204 bus – Roseangle closure arrangements

I previously advised that, from tomorrow for up to 5 days, Roseangle will be closed to through traffic (towards the Perth Road end) from tomorrow due to gas connection works.
I have been in touch with the City Council regarding the running of the 204 bus which comes down Roseangle then along Magdalen Yard Road on its route from the City Centre to Ninewells Hospital.
As this bus is used by many elderly residents for whom a walk uphill from Magdalen Yard Road or up Windsor Street is a struggle, I was anxious to see what could be done to minimise the effect of the road closure.
I am pleased to advise that the council’s Sustainable Transport Team Leader has now advised me that :
“We have been in discussion about the possibility of serving Magdalen Green area during the Roseangle closure (5 days from Monday, 22 May 2017).   Obviously I’m keen to offer something to the residents living between Perth Road and Magdalen Green but it’s not easy to do so without compromising the timetable of the 204.   
I have taken the view that most users of the service come into Dundee City Centre and therefore I have approached Stagecoach and asked that they try and serve Magdalen Green on the way into town.  They’ll do that by coming down Windsor Street and as far as the triangular junction of roads at Riverside Approach, turn there and then back up to the Perth Road via Windsor Street.  On the way out of town the bus will only serve the Perth Road and will miss out Magdalen Green.  Hopefully passengers can manage the downhill walk if alighting on Perth Road.    Notices have been put out … at affected stops.”

Temporary Traffic Order – Roseangle

From the City Council :
THE DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL AS TRAFFIC AUTHORITY being satisfied that traffic on the road should be prohibited by reason of SGN service connection works being carried out HEREBY PROHIBIT the driving of any vehicle in Roseangle (between Perth Road and Seabraes Court), Dundee.
This notice comes into effect on Monday 22 May 2017 for 5 working days.
Pedestrian thoroughfare will be maintained.
Alternative routes are available via Perth Road / Windsor Street / Magdalen Yard Road.
For further information contact 433082.
Mike P Galloway
Executive Director of City Development
Dundee City Council

West End playpark improvements

Having long campaigned for an upgrade to the Victoria Park playpark, it is good to see the proposals for the impending improvements agreed by the council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee – here’s a couple of images of the plans that should be completed before the end of March :


Last July, I raised with the council residents’ requests to make improvements at the playpark in Milnbank Road/Bankmill Road and I am pleased at the positive response to my request.   On Monday, the council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee will consider the following proposal :

Milnbank Play Area – Improve all surfacing within the play area. This includes removing slabbed surface and replacing with rubber mulch safety surface and additional ground restoration works.

I am also pleased that the following proposal is also being considered on Monday :

Magdalen Green Play Area – Improve stability of the well-used banking by installation of a Scramble net to enhance play for users and additional restoration to safety surfacing.

‘A leap of faith into the future’ exhibition at Roseangle Arts Café

The ‘A leap of faith into the future’ exhibition will run from today until this Saturday [5th March 2016] and can be viewed from 10am to 4pm daily.    Last night, I attended the preview, which was excellent – see a photo from the exhibition below :
The exhibition is a Futures Project run by Craigowl Communities.    Futures Project works with people whose lives have been impacted on by homelessness and Roseangle Arts Café is a community café that supports people to progress into employment;   both are Craigowl Communities projects.
Jeannette Ginslov, the exhibition facilitor points out that “Art as therapy, movement and creating interactive media using mobile devices, is beneficial to the Craigowl Future’s clients, as the sessions shift perception, instil confidence and create a sense of creative agency.
“Each participant has had a hurdle to overcome and through these sessions, they have opened themselves to change and a sense of belief and courage that is needed to move with confidence into the future.
““Making, creating and devising by any means makes any person feel adventurous, brave and accomplished.”
The exhibition is excellent and well worth a visit this week.

Dog Bin – Roseangle

I received a complaint from a resident at the end of last week that the dog bin on the cycle path from Greenmarket to Roseangle (at the Roseangle end) appeared to be full to over-flowing – see right.   Not a pretty sight.
I immediately asked the council’s Environment Department on Friday to have it emptied and tidied and this was done swiftly.   The department responded as follows :
“This has been investigated and the operator spoken too. The operator confirmed there were bags on top of bin and on the ground and approx 8.15am today. 
He did also mention that after uplifting the bags on top of the bin, when opening the lid, the bin was no where near full, possibly meaning that the dog owner /owners may in fact have just placed the bag on top of the bin, which is strange.
Anyway, the bin is clean and empty now and we will continue to monitor.”
As the local resident pointed out :
“I think it’s because the bin itself is filthy and difficult to open.    Perhaps it should be replaced with a newer one.   People wouldn’t dump bags on top if bin was accessible.”
That’s a good point and I have requested that this old dog bin be replaced with a new one.