Getting things done – River Crescent

Last August, at my request, the council responded to constituents’ requests to fill in potholes in the roadway of River Crescent – see right.
At the time, I said, given the deteriorated state of the road, it required a more permanent improvement.    
I am pleased to say that the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership has now advised me that the street is imminently programmed for extensive structural patching.

Getting things done – River Crescent

I have had several complaints from residents about the state of parts of the roadway of River Crescent.    See photos left and right.  
I asked the Roads Maintenance Partnership for pothole repairs but also, given the deteriorating state of the road, if resurfacing could be considered for a future programme.
I have now received the following helpful response:
“An order will be raised by the Roads Maintenance Partnership inspector for pothole repairs to be carried out at this location with a timescale for repair of 28 days or sooner.  This area will be considered for thin resurfacing in a future year.”

Meeting with River Crescent residents

River Crescent
This afternoon, after a site visit with Newhall Gardens residents on a safety issue, I met with residents from River Crescent to have our annual get-together at the Education Centre at the University of Dundee Botanic Garden.
We had a good discussion on a number of issues – including 20 mph speed limits (and thanks to George Gammack of Living Streets for his update to the residents on this matter), smell from the composting operation at Riverside, recycling, the forthcoming West End Christmas Fortnight, park and ride and the Time2Give initiative.
It was a very useful and enjoyable afternoon and I am grateful to the Botanic Garden for use of the Education Centre.

River Crescent Residents’ AGM

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the River Crescent Residents’ AGM at the Botanic Garden Education Centre.
The meeting was tinged with much sadness as Sheila Fraser, former Chair of the Residents’ Association, passed away last Wednesday, after a short illness.   Sheila was a lovely lady and everyone in the street knew her – she’ll be so sadly missed.
Apart from paying tribute to Sheila, I updated the meeting on the Harris Academy decant and rebuilding project, the West End Christmas Fortnight arrangements, the new primary/nursery schools building project on the former Logie Secondary site, bus services, roads resurfacing, the Friends of Riverside Nature Park AGM taking place on 6th September, and WESHA’s recent sports funding success.

Monday …

Yesterday, I attended the latest meeting of the City Council’s School Parking and Pupil Safety Working Group.

Following the initial meeting of the group before the recent City Council elections, a number of site visits to schools have taken place and feedback from these – along with risk assessments of schools’ parking and drop-off facilities across the city – were discussed yesterday.

I was keen to emphasise that drop-off and parking arrangements at the new West End schools project – on the former Logie Secondary site at Glenagnes Road/Blackness Road – must be fully resolved before St Joseph’s Primary School, Park Place Nursery School and Park Place Primary School move to their new homes in October.    There are a number of matters to be tackled in relation to this but the important thing is that we see much better facilities at the new site than in the current locations in Bellfield Street and Park Place.

After my two Monday ward surgeries (at Harris Academy and the Mitchell Street Centre), I had the pleasure of attending the latest committee meeting of the River Crescent Residents’ Association, at which we discussed a number of local matters including vehicle speeds, road condition, the forthcoming Dundee WestFest events, Riverside Nature Park and local bus services.

River Crescent Residents’ Association

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the latest meeting of the River Crescent Residents’ Association.    

The association does great work for the local area and we discussed various issues including community facilities in the West End, the future of the association after the AGM in June, sports initiatives in the West End and the former Laurie’s Nursery site.

River Crescent Residents’ Association is a great example of the community spirit in the West End.