Getting things done – Miller’s Wynd Car Park #dundeewestend

I am grateful to everyone who, last week contacted me about flooding in the Miller’s Wynd Car Park.

I took this up immediately with the City Council’s parking team and have been given the following helpful response :

“One of my colleagues inspected Miller’s Wynd car park again last Monday and Thursday morning and he confirmed that the car park is drying out.

We suspect that it was the heavy rain running down the slope that caused this problem but we will continue to monitor the situation.”

Getting things done – lighting at Miller’s Wynd car park #dundeewestend

There has rightly been much anger and concern over the council’s decision to start charging for use of seven of the car parks in the West End.
It seems to rather rub salt in the wounds that the lighting in the Miller’s Wynd car park has now failed, plunging the car park into darkness at nights.
I have therefore asked the council to repair this as soon as possible and certainly before the car park charges commence.

Miller’s Wynd car park flooding #dundeewestend

Many residents have drawn to my attention significant flooding in the Miller’s Wynd car park over the past week – see below :
I took this up with the car parking team at the City Council and one of the car park officers has sent me the following helpful update :
“I inspected Miller’s Wynd car park recently and noted that the cause of the flooding is due to water running through gaps in the north wall of Miller’s Wynd Car Park, all the way down the car park and on to Perth Road.
I suspect that there is a burst water pipe on the land behind the car park wall and having spoken to Scottish Water, I was directed towards Dundee University who they believe is the land owner.  The pipe appears to be located by the B.S.I. building.
I have brought this matter to the attention of Dundee University’s Estates & Buildings Department and I have raised my concerns that the water might freeze over and form black ice, which in turn could result in a slip or fall.  I have therefore requested an emergency repair from Dundee University in order to avoid having to close the car park, and I currently await their response.”

Miller’s Wynd car park improvements #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that, back in November, I highlighted the poor maintenance of the Miller’s Wynd car park – the foliage was very tired and there were dumped items across the car park.    
The acquisition by Dundee City Council of the Miller’s Wynd car park – from the University of Dundee – has provided much-needed additional free 2 hour parking in this area of Perth Road.   However, it is important the infrastucture of the car park is improved and I contacted Dundee City Council seeking improvements.
I am pleased to say that the overgrown foliage has now been tackled and the dumped items removed – see below :
The Head of Roads and Transportation at the council has now advised me :
“I hope to see this car park given a fuller bit of design attention and I will … arrange for a bit of multi department design, surface, vegetation, seating, recycling, lighting and issues and there will be an element of community co-design.
This all won’t happen overnight and it is not best if we do it in uncoordinated manner/piecemeal manner without an end plan.”
It has been agreed that at a community walkabout I am participating in soon – along with council officers, community council and ward colleagues – the car park will be visited and plans further discussed.   The main purpose of the walkabout is to agree specific actions to improve West End car parking – hopefully this will result in concrete progress on this long-standing problem.

Miller’s Wynd Car Park #dundeewestend

The acquisition by Dundee City Council of the Miller’s Wynd Car Park – from the University of Dundee – has provided much-needed additional free 2 hour parking in this area of Perth Road.
However, residents have pointed out the poor maintenance of the car park – the foliage is very tired, for example – see below :
I contacted the City Council about this and the Head of Roads and Transportation has advised :
“We will ensure it is clean and tidy in terms of litter and dumped materials such as the pallets.  However we will need to speak with colleagues regarding the vegetation and what is acceptable in terms of a clear out.  


… if the land is to operate as a car park we want it safe and visible in and out of car park, likewise we don’t want to remove trees or other bushes that people like.  Kenny I will discuss at Management Board … regarding some maintenance.”
Nearby, on Perth Road itself, is a phone box in a poor state of repair – see right.   Following residents raising the condition of it with me, I contacted BT and have had the following update from the company :
“…  an engineer will be out in the next few days to repair and clean the payphone.

Busy week back …

It has been a busy first week back following the festive period, including meetings involving TACTRAN (the regional transport partnership), the Dundee Health Central project and various meetings with constituents, including a site visit about traffic safety matters at Miller’s Wynd/Hawkhill. 

Today, a useful meeting of LibDem activists in Perth, which a Dundee LibDem colleague and I attended. I’m pictured above with George Lyon, the leading Scottish Liberal Democrat for next June’s European Election, who delivered the keynote address today. You can read more about George and his campaign by going to

And … an equally busy week ahead – council committees start again tomorrow and I also have the Tay Rope Works Planning Inquiry to appear at on Tuesday, together with a residents’ association meeting, a meeting at Dundee Airport, a West End Christmas Week de-brief meeting and various visits to constituents during next week.

Perth Road latest – a few issues

Following the start of the gas main replacement works in Perth Road yesterday, there’s been three issues raised with me by local residents and businesses.

Firstly, when the road closure at the Paton’s Lane area was put in place, the lanes to the south at Paton’s Lane, Thomson Street, Seafield Road and Lane and Westfield Place were all closed at the Perth Road junction (and the one-way situation in Paton’s and Westfield altered accordingly).

Given that the actual works by Turriff won’t reach Seafield Road/Lane and Westfield Place for some time yet, both residents and I thought there was no need for the closures there and following contact with the City Council and their speaking with Scotland Gas Networks, this has now been resolved and the status quo returned. To quote the feedback from the Council :

“The City Council met SGN on site this morning and after further review, decided to re-open Westfield Place and Seafield Road to run as normal until it is absolutely necessary to close them due to works.

In other words, Westfield Place is open as normal ie one-way (North to South), therefore access is via Perth Road (from city centre side) and through the signs which say Road Ahead Closed/Road Closed/Access Maintained, etc.

Seafield Road is two way, therefore access is now from either Perth Road or Roseangle/Magdalen Yard Road.

Some signs have been taken down to allow the above change and other signs are on order to give more information for other closed side roads that access is maintained for residents at junctions with Perth Road.”

A satisfactory outcome.

The second issue is there is a clear need for additional bus stops on Hawkhill (one outbound, one inbound) between the stop near Urquhart Street and the one near the Health Centre. Having spoken to residents, I think one around Millers Wynd’s northern end makes sense. I spoke to the Sustainable Transport Team Leader in the City Council about this today and agreement has been made to provide this.

Lastly, there was a problem getting the Friendly Bus (sheltered shopping service) into Paton’s Lane today but I have been in touch with SGN, Turriff (the gas contractors) and Stagecoach Strathtay, and I’m hopeful that future journeys will be alright.