadopted pavements two and a half fold to £500 000 a year.   This was agreed and is making a real difference to poorly conditioned pavements in the West End.

Marchfield Crescent – good news

Residents in Marchfield Crescent are very pleased that the unadopted pavements in the street are currently being upgraded to a good standard and adopted by the City Council – see right.

Back in 2007, I proposed – and the City Council agreed – that funding on upgrading unadopted pavements be increased two and a half fold.   

This has made a real difference in terms of getting badly conditioned footpaths made up to acceptable standards – both in the West End and across the city.