Improving banking areas – Pentland Avenue and Millhall Crescent

Yesterday, I met with local residents and an environment manager from Neighbourhood Services at Dundee City Council on-site in Millhall Crescent and in Pentland Avenue, to discuss options to improve the look of the steep banking in each street – see below (Pentland Avenue) and above (Millhall Crescent).
These are challenging areas to maintain given the very steep banks but we discussed options including ways of retaining soil and hopefully planting wildflower towards the bottom of banks to improve the look of them.

Former Lawrie’s Nursery site

Residents in Millhall Crescent and Newhall Gardens whose gardens are bounded by the former Lawrie’s Nursery site, have complained to me about the extent of the overgrown foliage from the site now encroaching on their gardens – see below :
Overgrown foliage encroaching a garden in Millhall Crescent
I have contacted both the City Council and the developer/site owners direct about this requesting that the owner have their site tidied.   The owner has now responded, promising some attention to the matter.

Getting things done – Millhall Crescent

Residents have complained to me about the condition of the embankment and trees at the top end of Millhall Crescent.    I have asked the council’s Environment Department if the council maintains this area and have been advised by the department:

I will be looking into this further. In the meantime the guys will litter pick the area and if it does fall under this department we will go back later in the year and give it a good tidy up.