Retro Dundee – Lochee Road

Last of the Retro Dundee posts with a photo of the former Polepark Tram Shelter on Lochee Road – from 1989, just before its removal.   It was a shame this was removed as it was real Dundee landmark.   Technically the site is on the Coldside Ward side of Lochee Road but the West End Ward is just across the road to the south:

Good news on free to use cash machines in the West End

Last month, I highlighted the issue of the need for more free to use cash machines across the city.

I mentioned that I had written to a major national retailer about an ATM at one of their stores in the West End Ward to see if the company nationally was willing to consider contributing to the costs of this particular ATM so it could offer free cash withdrawals in the future.

I am pleased to advise that this retailer – the Co-operative Group – has reacted positively and has converted the AGM in question (at their store at the junction of Polepark Road/Edward Street/Brook Street) to free to use – see new machine now installed – right.

I had a very positive discussion with a representative of the Co-operative Group about this and am very pleased at the company’s positive and speedy response.
Residents who live in the area around Polepark were some distance from a free to use ATM so the outcome is really good news.

Wednesday …

A very busy day yesterday, including :

* A meeting with Dundee Museum of Transport representatives at the building in Roseangle (see right) that they hope to soon open as the temporary premises for the museum.     Although their long term aim is to locate at a larger site in Maryfield, they are keen to get the museum open meantime in Roseangle and residents will welcome the news that the long-empty building and site in Roseangle will come back into use, particularly for such a worthwhile project.

* Along with my ward colleague Cllr Richard McCready, I took part in a meeting at St Peter’s Free Church to discuss further ways in which this fabulously renovated building can be used as a community resource and for concerts and other activities.    I have also been in touch with Angus and Dundee Tourism officers to see how they can assist with this, given the great historical interest in the church, the church of the Rev Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-43).

* I took part in the Dundee House Project Board’s latest meeting, at a time when the building project is nearing completion.

* I attended a briefing on tenant participation in Dundee, run by the City Council’s Housing Department.

* I met a number of residents in the Polepark area about issues of local concern.

* I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Kaye, Managing Director of National Express’s UK Bus operation.    Dave was taking part in an event in the City Square where the Dundee public could meet senior staff from National Express, including Simon Mathieson, the Acting Director of National Express Dundee.    This was an excellent initiative to let Dundee people highlight their issues about bus services in the city and let local people meet senior representatives of one of the major bus operators in Dundee. 

* I also had the pleasure of attending the launch of the Dundee Youth Council at the City Chambers last night.   Congratulations go to Matthew Landsburgh on being elected Chair and to all the other members of the new Dundee Youth Council.    Listening to the debate last night, there is no doubt that the DYC will become firmly established as a strong voice for young people in the city.

20 mph zones and Germany …

Got back late yesterday from a couple of days running a Conference in Grangemouth (with “day job”) to the usual pile of phone messages, e-mails, etc… Thanks to Janet who stood in for me at my surgeries on Thursday (on basis that I can’t be in two places at once!) – photo of Conference (right).

Spent some time today delivering flyers for the folk who are trying to set up a community group for the Ancrum/Pentland/Cleghorn/Polepark area to advertise their public meeting next Wednesday to discuss local issues. Meeting is at Balgay Church on the 24th (6pm for 6.30pm) and all residents in the area very welcome.
Also attended the public consultation event for the West End Community Plan at Dundee West Church Hall this morning – a good turnout of residents and community representatives and good to speak with many local people.

Lastly, you will recall my article on 11th October about 20mph zones around schools in the City (see – well, Marlyn Glen MSP has advised me that (apart from the article about this matter in the Evening Telegraph) it also appeared on a German website! Click on headline above to view. Bizarre.