Scotland Gas Networks work on Riverside Drive starts today #dundeewestend

As indicated in the council’s weekly road report I shared yesterday, gas network work commmences  on Riverside Drive today.
Scotland Gas Networks’ Stakeholder and Community Officer has advised me as follows :
“Following discussions with Dundee City Council, our project will start on Monday 30 July and last approximately six weeks. We’ve split the project into two phases to help minimise disruption.
During phase one of our work we’ll be working in Riverside Drive, near the entrance for Barnetts Mazda garage. To ensure everyone’s safety while we work, two-way temporary traffic lights will be in place around our work area. We expect this phase to be complete within three weeks.
Our work will then continue eastwards along the road. During phase two we’ll be working east of Tay Rail Bridge and three-way temporary traffic lights will be in place around our work area. Riverside Approach will also be closed to southbound traffic and a diversion route will be in place for motorists.
We’ve created a dedicated webpage for this project which can be accessed through the following link – here
We always aim to minimise disruption and we will make every effort to ensure our works are completed as soon as possible.”

McGonagall’s Walk to be repaired

Following concerns expressed to me by residents that McGonagall’s Walk on Riverside Drive has been damaged during recent flood prevention works, the City Council has given assurances that the walk will be repaired.
The council’s City Development Director has now advised me :
“My Officers have investigated the damage to McGonagall’s Walk art installation and established that there are seven cracked slabs and damage to one of the words which has removed one of the letters.
The damage to the slabs occurred during the construction of the new seawall.  This has been raised with the contractors and who have advised that they will replace the damaged slabs, including the art work.  The damage to the individual letter was not caused by the contractor and this will be replaced by the Council.”  
I am pleased the walk is to be fully repaired as it is part of the city’s heritage – the work will be completed in the coming months.
McGonagall’s Walk  is embedded in the pavement for 150 metres along Riverside Drive west of the V&A at Dundee.   It is includes an inscription of McGonagall’s poem, “The Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay.”

Temporary Traffic Order – Riverside Drive

From the City Council – Note – this applies to the right turn only and does not otherwise affect Riverside Drive :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of gas mains investigation works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Riverside Drive (prohibition of right turn into Riverside Approach).
This notice comes into effect on Monday 11 June 2018 for 5 working days.
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes are available via Riverside Drive / Perth Road / Windsor Street / Magdalen Yard Road
For further information contact 433082.
Executive Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

Car park at Riverside Pavilion #dundeewestend

I have received complaints that, not for the first time, the car park at the Riverside Pavilion, adjacent to the playing fields on the north side of Riverside Drive, is flooded and rutted.
I took this up with the council’s Head of Environment, who has positively responded as follows :
“I agree that this is not looking too good. 
I have raised with colleagues and they are going to make arrangement to have the surface restored. 
In the longer term and finance dependant, I would be recommending that it is completely renovated with an asphalt surface.”

Flooding work at Riverside – an update #dundeewestend

Residents contacted me recently following reports that the completion of the work to improve the flood defences on Riverside Drive was possibly going to be delayed by passing trains causing vibration that was stopping the cement from setting properly.
To get clarification of the extent of the issue, I contacted the City Engineer who has made clear to me that this is “a minor localised construction issue” and adds :
“At this particular location the traffic is currently running on the temporary lane and there is slight dip in the road and when traffic travels over this, some vibration can be felt through the carriageway.    Slow-setting traditional lime mortars are being used to construct the wall and the vibration was causing some minor localised issues with the mortar.     No additional shoring or special engineering measures were required to overcome this, merely ensuring the mortar had sufficiently cured prior to adding subsequent courses of stone.
Overall, this section of work is slightly behind programme but nothing to do with this, mainly due to the Contractors resources, outputs and adverse weather.     Just to reiterate this was a minor issue that has nothing to do with trains travelling above.    For information, it is anticipated that the traffic management will be removed from Riverside Drive by the end of January 2018.”

Parking surface improvement – Riverside Drive #dundeewestend

Earlier this year, I advised that a  positive by-product of the flooding defence works now nearing completion along Riverside Drive was that my request to have the long unmade parking area to the west of the above area would be properly surfaced for the first time, greatly increasing the amount of parking with a quality surface.
The council’s Head of Design & Property and City Engineer has now updated me :
“Half of the area has been surfaced with bituminous material and formally marked out as a car park providing 65 spaces within that area. This is in addition to the 26 spaces at the Bridgeview Café area. 
In the other half to the west, which is yet to be opened as a further overflow car park of a similar capacity, the surface is to be sub-base material as per the Yeaman Shore car park. If required in the future, the area to the west can be formally surfaced and marked out. 
The contractor is currently using the sub-base area to the west for storage and still has some finishing work to the sub-base to complete.”