Getting things done – Saggar Street #dundeewestend

I recently received complaints about potholes in Saggar Street at the bottom near the junction with City Road and half way up  the Saggar Street hill.
I reported these to the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership and the matter was very promptly tackled – response below :
“Bailie Macpherson
Thank you for your email. An order has already been raised for pothole repairs to be carried out and these will be done in the near future if not already done.”

Getting things done – Saggar Street #dundeewestend

Following complaints from residents about the poor road surface in parts of Saggar Street some weeks ago, the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership promised a thorough annual inspection and any resultant repairs was due in the near future.
I have since been advised :
“The annual inspection of Saggar Street will take place late June/early July.
However an order has been raised for pothole repairs to be done until the inspection takes place and the planer patching is identified.”
Additionally, at the request of residents, I asked the council to consider the provision of “yellow box” markings on City Road at the Saggar Street junction, given the difficulties drivers have exiting Saggar Street at rush hour.
The council’s Team Leader in the Network Management Team has updated me as follows and I welcome the promised assessment :
“My initial assessment and observations are that the City Road junction with Saggar Street which is a no through road would not require a Yellow Box Junction markings.
Not all junctions are suitable for the box markings and a traffic survey should be carried out to determine the extent of the problem. We will arrange for this junction to be assessed for the suitability.
Factors which influence a decision to provide box markings are the junction should preferably though not necessarily be controlled by signals. This would cause more delays with the difference in flows and the close proximity of the City Road /Tullideph signalised junction.”

Getting things done – Saggar Street #dundeewestend

At the most recent meeting of the Community Spirit Action Group, the residents’ group for the north of the West End Ward, concern was expressed at the damage to the council owned wall at the bottom of Saggar Street – see below :
I raised this with the City Council and have now been updated as follows by the Tenancy and Estates Team Leader:
“To help get this fixed, I asked one of the Tenancy Assistants to investigate and report back which he has now done. On inspection, he agreed the walls needs repaired, and in the interim, did what he could to make it safe. 
In addition, he has logged a job for the wall to be rebuilt, the coping stone replaced and any rubble to be removed. The target date for the work is 27th June, but he has asked the Repairs Manager to assign the work as soon as possible.”

Saggar Street – “No Through Road” sign – an update

Some time ago, I highlighted residents’ concerns that there was a lack of No Through Road signage at the bottom of Saggar Street and that I had raised this with the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership.
In response, I was advised :
“A dead end “T” sign will be incorporated into new street name plates at the Saggar Street/City Road junction.”
I am pleased to note that signs are now erected on both sides of the street at its junction with City Road – see above right.

Saggar Street – grass areas

I recently had complaints from residents that the grass areas in front of the flats on the south side of Saggar Street are needing reinstatement.
See photo below of me at the location :
I contacted the City Council about it and have been advised that the City Development Department has requested that its lighting contractor (who recently installed the new street lights) undertake reinstatement work.

Saggar Street – “No Through Road” sign

Residents have complained to me that there is no “T junction” signage in Saggar Street and some visitors’ vehicles go up the hill only to meet an unexpected dead end.    
I raised this with the City Council and am pleased with the positive response :
“A dead end “T” sign will be incorporated into new street name plates at the Saggar Street/City Road junction. 
There’s no specific timescale for this being done but the new signs will be included in the next street name plate order to be prepared (probably early January) and erected approximately six to eight weeks thereafter.”