Getting things done – Hawkhill Court, Mid Wynd #dundeewestend

Last year I raised the condition of the former industrial units on the east side of Hawkhill Court, Mid Wynd where there was dumping of rubbish, weeds and graffiti.   
At that time the site agents for the privately owned units kindly arranged a tidy up at my request and placed barriers to prevent further rubbish being dumped – the latter has worked well.
However, residents have pointed out to me that the area has become overgrown again and has a lot of graffiti – see photo below :
I therefore contacted the site agents again seeking removal of weeds and graffiti removal and had a very prompt response promising action.

Hawkhill Court, Mid Wynd – an update

Back in July, I advised that, following concerns from residents, I had contacted the site agents about the state of the area around the privately-owned empty industrial units at Hawkhill Court at the north end of Mid Wynd – see above :
I am pleased to advise that I have now been informed that :
“… the Administrators have instructed the site clearance to be completed and will advise you once this has been completed.”

Perth Road/Mid Wynd junction – water drainage problem resolved

I recently received a complaint from residents that the water drainage grid on the pavement was dislodged and rainwater was not draining away. I asked the City Council to make repairs to this and have now received the following feedback :

“The area inspector confirmed that on his most recent inspection (15/01/08) at Perth Road/ Mid Wynd, the drainage channel covers were complete and the area free of standing water.”