Marchfield Road – decent pavements at last!

Last month, I was pleased to confirm that,  in adon to the upgrading and adoption of the Marchfield Crescent pavements recently, Marchfield Road’s footpath would be similarly upgraded – and I am pleased to see this has now commenced – see above.   I am  also pleased that the nearby Marchfield Terrace will have its pavements improved in the 2012/13 financial year.
It was through my insistence that the City Council increased its funding on unadopted pavements two and a half fold to £500 000 a year.   It is making a real difference to poorly conditioned pavements in the West End and I will continue to campaign for improved pavements across the West End.

Getting things done … More progress on unadopted pavements

Last month, I welcomed the news that the the unadopted pavements in Marchfield Crescent were being upgraded to a good standard.   The City Engineer has confirmed to me that similar improvements for Marchfield Road are imminent (has similar priority in the Unadopted Footways Programme).

I also recently asked about the situation in nearby Marchfield Terrace on behalf of residents and am pleased to say that the City Council has advised:

“Marchfield Terrace has been reassessed at 21 points which is likely to mean it will have enough points to be included in the 2012/13 upgrade and adoption programme once the annual list review is completed in the coming weeks.”

Back in 2007, I insisted that the City Council increase its funding on unadopted pavements two and a half fold to £500 000 a year.   This was agreed and is making a real difference to poorly conditioned pavements in the West End.

Missing street sign to be replaced

I recently received a constituent complaint that the street sign in Marchfield Road on the east side at the top end of the street is missing.

Having reported the matter to the City Council, I have been advised as follows:

“The missing street name plate will be checked within the next week and any replacement sign ordered thereafter. Replacement signs are normally erected approximately eight to ten weeks after the order is raised.” 

Action promised on damaged street signs

Last month, I mentioned that I had raised with the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership the need to have the damaged Melville Terrace street sign (at its junction with West Park Road) replaced.

The City Council has now advised me :

“A replacement street name plate will be included in the next street name plate order and the timescale for completion will be approximately eight to ten weeks.”

I had also reported the damaged Marchfield Road sign (at its junction with Blackness Road) and have been updated as follows :

“This street name plate will be checked and a replacement ordered as required for including in the next street name plate order.    As with the Melville Terrace street name plate, the timescale for completion will be approximately eight to ten weeks.”

Concern over break-ins

Last night’s Evening Telegraph reported on a number of recent break-ins in Marchfield Road, Pitfour Street, Rosefield Street and Peddie Street, together with my comments expressing concern about this.

Intrusion into people’s homes causes great upset and anxiety to householders, in addition to the theft of personal possessions.   

I have no doubt that Tayside Police will be putting in significant resources to apprehending those responsible and the co-operation of any members of the public with information is vital.

Graffiti clean-up – latest

I recently mentioned that the City Council’s Waste Management Department had confirmed to me that residents’ complaints I had raised about graffiti at Marchfield Road, Scott Street and Seafield Road would be cleaned off.

I am pleased to report that this had now been carried out with graffiti at the west end of Scott Street removed, street signage in Marchfield Road cleaned up and a Virgin media box, a wall, a telephone box and a GPO box all cleaned up last week.

The anti-graffiti initiative in the West End continues, with a community anti-graffiti action day taking place next month.

Working for the West End … latest updates

* I have, at the request of residents, raised street sweeping issues at Clovis Duveau Drive and Blackness Road and have received assurances from the Waste Management Department that these will be tackled.

* Following residents’ complaints about graffiti at various locations, I have raised these with the City Council. The Waste Management Department assures me that mess like this in Marchfield Road (above) and graffiti in Scott Street will be cleaned off and I have also raised graffiti issues at Seafield Road. I have also been assured by the Leisure & Communities Department that the mess of graffiti on the west wall of the allotments at Magdalen Green will be attended to.
* The City Council has given me details of the updated footways priority list which envisages the following streets in the West End being brought up to adoptable standard in 2010/11 – Glamis Place, Glamis Terrace and Seymour Avenue. I have raised queries on behalf of residents about some other streets that I view as a priority given their poor condition. I am pleased to note that the upgrading of the footpath on the south side of Perth Road west of the former Lawrie’s Nurseries is to commence in the near future.