Peddie Street – Scottish Water works

Last week, following complaints from residents that the Scottish Water works (and excavations) were running over their planned finish date, I received an assurance from the company that the road would be returned to normal by close of play last Friday.
However, this did not happen as the photo (above right) taken at the weekend highlights.
I contacted Scottish Water over the weekend and their Community Manager has responded :
“Sorry to hear this as we were informed this would be completed and removed on Friday.  
I will pick up with the project team and establish why this has not happened.”
I am anxious this is resolved ASAP given the disruption to residents, including loss of parking.

Graffiti tackled – Peddie Street area

Constituents have raised with me concerns about graffiti vandalism in the Peddie Street area – at the pathway between the street and Tait’s Lane and on some of the nearby industrial estate buildings – see examples below :



I raised this concern with the City Council’s Rapid Response Team who promptly removed graffiti on publicly-owned sites and have sought owners’ permission to remove graffiti at these locations.

Walkabout – Blackness/Corso/Abbotsford area

Yesterday, along with a representative from the Housing Department and a representative from the Environment Department, I took part in a walkabout around the Blackness/Corso/Abbotsford area.

The six-monthly walkabouts take place in a number of areas (Pentland and Logie are other examples) and are a useful way to look at local issues and problems and ensure these are taken up and resolved.

Here’s a couple of photos of matters discussed yesterday, which also including bins/cleansing issues and overgrown trees in the area.

New improved street
lighting being installed
in the area
Pavement trip hazard at Peddie Street/
Abbotsford Place junction reported
for repair

Tait’s Lane – an update

I recently reported that the pathway from Tait’s Lane to Peddie Street is in need of tidying, with some weeds require removal and the foliage requires trimming – see right.   The council had also advised me that it would attend to overgrown foliage in the Tait’s Lane car park area.
On the pathway, the City Council’s Environment has now advised me that:
” … we will have this sprayed out … also, regarding the shrubs, this will be carried out at the same time as the car park area.”

Tuesday meetings

Yesterday morning, along with the area Housing Officer and a representative of the council’s City Development Department’s Roads Team, I took part in a walkabout round the Corso Street, Abbotsford Street and Place, Blackness Road and Peddie Street areas, to look at local issues and ensure any problems are resolved.
Here are some of the matters we tackled yesterday :
Pavement repair required – corner of Peddie Street and Abbotsford Place – now reported for repair
Litter removal required – communal area – Peddie Street
Tree branches across pavement – Abbotsford Place – reported for trimming
Drain cover Blackness Road – reported for repair
Last night, I attended the October meeting of West End Community Council, at which there was an interesting address by Derrick Lang, the Dundee Airport Manager.   
My Update to the Community Council for October covered both West End Christmas Fortnight plans and also pavement improvements locally.   You can download the Update here.

Visit to the MS Therapy Centre in Peddie Street

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of visiting the MS Therapy Centre in Peddie Street, where I had a very positive meeting with the centre’s committee and had a tour of the excellent facilities.    The photo below is of myself and some of the committee at the centre yesterday:
For those who kindly nominated me for the ice bucket challenge, I can’t take this up (for the very obvious reason that I had a serious bout of pneumonia earlier this year) but I made a donation to the centre in lieu of taking up the challenge.
The centre is looking for volunteers and if you are interested, please contact the centre on 566283.