Getting things done – Roseangle #dundeewestend

Residents have highlighted to me significant flooding again recently at the south end of Roseangle.
I raised this with the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership and have been given an assurance that a gully motor will attend the site and deal with any gullies that are blocked.

Healthy Universities for Healthy Communities: Bridging the Divide

Residents are invited to this Scottish Universities Insight Institute event next Thursday – 5th December – in the West End as part of the ‘Healthy Universities for Healthy Communities Project’. 
In an informal morning celebration, the project will be sharing the ideas and insights generated in its knowledge cafés, held earlier this year, to identify collaborative university-community approaches to improving health and wellbeing for all.    The event takes place at Roseangle Kitchen Café.
In the afternoon, in the Dalhousie Building at the University of Dundee, the keynote speaker, Dr Matt Dolf, who is irector, Strategic Support, UBC Wellbeing, University of British Columbia, will be joined by representatives of the UK Healthy Universities Network and community residents in providing local, national and international perspectives on developing healthier and happier communities. 
You can read more about this interesting day and book either the morning or afternoon session – or both – here.

The Truacanta Project – workshop at Roseangle Kitchen Cafe #dundeewestend

The Truacanta Project is about helping communities unleash their compassion and find ways to help each other with death, dying, loss and care.  It is part of the Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief initiative, which promotes more open and supportive attitudes and behaviours relating to death, dying and bereavement in Scotland.
The Truacanta Project is a new initiative being run by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care, and funded by Macmillan Cancer Support.   The project will support local communities across Scotland who are interested in taking community action to improve people’s experiences of death, dying, loss and care.   More information about the Truacanta project is available here.
A Knowledge Sharing Workshop with interested parties to establish what is missing and needed in Dundee is taking place next Wednesday – 20th November – between 1pm and 3.30pm in the Roseangle Kitchen Cafe, 132 Perth Road and lunch will be provided.  
This is a community event, connecting people in Dundee who have a mutual interest in improving people’s experiences of death, dying, loss and care.   All are welcome to get your views on :
• What are your priorities and experiences?
• What do you think is missing?
• How can we make talking about death and dying easier?
• Where should we start?
• Who else should be involved?
Please come along and share your ideas about how members of the community, third sector organisations, health and social care teams, and universities can work better together in this area.
Please book a place here

Getting things done – Roseangle #dundeewestend

I recently raised, with the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership, concerns on behalf of residents about the state of part of the north side of Roseangle.
I have now received the following positive response :
“An order has been raised by the Road Maintenance Partnership inspector for a pothole to be carried out with a timescale for completion of approximately thirty days.”

Pedestrian safety near Roseangle playpark #dundeewestend

I have previously raised residents’ concerns about pedestrian safety near the Roseangle playpark since the playpark was improved and footfall significantly increased.
Having have received more concerns, I again contacted the City Council’s roads and transportation division about this and have received the following feedback from one of the roads engineers :
“Myself and three other colleagues visited this location to assess the situation.
As you are aware, our road safety budget is prioritised by identifying accident cluster sites within the city and providing improvements to reduce the likelihood of recurrences. At the location in question, there have been no recorded injury accidents at this location in the last three years and so would not displace any other cluster site under consideration.
While we were on site … vehicle speeds approaching this crossing point were not excessive and those vehicles approaching from Riverside Drive were slow having turned the tight radius onto the railway bridge.
I will carry out further surveys at this location to determine if there is a significant problem.”
I will be continuing to pursue this issue and will keep residents updated.