Getting things done – flooding issue update #dundeewestend

Many residents have recently reported to me extensive flooding frequently around the bus stop on Perth Road opposite Riverside Place.   I highlighted this with an initial response from the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership at the end of last month.
I have now had a more substantive response from the Roads Maintenance Partnership’s engineer who has been investigating the matter – this reads as follows :
“I have been on site … with a colleague from Tayside Contracts and we are proposing to dig up and investigate the slow running gully at the bus stop. 
We are also planning on installing slot drains, upsizing a nearby gully and will also carry out a minor surfacing repair to the carriageway. 
This all combined should alleviate the flooding at this location. 
Unfortunately due to the issue being located at Perth Road this is classed as traffic sensitive so we have to wait until the 3rd December before we can start the works. 
In the meantime I will arrange for the gullies here to be cleaned and will continue to monitor the area until the works have been completed.”

Flooding tackled – Perth Road

Residents recently raised with me flooding concerns on Perth Road opposite the junction with Riverside Place – at the bus stop and shelter.
I raised this concern with the Roads Maintenance Partnership and have now been advised :
“The Road Inspector for this area was out at this location has advised that a new pot is to be installed at this location.  He has raised an order to get works carried out by Tayside Contracts.”

Riverside Place – Footway Reconstruction

As I have previously raised residents’ complaints about the state of the pavements in Riverside Place with the Road Maintenance Partnership, I am pleased to receive this update from the City Council :
“I wish to notify you that work is programmed to commence at the above location on Wednesday 8th May 2013, and will last for approximately 2 weeks.  
The Contractor for the works is Tayside Contracts.
No on-street parking will be permitted on the carriageway (except disabled parking) during the works. Access to properties driveways will be provided to residents requiring access. 
Please accept my apologies for any disruption these works may cause but I am sure that you will understand that to reconstruct the footway necessitates a degree of inconvenience to properties in the area.”

Riverside Place

Following concerns from residents about road safety at the bend in Riverside Place where the main leg of the road goes to the east after drivers come into Riverside Place from Perth Road, I raised this with the City Council and have received the following positive feedback :

“I have checked the existing road markings on the aerial photos (street is under currently under snow).  

The existing road markings are in a poor condition and require to be re-marked. Being more visibly may be all that is required.”

Latest West End Updates …

* Following residents’ complaints about potholes at the junction of Riverside Place and Perth Road, I reported this to the City Council. I have now had feedback as follows :

“An order has been raised by the area inspector for the filling of a number of potholes at the Riverside Place/Perth Road junction and this will be done within the next 28 days.”

* A resident pointed out to me that there is inadequate street signage for Hazel Avenue – signs are missing at the junction with Hazel Drive and there is only one, poor conditioned, one at the junction with Perth Road. I reported this to the City Development Department and have received the following response :

“The street name plates at Hazel Avenue referred to in your email below will be checked within the next two weeks.

It is unlikely that any replacement signs will be erected by the end of the financial year however those required will be attended to as soon as possible thereafter.”

* I also received complaints about overgrown shrubbery protruding onto the pavement on the north side of Perth Road at its very western end, near to West Loan. The shrubbery is in the ownership of the land-owners, a manufacturing company, and the City Council will request that the foliage be trimmed.

November West End Community Council Update

I have now launched my November Update to West End Community Council.

Subjects covered include school buses in the West End, Dundee Airport parking charges, West End Christmas Week, signs in Osborne Place and the boundary fencing round the former Homebase site on Riverside Drive.

You can read the update by going to

The Community Council meets tomorrow at 7pm, at Logie St John’s (Cross) Church Hall in Shaftesbury Terrace.