Last couple of days …

I attended the Blackness Area Residents’ Association meeting on Tuesday night, and amongst matters discussed was parking difficulties in Corso Street. I have raised this (and a number of other local issues) with the City Council.
Wednesday night saw the launch meeting of the community group for Ancrum/Cleghorn/Pentland and surrounding areas at Balgay Church. I am really pleased that the group is getting off the ground and will be planning a series of community meetings in the future. We had a good discussion about local issues including anti-social behaviour, road repairs, parking and a number of other matters.
A few more issues over past couple of days:
* Constituents have complained that the steel bollard at the east end of the South Tay Street car park on the Marketgait side is loose in the ground – clearly been hit by a vehicle. The City Council has promised me that it will be repaired.
* On the Hawkhill by-pass beside the PDSA, someone has bumped into the bollards. The Council has raised an Order to ensure repair, following my request.
* On the corner of Union Place/Perth Road, there’s a dug up an area of pavement and it requires repair. Following my request, Tayside Contracts has been instructed to upgrade the footpath.
* I have been promised that the channel grating on the footpath at Pinegrove on Perth Road will be replaced soon (part of it is currently missing).

Pavements issues …

Over the past couple of days, I have received a number of pavement defects complaints.
These include a drainage channel grid missing at the entrance to Pinegrove on Perth Road and further east along Perth Road at Ryehill Lane, a similar grid has fallen and stuck inside the drainage channel.
I’ve reported all complaints to the City Council.

Snow, flooding and budgets

Well, half the day was wasted in trying to drive to Stirling, failing to get much past Perth and then trying to get back to Dundee!
When I finally did get back to Dundee, contacted Planning & Transportation regarding renewed flooding at Pinegrove’s Perth Road entrance. Also reported that the grid at the bottom of Ryehill Lane is missing again.
This evening had a useful administration meeting on budget matters. Now ploughing through too many e-mails. Starting delivery of latest West End FOCUS tomorrow (Edition 55) – weather permitting!

Good news at Pinegrove and Tay Square

Remember the mis-spelt name plate at Pinegrove in Shepherd’s Loan (from October 6th blog entry – click on headline above to read) – pleased to say received following news from Planning & Transportation today :
“We have been notified by the contractor that the mis-spelt name plate for Shepherd’s Loan at Pinegrove should be replaced during week commencing 6th November.”

And good news also at Tay Square regarding the mosaic repair outside the Rep (see for earlier story) – as you can see above right, its now restored to its former condition. I noticed this earlier today when delivering letters to Tay Square residents advising them that next Sunday (and the following one – ie 5th & 12th November) the Tay Square roadway will be closed for cabling works to take place – pedestrian access is unaffected.
Off soon to this evening’s Blackness Area Residents’ Association meeting …