Pavement – Perth Road at Ninewells Avenue roundabout

Some time ago, I raised with the City Council requests from constituents about improving the footway from Tom McDonald Avenue to the south side of Perth Road, near the roundabout with Ninewells Avenue.   There is no properly made up footway here.
The council gave a commitment to provide a footway but it has not been installed yet and I therefore asked for an assurance it will be done soon.    I am pleased to say that I have now received this update from the council’s City Development Department:
“The Engineers have carried out a site survey for the proposed footway link including drop kerb provision.
This scheme is currently being designed and will then be issued with a works order for construction this calendar year 2014.”

Pedestrian safety at Ninewells Avenue/Perth Road roundabout

At the request of residents, I raised concerns about the lack of safe crossing points at the Ninewells Avenue/Perth Road roundabout.

I raised this with the City Council’s Network Management Team and have been advised as follows:
“… there (are) no plans to provide a controlled pedestrian crossing at this location but there (are) plans to provide a new footway link across Ninewells Avenue linking Tom MacDonald Avenue to Perth Road complete with drop kerbs.
Due to the level difference between the footway and carriageway on the north side of Ninewells Avenue some further design will be required to provide an acceptable gradient between the existing footway and carriageway.
I will arrange for the scheme for design completion however due to the current budget expenditure and near the end of financial year 2013/2014 these works may have to be constructed in early 2014/2015 financial year.”

Pavements and crossings – Perth Road at Ninewells Avenue roundabout

I have recently received requests from constituents about improving the footway from Tom McDonald Avenue to the south side of Perth Road, and also the possibility of improved crossing facilities here, near the roundabout with Ninewells Avenue.   

As one resident in nearby Clayhills Drive pointed out :

“I live in Clayhills Drive and often walk to the bus stop on the Perth Road, but there simply aren’t adequate road crossings, meaning you either have to walk on the road or on the grass, neither of which is ideal.”

I raised the matter with the City Council and am pleased that steps to improve the footway access will be provided :

“I can confirm there are no plans to provide a controlled pedestrian crossing point in this area.
The traffic team does however intend to provide a surfaced footway access from Tom MacDonald Avenue to the south side of Perth Road this financial year.   This will link existing footways to the bus stops.”

Ninewells Avenue – roundabout now tidied

Earlier this month, I mentioned residents’ complaints about the overgrown state of the roundabout at the entrance to Ninewells Hospital on Ninewells Avenue.    I raised their complaints with the City Council.

The City Engineer subsequently advised me :

“The grass on the Ninewells Avenue roundabout at Ninewells Drive was left uncut to allow the daffodils to die back as is standard with all daffodil panels on Dundee City Council maintained grassed areas.   The grass on the roundabout has subsequently been cut and is included in the cyclical grass cutting regime carried out on a 2 to 4 week cycle.”

Ninewells Avenue – blocked drain issue resolved

I have recently received complaints about foul smelling water flowing down Ninewells Avenue from beside the former Wimberley flats.

Scottish Water advised me earlier this week that :

“I can confirm our leakage detection team has attended and confirmed the source of water is coming from a blocked drain at the flats opposite.  We have now arranged for our squad to attend to clear the blockage.”

I am pleased to advise that the drain blockage is now attended to and a clean up of the area has been undertaken.

Another mobile phone mast – Ninewells Avenue

At the City Council’s Development Management Committee tonight, I moved refusal of yet another mobile phone mast planning application in the West End – this time at Ninewells Avenue and close to Glamis Gardens (formerly Wimberley Court) and the Hillside area.

I made the point that there is too little co-operation in mast sharing between mobile phone companies.   This application was by O2 and Vodafone, but there are already three Orange/T-Mobile masts off Riverside Drive and another on the water tower in Yarrow Terrace.

My motion to refuse read :

1. The proposed development is contrary to Policy 1 – “Vibrant and Sustainable Communities” of the Dundee Local Plan Review 2005 as the development is likely to impact adversely on the environmental quality enjoyed by local residents by reason of design and layout. There are no material considerations of sufficient strength to justify the granting of planning permission contrary to the policy.

2. The proposed development is contrary to Policy 78 – “Location of Telecommunications Equipment” of the Dundee Local Plan Review 2005 as there is a failure to demonstrate that there are no other viable options in respect of alternative locations. There are no material considerations of sufficient strength to justify the granting of planning permission contrary to the policy. 

3. The proposed development is contrary to Policy 1 of Dundee City Council’s adopted Non-Statutory “Planning Policies in Relation to Telecommunications Masts and Other Apparatus” as the applicant has failed to investigate all alternative sites in order to minimise the visual impact of the proposal.

4. The proposed development is contrary to Policy 2 “Residential Areas” of Dundee City Council’s adopted Non-Statutory “Planning Policies in Relation to Telecommunications Masts and Other Apparatus” as there is a general presumption against the siting of free standing masts in residential areas unless the mast is sensitively designed and sufficient justification is provided.

Unfortunately, I lost the vote 15-11, so yet another mobile phone mast will be erected in the area.

Temporary Traffic Order – Perth Road

The City Council has advised me as follows :

Dundee City Council proposes to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose of facilitating carriageway resurfacing works. The Order is expected to be in force for ten days from 22 September 2010. Its maximum duration in terms of the Act is eighteen months.

The effect of the Order is to prohibit temporarily all vehicular traffic in Perth Road from Ninewells Avenue to Clovis Duveau Drive.

Access for residents will be maintained where possible.

An alternative route will be available via Riverside Avenue, Riverside Drive (except HGVs) and Perth Road. An alternative route for HGVs will be available via A85 Riverside Drive, South Marketgait, West Marketgait, Hawkhill and Perth Road.

Please forward any comments you may have regarding this proposal to the Network Management Team, City Development Department, Tayside House, Crichton Street, Dundee, no later than five working days prior to the commencement date. If you have any queries please contact the City Council on 433082.

The Council has written to affected residents as follows :

Dear Sir/Madam

Perth Road (Ninewells Avenue to Clovis Duveau Drive) – Carriageway Resurfacing Works

I wish to notify you that work is programmed to commence at the above location on Wednesday 22nd September, 2010 and will last approximately 10 days.

The contractor for the works is Tayside Contracts.

In the interest of public safety, a road closure will be implemented and through traffic will be diverted via Riverside Avenue/ Riverside Drive/ Perth Road and reverse. Through buses will divert via Tom MacDonald Drive/Mariner Drive/Apollo Way and reverse.
No on-street parking will be allowed on the section of carriageway being worked on. Access to
properties with driveways will be maintained, though delays will be experienced. Access to Millbay Gardens, Clovis Duveau Drive and Clayhills Grove will also be maintained. We would, however ask that vehicular traffic movements be kept to a minimum, where possible.

Please note that pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained throughout the works.

Number 42 bus service

Regular readers of will know that I have raised with the City Council’s Head of Transportation and the bus companies the lack of services in Ninewells Avenue. I am pleased to advise that the 42 service is being re-routed from 17th August (as part of a number of bus changes involving Stagecoach Fife services) to include Ninewells Avenue. Service 42 will henceforth operate hourly using Ninewells Avenue.
To quote the bus company :
42 Ninewells Hospital – Cupar This service will operate to a revised timetable maintaining the current hourly frequency, but there will no longer be any school variations. The route will follow the new 77 between the Tay Road Bridge and Ninewells (and vice versa) and will provide an approximate 20 minute headway during the day between City Centre and Ninewells when combined with the 16A and 77 services.

Overgrown weeds and grass concerns in the West End

Above : Weeds at Blackness Road

Above : Ninewells Avenue/Perth Road roundabout

Above : Ninewells Avenue at the hospital entrance
I have welcomed reassurances by Dundee City Council that overgrown weeds and grass in the West End are now being tackled.

I have had numerous complaints from West End constituents about overgrown weeds on pavements and roadways and badly overgrown grass on verges and roundabouts in numerous locations in the West End. As a result, I contacted both the City Engineer and the Director of Dundee Contract Services about the concerns.

The Director of Dundee Contract Services has responded as follows:

“The grass cutting of areas of central reserve etc with the daffodil panels is to commence on Monday 15 June. Weather permitting, this will take around two weeks to complete across the city. This is about the normal start time for this work but the combination of rain and heat experienced in May has led to vigorous grass growth of late, perhaps making the situation appear worse than normal.”

The City Engineer has confirmed that the West End and Ninewells and Menzieshill was scheduled to be started this week (commencing 8/06/09) for weed killing.

Last year, there had been numerous complaints about the weedkilling effectiveness and it is important that this is fully tackled this year. The City Engineer has assured me that the strongest permitted weedkiller will be used this year and weedkilling and street sweeping of channels will be coordinated so that they occur at appropriate discrete times.

I am keeping a very close eye on this, in response to residents’ concerns.

New safer speed limit

Last night’s “Evening Telegraph” covered my comments welcoming the newly introduced reduced speed limit on the furthest west part of Perth Road and two immediately adjacent streets, pointing out that it provides for a more appropriate speed limit in a residential area.
The westmost part of Perth Road – west of the Invercarse Hotel – plus a short section of Riverside Drive adjacent to the Botanic Garden and a stretch of Ninewells Avenue – has had a 40mph speed limit for over 40 years and residents have pointed out that this was inappropriate as all the adjacent residential streets have a 30mph limit. The newly introduced limit is now 30mph, in keeping with the rest of the residential area.


There seems no doubt that the previous 40mph speed limit was an anomoly, going back to the time when this section of Perth Road was part the main route out of the City Centre to Perth, before Riverside Avenue was built.
There was absolutely no logic to having the speed limit on Perth Road west of the Invercarse Hotel a different limit to that east of the hotel.


Following a public consultation exercise which resulted in no objections to the speed limit reduction to 30mph, the new limit has now been introduced.


Signage indicating the new limit has been put in place to advise drivers.

Speed limit reduction

I am pleased to report that on Monday night, at the Planning & Transport Committee, the City Council committee I chair, agreement was reached to finalise the speed limit reduction on the westmost part of Perth Road (west of the Invercarse), the small stretch of Riverside Drive north of the Marmalade Pot and on Ninewells Avenue.


This follows a consultation exercise – the responses received both from residents and from West End Community Council strongly supported the speed reduction.


The fact that the speed limit in this area has been 40mph, whereas all the residential roads east of it are 30mph has always struck me as an anomoly – the speed limit on the Perth Road section was set in the early 1960s when this was the main route to Perth – long before the creation of Riverside Avenue. Furthermore, significant residential housing – such as Clouvis Duveau Drive and Clayhills Grove – has since been built.
River Crescent Residents’ Association has pointed out that the difficulties turning out of
River Crescent into Perth Road would be eased by the speed reduction, leaving aside the obvious point that a 40mph limit is inappropriate in what has long become a residential area.


Here is notice of the traffic order, issued by the City Council, following Monday’s decision :



Dundee City Council propose to make an Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to improve safety by reducing the current 40 mph speed limit to 30 mph.

Full details of the proposals are contained in the draft Order, which together with a Statement of the Council’s reasons for proposing to make the Order may be examined during normal office hours and without payment of fee at Dundee City Council offices, Reception, Floor 4, 21 City Square, Dundee by any person, during a period of 21 days from 16 January 2009.

Any person may within 21 days from 16 January 2009 object to the proposed Order by notice in writing to the Depute Chief Executive (Support Services), Dundee City Council, 21 City Square, Dundee. Objections should state the name and address of the objector, the matters to which they relate and the grounds on which they are made.

Depute Chief Executive (Support Services)

A few Tuesday updates …

A few updates from earlier today :
  • Residents have called to say one of the temporary bus stops on Hawkhill is missing (pinched presumably, a common temporary bus stop problem, although this one was attached to a permanent pole, rather than being wholly moveable!) Anyway, have asked the City Council to replace this ASAP as residents complain buses are not stopping at it.
  • A concern that the Friendly Bus sheltered shopping service was 45 minutes late today, but, having spoken with Stagecoach Strathtay, pleased to say it was a one-off staffing problem, and nothing to do with the Perth Road gas mains works (the reason for the problems a couple of weeks ago).
  • Pleased to hear that the bus bay markings in Ninewells Avenue were finally completed this morning – this had previously proved problematic because of parked cars.
  • I have asked the City Council when it can re-open the top of Paton’s Lane at Perth Road as the Turriff gas contractors are now firmly east of here and it would again be possible to access Paton’s Lane at Perth Road from the west.

Stagecoach Strathtay Bus Route Changes

Following my blog entry last Friday about bus routes (click on headline above to view), I have had feedback from Stagecoach Strathtay’s Operations Manager on the matter as follows:

“Cllr Macpherson,

Just a quick explanation of the change to the service 13 route.

It has always been the intention for the 13 to use the link road once it had opened and the service registration has been produced to show this. The link road was due to open last year and until the opening the diversion via Ninewells Avenue was only temporary.

The link road allows us to offer a more direct service to Ninewells Hospital by reducing the journey time to access the hospital. As Neil states in his email, Ninewells Avenue still enjoys a 30 minute service operated by the 42 and 96.

We are reviewing the changes we made to the network in August 2007 and also reviewing the network as a whole, so the comments regarding the service provision along Ninewells Avenue will be noted and consideration will be given to increasing the frequency along this route.”

West End Bus Matters …

There have been quite a few bus related queries this week.
Firstly, with regard to the roadworks at the roundabout at Blackness Road/Glamis Road/Glamis Drive (see right), residents had contacted me to complain that, although there was a temporary bus stop in location on the inbound route at the roadworks, no such facility exisited for outbound jorneys (ie to Ninewells Hospital, etc) leaving some residents a lengthy walk from either end of the roadworks after coming off the bus.

I am pleased to say that, following my contacting the Planning & Transportation Department about this, an outbound temporary stop has now been arranged.

The other issue raised by residents was the lack of diversionary signage marking clearly how to get to the Hillside area. I have now had the following feedback from the Director of Planning & Transportation :

“My staff in Road Maintenance and Road Network have reviewed the signage for the diversion to the Hillside area. Two extra temporary signs have been ordered and will be placed on Perth Road either side of Invergowrie Drive junction by this afternoon. The good news is that the works are due for completion by early Wednesday morning ahead of schedule.”

Nearby, in Ninewells Avenue – another issue. On 8th April, the bus routes for the 9X and 13 services changed slightly, meaning they now miss out this street. Residents in the area east of Ninewells Avenue have contacted me given the inconvenience of fewer services now serving the area and I have had the following feedback from the City Council :

“With regard to the Service 9x and Service 13 they have diverted onto Tom McDonald Avenue from Ninewells Avenue primarily to follow the most direct route to Ninewells Hospital and to provide additional drop off points within the Ninewells Hospital estate which offers a large number of work and health destinations. Ultimately these are commercial decisions made by the bus operators. At this moment the half hourly 42 and 96 will continue to serve Ninewells Avenue.”

The feedback has also gone to the bus companies, with whom I have also raised this concern. Meantime, if you look below, you can download the timetables for the 42 and 96 services, which still serve Ninewells Avenue.

And the next issue – residents have, in the past, raised with me the lack of bus services to Ninewells Hospital on a Sunday, for those living in Perth Road west of Blackness Avenue. Until recently, there was no Sunday service (except for services going via Blackness Avenue) but in the recent timetable changes Stagecoach Strathtay introduced a service via Ninewells Hospital several times on Sunday (approximately every two hours) serving the western part of Perth Road.

It is badged as the 16B service and you can obtain the full 16 service timetable from the Seagate Bus Station or by clicking on this link :

Lastly, I recorded an interview with Wave 102 earlier today regarding the impending roadworks on Perth Road that start on Monday. Part of this covered residents’ concerns over bus services and I paste below part of my most recent news release on the subject. I should add that clearly labelled notices should by now be placed on all affected bus stops on Perth Road, and you can see a copy of these by clicking on the headline above :

Following concerns expressed by constituents over the potential effect of impending gas main replacement works in Dundee’s Perth Road, West End Councillor Fraser Macpherson today advised that he has sought assurances regarding residents’ concerns about the need to keep local bus services as accessible as possible.

The roadworks – starting Monday (21st April) – will see no through traffic along Perth Road east of Sinderins, resulting in bus diversions.

Councillor Macpherson said, “During the period of no through traffic getting right along Perth Road, I have been advised that the main bus services will be re-routed via Hawkhill. I have spoken with transportation staff in the City Council about ensuring there is good information posted on bus stops along the affected route, clearly advising of alternative arrangements. There are also bus timetables affixed to bus stops on the diversion stops on Hawkhill, to aid public information.

“Many residents have also asked about the 72 local bus service as it runs south of Perth Road on Roseangle and Magdalen Yard Road.

“I have been assured that it will be able to cover most of its route one way or another for all of the roads disruption period. This is particularly important as many elderly people can’t manage the full uphill walk to Hawkhill. At a meeting earlier this week with Scotland Gas Networks, I was also advised that access to the sheltered housing complexes for the Friendly Bus Shopping Service would also be maintained.”

Variation of Waiting Restrictions

Below is the Notice of Proposal relating to a Traffic Order – the full schedule for the whole of the City will appear in tonight’s Evening Telegraph, but I have indicated those parts of the schedule that cover proposals in respect of streets in the West End Ward :


Dundee City Council propose to make an Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose of varying the provisions of several Waiting Restriction Orders affecting the City. The effect of the Order is set out in the Schedule below.

Full details of the proposals are contained in the draft Order which together with plans showing the lengths of road affected and a Statement of the Council’s reasons for proposing to make the Order may be examined during normal office hours and without payment of fee during a period of 21 days from 22 February 2008 at the following addresses: –

1. Dundee City Council Offices, 4th Floor Reception, 21 City Square, Dundee.
2. Broughty Ferry Neighbourhood Library, Queen Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

Any person may within 21 days from 22 February 2008 object to the proposed Order by notice in writing to the Depute Chief Executive (Support Services), Dundee City Council, 21 City Square, Dundee. Objections should state the name and address of objector, the matters to which they relate and the grounds on which they are made.

Depute Chief Executive (Support Services)
Dundee City Council

SCHEDULE (insofar as it covers West End Ward)

1. To improve sightlines at junctions and accesses in Hyndford Street/Speed Street, Ninewells Avenue, Perth Road, Shaftesbury Road.
2. To relieve congestion in Perth Road, Shepherd’s Loan.
3. To relieve congestion and obstruction or damage to verges in Magdalen Yard Road/Richmond Terrace.
4. To adjust waiting restrictions to suit new developments or road layouts in Long Wynd, Brown Street.
5. To adjust restrictions to accommodate a taxi rank in South Tay Street.
6. To relax unnecessarily severe restrictions in Brewery Lane.
7. To allow patient transfer vehicles to use James Black Place.

Ninewells Avenue

A number of residents have contacted me about the change to the traffic restrictions here. I have now received the following feedback from the City Council :
“The double yellow lines were imposed on Ninewells Avenue in 2002 when the main emergency access to the hospital was taken from Ninewells Drive. At this time parking was solid on both sides of the road for its entire length. The main problem was at the approach to Ninewells Drive.

The emergency access is now taken from Tom Macdonald Avenue and consequently the need for the same level of restrictions is not so critical.

While promoting the recently introduced restrictions in Invergowrie Drive it was recognised that as with all restrictions there would be a knock-on effect into surrounding residential streets. We have been particularly concerned about Hillside Terrace and Hillside Drive which both have pedestrian links through to the hospital and nursing college. This concern was heightened with the knowledge that the Wimberley Housing complex was to be redeveloped. Up to 60 vehicles were parking here on a daily basis.

Taking these factors into account it was decided to relax some of the restrictions in Ninewells Avenue. There are no houses fronting the Avenue nor do any have vehicular access from the Avenue. The carriageway is 10 metres wide and in my opinion can cope with parking on both sides with two-way traffic.

The restrictions have only been removed on that length between Ninewells Drive and Glamis Road. That length between Ninewells Drive and Perth Road was not considered because of the bend in the road limiting advance visibility.

I should emphasise that the consequence of not removing these lines would probably have meant that the parking would have moved directly into the residential streets causing even more upset to the residents.”

Ninewells Avenue/Perth Road, Seabraes

Was around various parts of the West Dnd today looking at various issues residents had recently raised with me.
I’m pictured (right) at the Ninewells Avenue/Perth Road roundabout where one of the “forward arrow” signs is missing and the lighting unit damaged. Looks like its been hit by a vehicle. Have reported the matter to the City Council’s Planning & Transportation Department.
Grateful to the resident who has drawn to my attention the vandalism damage to the ‘mini’ bandstand on the grass area at the top of Seabraes. The matter was reported to the Police and I have now asked the Leisure & Communities Department to effect repairs. I have also contacted Scottish Enterprise Tayside about further graffiti on the Seabraes steps and am meeting the City Council’s Waste Management Department next week about the strategy for rapidly responding to graffiti incidents across the City.