West End graffiti clean-up

This morning, along with local residents, members of Community Spirit Action Group that represents much of the ‘north’ of the West End Ward, local community police, City Council Rapid Response Team, community safety wardens, our West End Communities Officer, volunteers from Tesco and my ward colleague Cllr Richard McCready, I took part in a graffiti clean up in the Blackness industrial area, cleaning up numerous buildings in streets like Ash Street, Douglas Street, Milne’s East Wynd and Park Street.
We made excellent progress over two hours and it was very kind of a local business owner who brought the team ice lollies as we worked on a rather warm (and lovely!) morning.
I was on Wave 102 this morning about this initiative – you can listen to the interview by clicking ‘play’ below – and below that are some photographs from today:
Some of the team from today’s graffiti clean-up
The paint rollers were great at getting large areas repainted quickly but my hair was full of paint at the end!
Some of the team in action covering up graffiti