Temporary Traffic Order – Riverside Esplanade and Riverside Drive

From Dundee City Council :
Dundee City Council proposes to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose of facilitating construction works.  The Order is expected to be in force for 33 weeks from 2 April 2017.  Its maximum duration in terms of the Act is eighteen months.
The effect of the Order is to prohibit temporarily all westbound vehicular traffic in the nearside lane of both Riverside Esplanade and Riverside Drive from a point 125 metres or thereby from the end of the Tay Road Bridge west off ramp for a distance of 410 metres or thereby to a point 75 metres or thereby along Riverside Drive.
After a period of 8 weeks lane closure will be reduced to an overall length of 290 metres or thereby.  Lane closure will then progress for a further period of 10 weeks to allow external works to be completed along North boundary.  Lane closure will then be removed for a period of 7 weeks.  Lane closure (290 metres or thereby) will recommence to allow installation of precast to elevation on building B and completion of road at main entrance for a period of 8 weeks.
No alternative route is required.
If you have any queries, please contact the Network Management Team, City Development Department, Dundee House, 50 North Lindsay Street, Dundee  DD1 1LS or phone 433275.

Improvements at the Riverside area

I am pleased to report a number of proposed improvements in the Riverside area to the road surface and parking situation as follows :
+ Parking improvement :  On Monday evening, the council’s City Development Committee agreed to a waiting restrictions at the parking area near the Bridgeview Station Restaurant.    This will restrict parking to 2 hours meaning the car park will be used for people using the playing fields and visiting the restaurant and stop all-day parking.    I have long campaigned for this at the request of the football pitch users and residents who are patrons of the restaurant.
An additional disabled bay will be provided and the long unmade parking area to the west will remain without parking restriction.
It will not be possible to undertake the change until after the new flooding defence works take place in the summer.
+ Surface improvement 1 :  A positive by-product of the flooding defence works in the summer is that my request to have the long unmade parking area to the west of the above area will be properly surfaced for the first time, greatly increasing the amount of parking with a quality surface.
+ Surface improvement 2 :   The surface in front of the nearby Riverside Pavilion on the north side of Riverside Drive has become very uneven again, with numerous potholes, including a large one at the entrance.       I raised this with the council’s Neighbourhood Services and the Projects and Development Manager has responded positively as follows :
“I have … arranged the entrance of the car park to addressed and we will look to fill in more of the larger pot holes.  … We are looking to do more works down at Riverside and are looking to put an item to Committee in the Spring.” 

Footbridges in the West End

Residents have raised with me the condition of the footbridges over the rail line at Magdalen Green (see right) and further west, south of Harris Academy.
I highlighted this with the City Council and the Team Leader, Bridges and Structures, advised :
“All bridges in Dundee are inspected on a two year cycle in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Management of Highway Structures.
The footbridge at Harris Academy was last inspected on 02 August 2016 following the first phase of planned maintenance works on the structure. These works ensured that the structure is safe to use through the replacement of deteriorated timber stair and deck elements. The second phase of maintenance works is repainting of metalwork and removal of graffiti from the piers. These were intended to be complete before the new term at Harris Academy commenced but are in abeyance pending granting of suitable overnight rail possessions from Network Rail. We have meetings this morning to escalate the painterwork project and close out for site start as soon as possible.
The footbridge at Magdalen Green was last inspected on 27 July 2016. The bridge is in a safe condition for users, however I do agree that its appearance is less than desirable. The nature of its construction mean that effective, long term treatment to the deck concrete and steelwork are not considered economically viable for this structure, particularly with pressures elsewhere on the Capital Budget. However, I can investigate the potential for cosmetic painting through the Criminal Justice Team (assuming Network Rail would permit this during daytime working) although this would deal only with the internal faces of the bridge steelwork and do little to protect against corrosion.”
I then further asked about capital improvements to the bridges and the Head of Design & Property and City Engineer has since advised :
“There is currently an allowance of £550k in 2020/21 in the Capital Plan for bridgeworks and Magdalen Green footbridge is one of the higher priority bridge projects being considered against this funding. Depending on the scheme adopted, replacement costs are likely to higher than the £550k and other funding may need to found.”
I am anxious to see capital improvements as soon as funding can be found but meantime have asked for paint work to be undertaken.

Temporary Traffic Order – Riverside Drive

From Dundee City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of carriageway resurfacing works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in a WESTERLY DIRECTION in Riverside Drive (between Discovery Point and Tesco Service entrance ), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on  Sunday 7th August 2016 for 5 evenings only.
All works (road closure) will take place between the hours of 8.00 pm and 06.00 am only. 
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes for westbound vehicles are available via South Union Street/South Marketgait/Nethergate/Perth Road/Riverside Avenue/Riverside Drive.
For further information contact 433168.
Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

Walkway – Perth Road to Riverside

As part of the rebuilding of Harris Academy, it was agreed that the public walkway to the side of the school (a useful link between Riverside and Perth Road) would be re-opened.   
This walkway had existed years ago, but was closed in recent years.
With thanks to Donald Suttie of Rockwell Media for the photo (right), the walkway has now been open a few weeks and is proving popular! 

Riverside pitches – work completed

As residents are aware, I long campaigned to get a permanent and full resolution to the stones problem on the Riverside pitches on the south side of Riverside Drive, following a number of injuries to footballers in the past.
In June 2014, the City Council’s Environment Committee agreed to the necessary works.    
I recently asked for an update on progress and the City Council’s Environment Manager has advised as follows :
“…the capital works in terms of the replacement top soil/seeding is complete although there is a minor issue with some drainage. Hence all going well they should all be available for next football season (August).”

West End road safety improvements

The City Council agreed to two road safety improvements in the West End some months ago – at the Blackness Road/Blackness Avenue junction and at the Perth Road/Riverside Drive junction.
I recently asked for an update on what was being proposed and the City Development Department has advised as follows :
Blackness Road/Blackness Avenue Junction  :   Existing give way lines at Blackness Avenue to be removed and replaced further north towards Blackness Road.   This will improve sightlines with any parked cars along Blackness Road.   A requisition has been submitted for pricing to Tayside Contracts and we are currently awaiting the cost estimate.
Perth Road/Riverside Drive Junction :   Network Management is currently in consultation with activated signs suppliers to consider sign options.    This is to improve safety for road users travelling along Perth Road eastbound to highlight the junction and traffic merging from Perth Road westbound onto Riverside Drive north section/Perth Road.”