Riverside Approach – fencing and potholes repairs

Residents have contacted me about damaged fencing on Riverside Approach – see right.   This is the boundary fencing to land owned by Network Rail and I have contacted Network Rail seeking repairs.
I also, on behalf of residents, contacted the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership about the poor road condition and have received the following response :
“You may already have noticed in passing that these potholes on Riverside Approach were repaired shortly after your email. The Road Maintenance Partnership inspector has also noted one or two more within the last couple of days and an order will be raised for these to be repaired with a timescale of twenty eight days or sooner.”

Pedestrian safety near Roseangle playpark : an update

I raised residents’ concerns recently about pedestrian safety near the Roseangle playpark since the playpark was improved and footfall is very significantly increased.
I have contacted both the City Council’s Head of Transportation and the Road Policing Unit at Police Scotland, asking if a speed survey could be carried out.   
The council’s Head of Transportation has now advised :
“With regard to parked cars on Riverside Approach near the railway overbridge a site inspection was carried out but there were only vehicles parked on the south side of the build out for this particular visit.
I will arrange for further inspections and from the observations I will arrange to include this location for consideration in the next batch of locations in the variation to waiting restrictions traffic regulation order programme.
From previous site inspections there were no high speed vehicles observed but I will arrange for Riverside Approach to be added to the next list of locations for a traffic speed survey.
With regard for the possibility of a pedestrian crossing on Riverside Approach linking Magdalen Green and the play ground, initial observations are that the pedestrian and cycle count and traffic flows are too low to justify a pedestrian crossing at this particular location.
I will however arrange for the vehicles and the pedestrian count crossing survey to be carried out and advise you of the results from the survey.”
I will, of course, keep residents updated once the results of the survey are known.

Pedestrian safety near Roseangle playpark

I have had a number of residents’ concerns recently about pedestrian safety near the Roseangle playpark since the playpark was improved as the footfall is very significantly increased.    The following comment from a resident is typical :
“I want to draw your attention to my concerns of the road safety around the new fantastic Roseangle play park specifically the crossing from the play park to Magdalen Green (Riverside Approach).
There are two issues as I see it.
One of parked cars around that crossing and secondly of the speed of cars on the road around the crossing.”
I have contacted both the City Council’s Head of Transportation and the Road Policing Unit at Police Scotland, asking if a speed survey could be carried out.   
Some years ago, I asked about the possibility of a pedestrian crossing across Riverside Approach from Magdalen Green to the playpark side.    At that time there wasn’t the footfall to meet the criteria but given the increase in usage of the playpark, I have asked that this be reassessed.

Further update on Riverside Drive/Riverside Approach

I had a concern raised about the quality of the finished road surface on Riverside Drive and have had the following update from the Roads Maintenance Partnership Manager at Tayside Contracts, which also updates on the re-opening of the right turn from Riverside drive (heading west) into Riverside Approach and the removal of traffic management :

“I’m not aware of there being any surfacing issues however, a final inspection of the works will be carried out next week and I’ll provide feedback following this.

With regards completion of the works and previous correspondence. The traffic management will not be completely removed until Wednesday next week however, as of this Friday all vehicular restrictions will be lifted i.e. Riverside Approach will be open to right turn movements in a westbound direction.   The outstanding works will be the completion of the footways and other minor works which require traffic management to be left in place for H&S reasons.”

Update on Riverside Approach access

Further to my update on 29th September about the Riverside Drive works, I have just received the following update from Tayside Contracts :


“Due to issues with weather at the beginning of last week and some other operational issues. It will be the end of the week before all traffic management will be removed from the works. 

Riverside Approach is now open to traffic, the only restriction is the right turn manoeuvre to Riverside Approach in the westbound direction.”

Riverside Drive works

I asked Tayside Contracts for an update with progress on the Riverside Drive works and was advised today as follows:

It will be approximately two weeks before all traffic management is removed and there is complete unrestricted access – ie no traffic management in place. 

By the end of this week Riverside Approach should be open again to traffic providing access from Magdalen Green to and from Riverside Drive.

The north footway will remain under construction until the 12th October, with all traffic management removed by 13/10/14.

All the above is based on weather permitting and nothing unforeseen arising.