Pavement – Perth Road at Ninewells Avenue roundabout

Some time ago, I raised with the City Council requests from constituents about improving the footway from Tom McDonald Avenue to the south side of Perth Road, near the roundabout with Ninewells Avenue.   There is no properly made up footway here.
The council gave a commitment to provide a footway but it has not been installed yet and I therefore asked for an assurance it will be done soon.    I am pleased to say that I have now received this update from the council’s City Development Department:
“The Engineers have carried out a site survey for the proposed footway link including drop kerb provision.
This scheme is currently being designed and will then be issued with a works order for construction this calendar year 2014.”

Pedestrian safety at Ninewells Avenue/Perth Road roundabout

At the request of residents, I raised concerns about the lack of safe crossing points at the Ninewells Avenue/Perth Road roundabout.

I raised this with the City Council’s Network Management Team and have been advised as follows:
“… there (are) no plans to provide a controlled pedestrian crossing at this location but there (are) plans to provide a new footway link across Ninewells Avenue linking Tom MacDonald Avenue to Perth Road complete with drop kerbs.
Due to the level difference between the footway and carriageway on the north side of Ninewells Avenue some further design will be required to provide an acceptable gradient between the existing footway and carriageway.
I will arrange for the scheme for design completion however due to the current budget expenditure and near the end of financial year 2013/2014 these works may have to be constructed in early 2014/2015 financial year.”

Pavements and crossings – Perth Road at Ninewells Avenue roundabout

I have recently received requests from constituents about improving the footway from Tom McDonald Avenue to the south side of Perth Road, and also the possibility of improved crossing facilities here, near the roundabout with Ninewells Avenue.   

As one resident in nearby Clayhills Drive pointed out :

“I live in Clayhills Drive and often walk to the bus stop on the Perth Road, but there simply aren’t adequate road crossings, meaning you either have to walk on the road or on the grass, neither of which is ideal.”

I raised the matter with the City Council and am pleased that steps to improve the footway access will be provided :

“I can confirm there are no plans to provide a controlled pedestrian crossing point in this area.
The traffic team does however intend to provide a surfaced footway access from Tom MacDonald Avenue to the south side of Perth Road this financial year.   This will link existing footways to the bus stops.”

Ninewells Avenue – roundabout now tidied

Earlier this month, I mentioned residents’ complaints about the overgrown state of the roundabout at the entrance to Ninewells Hospital on Ninewells Avenue.    I raised their complaints with the City Council.

The City Engineer subsequently advised me :

“The grass on the Ninewells Avenue roundabout at Ninewells Drive was left uncut to allow the daffodils to die back as is standard with all daffodil panels on Dundee City Council maintained grassed areas.   The grass on the roundabout has subsequently been cut and is included in the cyclical grass cutting regime carried out on a 2 to 4 week cycle.”

Ninewells Avenue – blocked drain issue resolved

I have recently received complaints about foul smelling water flowing down Ninewells Avenue from beside the former Wimberley flats.

Scottish Water advised me earlier this week that :

“I can confirm our leakage detection team has attended and confirmed the source of water is coming from a blocked drain at the flats opposite.  We have now arranged for our squad to attend to clear the blockage.”

I am pleased to advise that the drain blockage is now attended to and a clean up of the area has been undertaken.